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747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1976-02-20B-2446CAAC  First Flight  
1976-03-01B-2446   Other Registration NTU. Delivery delayed?
1980-07-11N1304ECAAC  Flight Reported pre-delivery check flight.
1980-09-23N1304ECAAC  Delivered  
1987-05-01N1304ECAAC  Seen  
1988-01-01B-2452CAAC  Reg Changed  
1988-07-01 Air China  Other Transferred to Air China
1988-08-01B-2452CAAC  Seen Photo
1988-08-28B-2452CAAC  SeenZRHPhoto
1989-11-17B-2452CAAC  SeenFRAPhoto
1991-06-01B-2452Air ChinaLarge tail logo SeenZRHPhoto
1991-09-12B-2452Air ChinaLarge tail logo SeenZRHPhoto
1992-10-26B-2452Air ChinaLarge tail logo SeenHKGPhoto
1995-08-06B-2452Air ChinaLarge tail logo SeenLHRPhoto
1997-12-10B-2452Air ChinaWhite (?) SeenHKG 
1998-09-01B-2452Air China  IncidentANCNumber 2 engine hit by luggage tractor
Read about incident
1999-05-10B-2452Air ChinaLarge tail logo SeenPEKPhoto
1999-11-12B-2452UT Finance Corp.  Bought  
1999-11-12N139SWUT Finance Corp.  Reg Changed  
2000-01-04    SeenVCVNo visible registration
2000-04-03    For Sale Listed as for sale by Boeing.
2001-05-31N139SWUT Finance Corp.  FerriedPBG 
2001-07-01N139SWUT Finance Corp.  SeenPBGPlattsburgh, NY
2001-10-29N747UTUT Finance Corp.  Reg Changed  
2002-01-14N747UTPratt & Whitney  SeenPBGN747UT is now doing airborne tests of the PW4000 engine. Has done a few dozen flights already with the first engine.
2005-01-18N747UTPratt & Whitney  FlightPBGFlew Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM) certification flight. Currently has 57553.3 hours, 13914 cycles. No further flight plans until at least mid-2005.
2005-01-24N747UTPratt & Whitneyex Air China SeenPBGAircraft is out on the ramp. Still being used as a flying engine test bed for Pratt & Whitney. Registered as "Experimental" category.
2005-08-02N747UTPratt & Whitneyex Air China OtherPBGN747UT has returned to it's place inside the hangar. And is quite complete. We've just begun the latest round of CPCP cards to "catch up" on all the work that we are behind on.
2007-10-04N747UTPratt & Whitneyex Air China SeenYULAt roughly 11:00 N747UT was seen flying North at about 15,000 feet above YUL.
2007-11-05N747UTPratt & Whitney  OtherPBGSee video of testflight
2008-05-14N747UTNo TitlesSmall P&W logo on tail, ex Air China cht SeenPBGWearing a PW4170 engine
2008-07-12N747UTPratt & WhitneyPurePower Engines SeenPBGVideo
2009-06-25C-FPAW   Reg Changed Registered as Experimental Aircraft
2009-11-06N747UT   Reg Cancelled Registration cancelled in FAA Registry
2010-04-26C-FPAWPratt & WhitneyPurePower Engines IncidentYMXPerforming test flight PWC-741 from Montreal Mirabel,QC to Montreal Mirabel,QC (Canada) under visual flight rules, was towing some measurement equipment in a cone on a cable several 100 feet long. When the airplane returned for a safe landing after the 3:30 hours flight, the cable plus cone was missing from the aircraft.
2010-10-24C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Pure Power Engines on left side of fuselage SeenYMXPhoto
2011-06-20C-FPAWPratt & WhitneyPurePower Engines SeenYMXSeen doing circuits at montreal mirabel airport
2012-04-30C-FPAWPratt & WhitneyPurePower Engines SeenYMXFirst flight with PW1200G engine
2012-06-18C-FPAWPratt & Whitney  OtherYMXP&W Article
Article PDF Doc
2013-06-10C-FPAWPratt & Whitney  SeenYMXPhoto
2014-10-14C-FPAWPratt & Whitney  SeenMHVAircraft showed up about a week ago at Mojave,CA It is parked in front of ASB Avionics. They do avionics upgrades so that is most likely why it is here.
2014-12-01C-FPAWPratt & Whitney  FlightYMXTook off from YMX and climbed to 15 000 feet heading west a few minutes after C-GTTF
2015-02-27C-FPAWPratt & Whitney  SeenYMXEngine #2 is replaced with the PW1500G engine that powers the Cseries
2015-03-03C-GPAWPratt & Whitney  Other Article in Design News
Article PDF Doc
2015-03-04C-FPAWPratt & Whitney  SeenYFBCold weather tests for new engine
2015-05-18C-FPAWPratt & Whitney  FerriedCOSNYL-COS and then COS-NYL
2016-01-29C-FPAWPratt & Whitney  FlightYMXYMX-YMX
2016-07-25C-FPAWPratt & WhitneyPure Power Engines SeenMZJPhoto
2016-08-01C-FPAWPratt & Whitney  MaintenanceMZJ 
2016-10-22C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMXReturning home to YMX from MZJ
2016-11-01C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMX 
2017-08-01C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMX 
2017-08-07C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMX 
2017-08-10C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMX 
2017-08-27C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightCOSDeparted YMX for COS
2017-08-28C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightCOSTest flight
2017-08-29C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightCOSTest flight
2017-08-30C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightCOSTest flight
2017-09-05C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMXReturning from COS after maintenance
2018-02-14C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMX 
2018-03-22C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada   FlightMZJFlight YMX-MZJ
2018-05-11C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada   FlightYMXFlight MZJ-YMX
2019-03-01C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada   FlightYMXPerformed flight
2019-08-13C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada   FlightYMXFlight
2020-05-20C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMX6 Hour Flight
2021-04-06C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMX 
2022-02-28C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightYMX6 H 21 Mins normal operations flight
2022-05-02C-FPAWPratt & Whitney Canada  FlightMZJFlight YMX-MZJ


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