SOFIA hit by stairs in storm

The 747SP N747NA ( c/n: 21441 / 306 ) operated by NASA / SOFIA was hit by stairs on Monday 18 July 2022 while...

Hurricane Laura destroys VQ-BMS

VQ-BMS damaged while parked in hangar at CWF 2020-08-27The 747SP VQ-BMS ( c/n: 21649 / 373 ) Las Vegas Sands, was parked inside a hangar...

Wing struck gate at ARN

YK-AHB 747SP Syrian ( c/n: 21175 ) 11:th of December 2006. Damage: 1 meter hole in the left leading edge of the wing. Summary The aircraft, a Boeing 747SP, had...

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Emergency landing after hydraulic failure

EP-IAC 747SP Iran Air ( c/n: 21093 ) 15 January 2004, Iran Air 747SP EP-IAC departed PEK - Beijing Airport, China for it's continued flight IR800 to NRT...

VH-EAA yawed abruptly to the right

VH-EAA 747SP Qantas ( c/n: 22495 ) On November 13 2001, Qantas 747SP VH-EAA operated flight between Singapore and Sydney, Australia. A Boeing 747-SP38 aircraft was maintaining Flight Level...

Fuel leak from the number 2 engine

VH-EAB 747SP Qantas ( c/n: 22672 ) May 5 2001, Qantas 747SP VH-EAB landed at DRW - Darwin Airport following a flight from CNS - Cairns Airport when...

Doors failed to disarm after landing

VH-EAA 747SP Qantas ( c/n: 22495 ) The aircraft VH-EAA 747SP Qantas had just landed at DRW - Darwin Airport on a flight from SIN - Singapore. During door...

Birdstrike on SYD departure

VH-EAB 747SP Qantas ( c/n: 22672 ) May 13 2000, Qantas 747SP VH-EAB departed SYD - Sydney Airport bound for MNL - Manila, Philippines. While at approximately 8,000 ft...

F-GTOM Corsair LAX

Corsair flight 942 to Tahiti entered a closed taxiway at LAX Airport, contrary to an ATC clearance and struck parked vehicles with it's number 4 engine.

B-18253 Mandarin at TPE

Mandarin Airlines 747SP was damaged when it departed the runway after landing. The airplane was on a training flight and none of the 3 crew members was injured.

YK-AHA hit by loading vehicle at LHR

YK-AHA 747SP Syrianair - Hit by loading vehicle at LHR

F-GTOM Wingtip collision

Corsair 747SP F-GTOM in a wingtip collision at LAX

ZS-SPF Engine failure at Maputo

ZS-SPF suffered a severe failure in No 3 engine shortly after departure from Maputo

B-2452 hit by baggage tractor

Air China 747SP B-2452 engine hit by tractor

ZS-SPA hit by vehicle at LHR

ZS-SPA 747SP Alliance - Hit by ground handling vehicle at LHR

ZS-SPB Near miss over Africa

On route from Johannesburg to London, ZS-SPB had a close encounter with a mystery Russian Antonov over N'Djamena, Chad

F-GTOM hits terminal

The aircraft F-GTOM (c/n: 21253) hit a finger of the terminal at ORY.

A4O-SP hits ground vehicle at LHR

A4O-SP 747SP Oman Gvmt - Hits ground vehicle at LHR gate

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