747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21648
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1979-03-30N539PAPan AmFirst Flight
1979-05-11N539PAPan AmOldClipper Black HawkDelivered
1980-07-01N539PAPan AmOldClipper Black HawkSeen
1980-08-01N539PAPan AmClipper Liberty BellOtherNew name
1981-03-03N539PAPan AmIncidentSHADuring landing the #1 engine made momentary contact with ground due to drift.
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1985-09-21N539PAPan AmClipper Liberty BellSeenCDGPhoto
1986-03-01N539PAUnitedPan Am CheatlineSeen
1986-06-01N148UAUnitedReg Changed
1990-08-05N148UAUnitedIncidentEWRStruck stairs on ramp while taxiing for departure on ferry flight.
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1991-04-29N148UAUnitedIncidentEWRAircraft levelled off at FL350 when there was vibrations and a loud bang in the cockpit.
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1991-06-01N148UAUnitedOld colors, large titlesSeenSFO
1994-05-01N148UANo TitlesOld UA c/sSeenLASSeen in storage, minus titles
1995-10-05N148UAWorldwide Aircraft HoldingBought
1995-11-03N148UAFirst Security Bank of UtahOtherRe-registered with new owner
1995-11-16N148UAReg Cancelled
1995-11-16Qatar GvmtLeased
1995-11-30VR-BATNew Qatar Style coloursSeenLHRNew registration
1996-08-01VR-BATNo titlesSeenLHRPhoto
1997-03-01VR-BATNo TitlesSeenLHRPhoto
1997-05-14VP-BATNo TitlesReg Changed
1997-05-19VP-BATNo TitlesSeenDALArrived at DAL
1997-07-11VP-BATNo TitlesMaintenanceDALAll 4 engines removed, nose cone also removed
1997-07-20VP-BATNo TitlesMaintenanceDALInterior removed.
1997-12-14VP-BATNo TitlesMaintenanceDALStill no interior
2000-01-07VP-BATNo TitlesSeenJED
2002-03-18VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHPhoto
2003-10-14VP-BATNo TitlesFlightNoted flying from LHR to BOH on Flightradar 24
2004-07-31VP-BATWorldwide Aircraft HoldingSeenSATAfter undergoing some heavy maintenance for a few months and receivinga new paint job at San Antonio Aerospace, VP-BAT departed SAT on 31 July 04.
2005-01-08VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHUsed for royal flights only a few per year.
2005-03-24VP-BATNo TitlesSeenMUC
2005-06-05VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHArrived from Doha (DOH) 16.25 local time. Will Depart to Bournemouth (BOH) around 17.30 local. C7S WW1
2005-06-15VP-BATNo TitlesSeenORY
2005-06-26VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHArrived from Doha during the day, departed 20:30 local time to Bournemouth
2005-07-15VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLBG
2005-07-25VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLBG
2005-09-28VP-BATNo TitlesSeenCDG
2006-04-07VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHDeparted at 19:25 local time for LHR.
2006-04-09VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHArrived at about 18:05 as flight WW1.
2006-07-17VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRH
2006-08-22VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLBG
2006-09-15VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLHR
2006-09-22VP-BATBoughtReportedly bought by an unnamed Australian based airline.
2006-09-22VP-BATNo TitlesSeen
2006-11-17VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLBG
2006-11-18VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLBGDeparted
2007-02-03VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRH
2007-06-22VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLHR
2008-03-08VP-BATNo TitlesSeenDUBDeparting on check flight after maintenance
2008-05-10VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLISVP-BAT was spotted today in Lisbon doing flight WW1. The flight was Sharjah to Bournemouth. It arrived on the 9th of May around 2230GMT and departed on the 10th of May at 1300 GMT
2008-06-13VP-BATNo TitlesSeenMUCArrived from BOH around 15:45 local time, departed to DOH 17:25 local time. Callsign: WW1
2008-08-28VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2008-08-29VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2008-09-05VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2008-09-06VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2008-09-18VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2008-11-05VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHXBack in PHX
2008-11-08VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2008-12-03VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2008-12-10VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPIKSeen doing circuits
2008-12-10VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPIKCrew trained today for several hours in the Prestwick circuit, callsign WW1
2009-01-08VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHXEast Cargo Ramp
2009-01-08VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHXWest cargo area
2009-01-22VP-BATNo TitlesSeenTUSCame in for touch-and-goes
2009-01-24VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2009-01-25VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLHRseen pushed
2009-02-02VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHXBack in PHX
2009-02-12VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHXDeparted 16:58 MST WWI1 to BOH
2009-03-03VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLHRLanded rwy 27R around 13:40
2009-03-07VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2009-03-16VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHXWest Cargo ramp.
