747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21253
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1975-08-27ZS-SPDSouth African AirwaysOriginalFirst Flight
1976-09-10ZS-SPDSouth African AirwaysOriginalMajubaDelivered
1977-03-27ZS-SPDSouth African AirwaysOriginalMajubaSeenJNBPhoto
1980-07-12ZS-SPDSouth African AirwaysOriginalMajubaSeenZRHPhoto
1982-05-15ZS-SPDSouth African AirwaysOriginalMajubaSeenZRHPhoto
1984-10-24ZS-SPDSouth African AirwaysOriginal, 50 Years stickerMajubaSeenZRH
1985-02-03ZS-SPDSouth African AirwaysOriginalRolled InJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into full R.A.M colours
1985-03-14CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocLeased
1985-03-14CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocFull c/sRolled InJNBRolled into hangar for repaint: Change from full R.A.M to Red cht, no titles
1985-03-14CN-RMSNo TitlesRed cht, metal belly, white tailFerriedLeft JNB at night
1985-03-31CN-RMSNo titlesRed cht, metal belly, white tailSeenORYPhoto
1985-05-01CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocWhite tailSeenMXPPhoto
1986-09-04Royal Air MarocBought
1987-01-01CN-RMSNo TitlesNo tail logoSeenJNBTitles and logo removed before the flight to JNB for service
1990-09-23CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocMetal belly, titles in chtSeenORYPhoto
1991-11-03CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocMetal bellySeenGVA
1994-04-17CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocGrey belly, titles in chtSeenARNPhoto
1994-04-23CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocGrey belly, titles in chtSeenHELPhoto
1994-05-01CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocGrey belly, titles in chtSeenORYPhoto
1994-05-12CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocGrey belly, titles in chtSeenFRAPhoto
1994-10-13CN-RMSRoyal Air MarocFerriedORYCasablanca to ORY
1994-10-18LX-ACOCorsairFull c/sReg Changed
1994-10-20LX-ACOCorsairStatus45.000 hours when joining Corsair
1994-10-28LX-ACOCorsairFlightBKKFirst flight in service for Corsair, ORY to Bangkok
1996-03-22F-GTOMCorsairReg Changed
1996-03-28F-GTOMCorsairStatusReceived French Air Worthiness Certificate
1996-07-14LX-ACOCorsairSeenORYDate needs confirmation
1997-11-15F-GTOMCorsairIncidentORYAircraft hits terminal
Read about incident
1997-11-18F-GTOMCorsairBack In Service
1999-06-06F-GTOMCorsairIncidentLAXWingtip collision by Philippine B747-400 N751PR on ground.
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1999-06-23F-GTOMCorsairBack In Service
1999-09-27F-GTOMCorsairIncidentLAXCRL 942 entered a closed taxiway contrary to an ATC clearance, and struck parked vehicles with it's number 4 engine.
Read Report and see photos
1999-10-11F-GTOMCorsairBack In Service
2000-02-09F-GTOMCorsairSeenORYDeparted for Male
2000-02-13F-GTOMCorsairSeenORYLanded at 14:13
2002-09-16F-GTOMCorsairRetiredCHRFerried ORY to CHR and parked. Last pilot was Olivier Guillaume with Steeve Imiola and Jean-Marc Dumas.
2003-12-08F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRPhoto
2004-08-14F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRMinus 2 engines.
2005-03-30F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRminus 2 engines
2005-04-06F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRStatus: No engines or cowlings. Corsair technicians using spares to keep its current 743 fleet active.
2005-04-29F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHR2 engines on
2005-09-29F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRMinus engines, but otherwise appears intact from the outside.
2008-02-13F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRNo engines
2010-02-23F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRNo engines
2010-08-10F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRWaiting for dismantling or D Check . Sometime used by the GIGN for exercices .
2012-09-16F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRPhoto
2013-06-28F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHR
2013-08-02F-GTOMNo TitlesFor SaleCHRFor Sale : Only the airframe, for parts, As-is, without Engines / APU and avionicsGears 300 Cycles since OH.
2016-01-02F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRStill stored without engines.
2018-03-27F-GTOMNo TitlesAll white with Corsair tailSeenCHRStill parked without engines.


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