747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21134
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1974-07-16South African AirwaysOtherOrder placed.
1976-05-17N8297VRoll OutPAENew aircraft rolled out.
1976-06-04N8297VBoeingFirst Flight
1976-06-10N8297VSouth African AirwaysFull SAA colours and titlesSeen
1976-06-11ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysDeliveredJNBAircraft delivered to JNB according to SAA files.
1976-06-16ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysMalutiFlightDelivery flight.
Details from the logbook of Captain Willem Steytler, Captain Archy Nasmith Crew: Captain Archy Nasmith Captain Jack Tindal Captain Willem Steytler Flight Engineer Anthony Watt Flight Engineer Vernon Du Toit.
17 June 1976 Seattle-Ilha do Sal 10 hours 45 minutes.
17/18 June 1976 Ilha do Sal-Jan Smuts 8 hours 30 minutes.
1976-10-09ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysOriginalMalutiSeenBSL
1977-03-23ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysFerriedFlown to the Boeing factory for straight staircase, landing gear upgrade, and other modifications
1980-03-01ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysOriginalMalutiSeenZRH
1980-10-12ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysMalutiFlightPresidential flight from 12th to the 17th of October 1980.
The route was Jan Smuts- Waterkloof- Mauritius-TSA- Taipei-Mauritius- Waterkloof- Jan Smuts.
The operating crew were Captains Meyer Botha, Mickey Mitchell, first officer James de Wet and Flight Engineers Adrian den Haan and Bill Herbst.
1982-12-09ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysMalutiFlightIADZS-SPC was the first SAA aircraft to land at Houston International Airport on the 9th of December 1982.
1984-04-28ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysOriginal, 50 years stickerMalutiSeenZRH
1984-09-02ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysRolled InJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into Air Mauritius.
1984-10-283B-NAGAir MauritiusLeased
1984-10-303B-NAGAir MauritiusLeasedLease date according to SAA files.
1987-08-033B-NAGAir MauritiusChateau du ReduitSeenGVA
1994-10-11ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysReturned
1995-02-09ZS-SPCOtherJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into: Avia livery
1995-05-09ZS-SPCAviaSeenLGWFirst service for Avia
1995-09-10ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysReposessed
1995-09-10ZS-SPCSAA/SALAvia cheatlineSeenJNB
1995-10-01ZS-SPCSAA/SALAvia cheatlineSeenLHR
1995-10-25ZS-SPCAir NamibiaLeased
1995-10-29ZS-SPCTitles ??SeenJNBV5-SPF on service, so Air Namibia leased ZS-SPC for this 1 flight only.
1995-10-30ZS-SPCtitles ??Avia cheatllineSeenLHRAir Namibia flew WDH-FRA LHR
1995-10-31ZS-SPCSouth African AirwaysReturned
1995-11-01ZS-SPCSAA/SALAvia cheatlineMalutiSeenJNB
1996-07-28ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysOldSeenJNB
1997-01-01ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysOldSeenFRA
1997-10-01ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysOld, white bellyMalutiSeenFRA
1997-10-31ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysStatus63734 hours, 13004 cycles.
1999-03-14ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysRolled InJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into: Air Namibia
1999-03-15ZS-SPCAir NamibiaLeased
1999-04-19ZS-SPCAir NamibiaNew coloursSeenFRA
1999-09-01ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenWDH
1999-09-18ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenWDHFilmed by Tommy Mogren for World Air Routes.
1999-09-24ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenWDHDeparted WDH for JNB as Namibia 704
1999-09-24ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenWDHReturned from JNB to WDH as Namibia 711.
 See video of the landing in the cockpit.
1999-10-26ZS-SPCAir NamibiaSeenJNBArrived back from last Air Namibia flight.
1999-10-27ZS-SPCSAA - South African AirwaysReturned
1999-10-29ZS-SPCOtherFirst flight for SAA after Namibia lease.
1999-11-20ZS-SPCSouth AfricanNew c/sMalutiSeenPER
2002-10-02ZS-SPCSouth AfricanSeenJNBDeparted from gate B3 as SA070
2002-10-21ZS-SPCSouth AfricanNewMalutiSeenJNB
2003-10-24ZS-SPCSouth AfricanRetiredJNBThe aircraft operated its last flight SA 280/281 from Johannesburg- Perth- Johannesburg.
2003-11-19ZS-SPCGolden Tattoo TRD (Pty) LimitedBoughtThe operator did not take delivery of the aircraft and it was stored at Denel, JNB.
2005-05-03ZS-SPCWhite tailSeenJNBParked at Denel aviation, available for sale/lease.
2005-08-25ZS-SPCOtherSAA Museum Society is planning on preserving this aircraft at Rand Airport, South Africa.
2005-10-01ZS-SPCSouth AfricanSeenJNBParked outside in SAA technical area, behind hangar 8
2005-11-01ZS-SPCStatusAircraft formally handed over to the SAA Museum. Preparations for ferrying to Rand commence.
2006-09-29ZS-SPCSouth AfricanNew Last liveryMalutiFlightJNBMade first flight in three years, testing and practicing for the anticipated flight to Rand.
2006-09-30ZS-SPCSouth AfricanNew Last livery, SAA Museum stickerMalutiFerriedQRAMaluti was ferried into FAGM from FAJS at about 0615Z. She first flew north to south overhead the field above the tower, joined right downwind for 11 and did 2 fly pasts, before coming into land on 11.
Status: 82,313.23 hours at the time of landing at Rand Airport


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