2009-03-28VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPHX
2009-04-21VP-BATNo TitlesSeenSATSan Antonio Aerospace for a C check
2009-04-26VP-BATNo TitlesSeenSAT
2009-07-30VP-BATNo TitlesSeenCHRPerforming touch and go's
2009-08-13VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHTook off Rwy 26 approx 10:30hrs.
2009-08-14VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHSeen over Poole climbing while making a left turn after taking off from Bournemouth (Hurn) Airport.
2009-10-31VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMArrived (callsign: "worldwide one") at HAM (Rwy15) and taxied straight to LHT Maintenance area.
2009-10-31VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMCame from BOH as WW001 for an engine change at Lufthansa Technik Hamburg
2009-11-05VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMmaintenance at Lufthansa Technik
2010-02-02VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLHRLanded 27R around 17:33
2010-03-18VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMmaintenance at Lufthansa Technik
2010-07-09VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHArrived at about 9:30 PM on RWY 34
2010-07-11VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHSeen departing runway 26 at 9:20am. Departed and turned right to approximate heading of 090.
2010-11-05VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMmaintenance at Lufthansa Technik
2011-01-24VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMmaintenance at Lufthansa Technik
2011-03-11VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHParked nearby the spotterpoint "Heligrill" west of runway 34
2011-05-01VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLBG
2011-05-08VP-BATNo TitlesSeenSOUunusually low pass above, heading south-west
2011-07-10VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMSeen in maintenance hangar at Lufthansa Technik
2011-10-06VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLHRseen it taking off around 12:50 at LHR
2011-10-13VP-BATNo TitlesSeenDOHtaking off
2011-12-27VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBSLLanding at 18:49 on diversion from Zurich, due to heavy fog there. Inbound from Doha, Qatar. Night stop at BSL.
2012-02-15VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHDeparted 10:05z Rwy26 EGHH.
2012-02-25VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMmaintenance at Lufthansa Technik
2012-08-31VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHparked in private area of ZRH
2012-09-22VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMin from BOH for maintenance, left HAM on Oct. 6th
2012-10-06VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHSeen over Poole, assume just climbing out of Bournemouth
2012-12-23VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHPhoto
2013-03-03VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHTake Off - ca. 15H00 from ZRH Runway 28
2013-04-20VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHDeparted. Commenced take off at 12:49 (BST)
2013-04-22VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHDeparted at 14H30
2013-11-18VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHClimbing out of BOH at 10:40hrs GMT, from rwy26.
2013-12-18VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLHRSeen taxiing through Terminal 5
2013-12-28VP-BATNo TitlesSeenFlew over GWC (Goodwood) towards Bournemouth
2014-03-02VP-BATNo titlesSeenLBGLanding at 14:40
2014-03-12VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHLanding in ZRH.
2014-05-27VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHTook off from EGHH at 09:45z, from runway 26, destination not known.
2014-05-28VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHAircraft took off runway 26 @ 09;45z from EGHH. Second day running same time.
2014-06-27VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHSeen climbing out just after take-off from Bournemouth Airport.
2014-07-09VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOH1430 hrs, taking off from bournemouth
2014-07-20VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMDocked in hangar at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg. Sitting next to another former Pan Am Clipper, N747NA. NASA''s SOFIA
2014-08-09VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHLanded on RW14 and parked on private ramp
2014-08-09VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHClimbing out EGHH @13:30hrs UTC from rwy 26.
