747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 22750
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1982-04-13N6046PBoeingFirst Flight
1982-04-19N6046PSaudiaFull c/sSeenPAE
1989-03-19HZ-AIJSaudi Arabian AirlinesSeenLHR
1989-06-01HZ-AIJSaudiaMetal bellySeen
1989-06-15HZ-AIJSaudi Arabian AirlinesMetal bellySeenAMSPhoto
1989-06-19HZ-AIJSaudi Arabian AirlinesMetal bellySeenSTRPhoto
1991-01-01HZ-AIJSaudia Royal FlightOtherTransferred to exclusive use by Saudi Royal Family.
1993-11-01HZ-AIJSaudiaGrey bellySeen
1999-07-01HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianNewSeenGVA
2001-08-15HZ-AIJNo TitlesNew Saudia c/s, titles and logo taped over.SeenBSL
2001-08-23Saudi ArabianBasic Saudia livery, no regSeenBSL
2001-10-15No TitlesBasic Saudia livery, no regSeenAMS
2001-10-26HZ-AIJMaintenanceAMSIn hangar, no paint
2001-11-08HZ-AIJBare metalMaintenanceAMSIn hangar
2001-12-12HZ-AIJMaintenanceAMSin hangar for C-check and paintjob.
2002-04-01HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianNew LiverySeenBSL
2003-09-17HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenBSLPhoto
2004-01-01HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianOtherBelieved to be undergoing extensive modifications and maintenance, likely AMS.
2005-02-27HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenCDGFlight SV001C from Agadir and then to Riyadh
2005-06-24HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenBSLAt Jet Aviation facility in Basel for maintenance.
2005-08-04HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2005-09-03HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2006-01-16HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2006-04-05HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenHNDCarried Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud to Tokyo as the official business visitor.
2006-04-15HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenSINCarried Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud from Singapore to Islamabad, Pakistan on an official visit.
2006-07-19HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenORYOfficial visit of crown prince
2006-07-22HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenORYDeparted.
2007-01-21HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenLHRArrived 12:43GMT rwy27L.
2007-03-03HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenCDGAgadir-CDG-RUH
2007-03-22HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenMXP
2007-07-31HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenVIEOperating flight "SVA01C" JED-VIE-SSH. Arrived Rwy 34 at 1840loc, Parking Pos W9, departed Rwy 29 at 20:25loc.
2007-08-13HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenVIEArr. 11:00 as SVA 01C from STN, Dep 16:10 for CAI
2009-03-09HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenIADParked away from the main terminals.
2009-08-04HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenTXLA short visit at Berlin.
2010-03-08HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenLHRJust seen overhead Reading on approach to runway 09L at LHR on flight number SVA 01C
2010-07-10HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenCLEPhoto
2011-04-02HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenGVAPhoto
2011-06-30HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianSeenATHPhoto
2012-05-09HZ-AIJSaudi ArabianMaintenance???In for D check, unsure of location
2013-01-16HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianGod Bless YouSeenSNNOperated JED-SNN-SBD as SVA01C with new registration.
2013-01-17HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianGod Bless YouSeenSBDArrived at 00:27 PST according to FlightAware
2013-03-28HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianGod Bless YouSeenSNNArrived from SBD
2013-11-23HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianGod Bless YouSeenJEDPhoto
2014-10-22HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianSeenJEDSeen at the VIP/Royal terminal together with HZ-HM1B. They had both obviously just arrived or were about to depart.
2016-07-20HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianSeenBSLArriving at the Euroairport for the C-Check. They needed a special permission for this flight, it was the last flight before C-Check and the aircraft rested 1 year in the desert.
2017-02-25HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianSeenLBGArrived
2017-02-26HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianSeenSNNShort stop in her way to JFK
2017-02-26HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianSeenLBGDeparted
2017-02-26HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianSeenJFKLanding on 31R around 10.30pm local time.
2017-02-28HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianSeenJFKDeparting JFK 12.15am local time on 13L. Headed east over the Atlantic
2017-08-20HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianSeenPMIStayed an hour then left for ZRH
2017-08-20HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianGod Bless YouSeenZRHPhoto
2019-09-04HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianSeenJEDPhoto Stored next to HZ-HM1B
2020-03-01HZ-HM1CSaudi ArabianGod Bless YouStoredJED


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