2014-08-21VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHParked up on the apron by CTC Aviation Training.
2014-09-11VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHSeen over Bransgore (edge of New Forest) very low climbing in an easterly direction after taking off from Bournemouth Int. Airport
2014-10-10VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHAircraft taxied by having just landed, it followed airport yellow vehicle to Executive/Ferry area. Approx 17:20.
2015-03-09VP-BATNo titlesSeenZRHFirst time at Zurich Airport together with new B747-8 VQ-BSK :-)
2015-03-16VP-BATNo TitlesSeenEnrouteOverhead BRU. It was cruising at high altitude en route from Bournemouth to Zurich.
2015-03-16VP-BATNo TitlesSeenOverflying BRU on flight from BOH to ZRH.
2015-04-06VP-BATNo TitlesSeenZRHAt around 6:30PM
2015-07-18VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLHRo/h at Bracknell at approx 16:00 hrs climbing and heading west out of London Heathrow
2015-08-27VP-BATNo titlesSeenBSLSeen on Flightradar24 and was also scheduled for BSL
2015-09-14VP-BATNo TitlesSeenVRNParked. No activity.
2015-09-19VP-BATNo TitlesSeenHAMArrived and parked on ramp 2 next to another VIP A6-PFA
2015-10-13VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHLanding at 15:45
2015-10-17VP-BATNo TitlesSeenMXPArrived from ZRH at 17.15lt on runway 35L, stand 207. Next destination DOH. Qatar Royal Family visit Milan. 12 pax on board.
2015-10-20VP-BATNo TitlesSeenMXPDeparted.
2015-11-24VP-BATNo TitlesSeenPIKPerformed 2 or 3 circuits.
2015-12-06VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHGetting ready to depart on another sortie from its home base.
2015-12-27VP-BATNo TitlesSeenMCOArrived last week
2015-12-27VP-BATNo TitlesOtherMCOParked for a week.
2015-12-29VP-BATNo TitlesSeenLHRLanded 27R @ 10:29Z from MCO
2015-12-29VP-BATNo titlesSeenLHRParked near the BA Cargo building on the south side.
2016-04-13VP-BATNo TitlesFor Salelisted for sale controller.com
2016-04-15VP-BATNo TitlesFor SaleArticle mentions aircraft for sale: Mirror.co.uk
2016-06-05VP-BATNo TitlesSeenDOHSeen at old Doha airport next to her sister the new 747-8 VQ-BSK.
2016-07-25VP-BATNo TitlesOtherBOHTook off approx. 10.30z
2016-07-27VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHTook off about 09:30 from Bournemouth Uk, having been serviced by airline catering truck, tracked it going southeast over Paris
2016-07-29VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHReturning home to BOH after flight from DOH via LBG
2016-07-30VP-BATNo TitlesSeenBOHLanded
2016-08-02VP-BATNo TitlesFlightBOHShort testflight 08:30 to 11:15
2018-05-02N7477SOtherNew registration reserved with FAA
Source FAA
Source: JetNet
Photo FAA
Photo NetJets
2018-05-18VP-BATNo TitlesFlightSNNHeading towards Shannon from Bournemouth
2018-05-18VP-BATNo TitlesFerriedYLWLanded In Kelowna (YLW), aircraft up for sale after some light maintenance at KF aerospace.
2018-08-26VP-BATNo TitlesFor SaleListed as for sale by: Controller.com
Read article here: VP-BAT for sale
2018-09-28VP-BATNo TitlesNo tail logoSeenYLWNo tail logo, fuselage remain same colours as before.
2018-09-29VP-BATNo TitlesNo tail logoSeenYLWCrest on fin painted out / removed. Parked on apron at Kelowna Flightcraft YLW airport
2018-10-03VP-BATNo TitlesNo tail logoFlightYHMFerry flight from YLW to YHM
2019-04-10N7477SReg Changed
2019-10-05N7477SNo Titlesex Qatari coloursFlightMZJFlight YMH-MZJ for C-check and repaint.

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