747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 22805
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1982-06-10N4522VFirst Flight
1982-06-15N4522VWilmington Trust CompanyBought
1982-06-15N4522VChina AirlinesLeased
1982-06-29N4522VChina AirlinesDeliveredSeating config: F18 C32 Y231
1984-02-01N4522VChina AirlinesSeenLAXPhoto
1985-02-19N4522VChina AirlinesIncidentEnroute TPE-LAX, Lost thrust in no. 4 engine, then made uncontrolled descent from 41000 feet to 9500 feet over the Pacific Ocean on flight from TPE to LAX. Aircraft suffered significant damage, but was eventually returned to service.
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1985-02-19N4522VChina AirlinesStatus10193 hours on airframe
1985-04-25N4522VChina AirlinesOtherSFOBoeing completes repairs; aircraft returns to service.
1987-03-01N4522VChina AirlinesSeenSFOPhoto
1987-08-01N4522VChina AirlinesSeenLAXPhoto
1987-09-14N4522VChina AirlinesIncidentLAXThe engine cowling of the aircraft hit a vehicle which was disabled near taxiway.
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1991-08-01N4522VChina AirlinesSeenAMSPhoto
1994-06-01N4522VChina AirlinesSeenSINPhoto
1994-12-01N4522VChina AirlinesSeenHKGPhoto
1995-01-01N4522VChina AirlinesSeenHKG See video of aircraft taxi.
1995-01-02N4522VChina AirlinesSeenHKG See video of a takeoff from HKG.
1995-09-23N4522VChina AirlinesSeenHKGPhoto
1997-01-01N4522VMandarin AirlinesLeased
1997-02-02N4522VMandarin AirlinesFull c/sSeenHND
1997-05-01N4522VMandarin AirlinesSeenHKGPhoto
1997-12-10N4522VMandarin AirlinesSeenHKGPhoto
1997-12-31N4522VSanwa Business CreditReturned
1998-01-23N4522VNo titles, all whiteSeenLAS
1998-02-04N4522VAll white, no titlesSeenLASIn storage, engines sealed.
1999-06-01N4522VNo TitlesAll white, No titlesSeenLASPhoto
1999-11-26N4522VNo TitlesAll white, No titlesSeenLASPhoto
2000-04-16N4522VNo TitlesAll white, No titlesSeenLASPhoto
2001-12-18N4522VGlobal Peace Initiative IncBoughtSold by Fleet Bank to Global Peace Ambassadors.
2002-04-02N4522VNo TitlesAll whiteFerriedMDTLAS-AMA-MDT
2002-04-03N4522VOtherMDTIn heavy maintenance, Stambaugh Air Service
2002-04-30N4522VGlobal Peace Initiative IncOtherAirworthiness certificate issued to Global Peace Initiative, Inc.
2003-04-26N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsNo logo on tail. Blue cht and titlesSeenMDTPhoto
2003-05-23N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsNo logo on tail. Blue cht and titlesSeenMDTPhoto
2003-05-30N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsNo logo on tail. Blue cht and titlesSeenMDTPhoto
2003-05-31N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsNo logo on tail. Blue cht and titlesSeenMDTPhoto
2003-08-20N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsNo logo on tail. Blue cht and titlesSeenMDTPhoto
2003-12-01N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFerriedTUSFerried MDT-TUS for maintenance.
2003-12-10N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsNo logo on tail. Blue cht and titlesSeenTUSPhoto
2004-01-21N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTUSPhoto
2004-01-26N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightTUSBeing upfitted and refurbished by Renegade Venture Corp. Flew a demo flight TUS-TUS.
2004-01-26N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFull coloursSeenTUSPhoto
2004-02-13N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightTUSFlew demo flight TUS-TUS
2004-02-18N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightMDTTUS-MDT
2004-02-19N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightMDTVideo
2004-02-20N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightADDMDT-ADD
2004-02-24N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightMDTAMM-MDT
2004-03-02N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightPAPMDT-PAP
2004-03-04N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsBack In ServiceTUSRenegade Venture Corporation announces completion of major service work.
2004-03-06N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightMDTILM-MDT
2004-03-12N4522VGlobal Pease AmbassadorsFlightOSCMDT-OSC
2004-08-18N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightBWIOSC-BWI
2004-08-19N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenBWISeen parked at Baltimore.
2004-08-24N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenBWIPhoto
2004-11-01N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenBWIPhoto
2004-12-01N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenCCS
2004-12-03N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenSJUSeen at San Juan, mission unknown.
2005-01-01N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenSJUSeen throughout the week of 12/25 at the airport. Engines were running on 2005-01-01 as if preparing to depart.
2005-01-02N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenCVGArrived at CVG at Approx 2115.
2005-01-04N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightAircraft noted overflying Europe en route to India with American aid workers to help with tsunami relief work CVG to LCA
2005-01-12N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenSNNAircraft had crew rest en route Hyderabad, India to USA having flown American aid workers to help with tsunami relief work
2005-01-13N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenCVGDeparted CVG for EFD, returning to Houston (base) after Tsunami relief mission.
2005-01-15N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenEFDParked at EFD
2005-01-18N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFerriedDALEFD-DAL
2005-01-20N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenDALPhoto
2005-01-27N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsGlobal Peace OneFlightSFBDAL-SFB
Press release
2005-01-28N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightEFDSFB-EFD
2005-01-29N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightABVEFD-ABV
2005-02-02N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsGlobal Peace OneSeenGOTArr 18.07 UTC from CMB. ETD feb03 time 11.00 UTC to YYZ.
Pax in and out 23. Purpose of flight: Humanitarian
2005-02-03N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenGOTDeparted Rwy 21 at 15.30 UTC. Routed via Aalborg-Bod
2005-02-03N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenYYZArrived 18:44 from GOT, and departed 19:53 to IAH
2005-02-04N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightEFDYYZ-EFD
2005-03-05N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenEFDPhoto
2005-03-13N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenEFDPhoto
2005-03-16N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsStatusEFDParked at the Coast Guard hangar at Ellington AFB. Scheduled for maintenance soon?
2005-05-05N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFerriedDFWFerried EFD-DFW for C-check. Maintenance to be done in Delta hangar by furloughed United mechanics.
2005-06-15N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFerriedMZJDFW-MZJ, Ferried to Evergreen facility at MZJ for service work on passenger oxygen system.
2005-06-20N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsGlobal Peace OneSeenMSCGlobal Peace One is now located back in MSC (Mesa, Arizona) after an aborted trip scheduled from MZJ (Marana, Arizona) to LAX (Los Angeles, California) then to EWR (Newark, New Jersey) on Saturday to pick up a group bound for Poland and Israel.
2005-06-20N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFerriedCHDFerried to CHD (Williams Gateway, Mesa,AZ)
2005-06-22N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightDAMFlown from Pease International Tradeport to Damascus for start of new international mission.
2005-06-27N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenBOMSeen parked near international terminal in Mumbai. Still there on 4 July.
2005-07-09N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightFlight from Tripoli, Libya to Bangor, Maine.
2005-07-10N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenBWISeen parked at the remote ramp after an early morning arrival
2005-07-11N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightLITBWI-LIT
2005-07-12N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenLITParked in front of Central Flying Service north terminal in Little Rock, AR. Department of Homeland Security is keeping a very close eye on the aircraft.
2005-07-12N4522VGlobal Pease AmbassadorsFlightCVGLIT-CVG
2005-07-13N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFlightYQTFlight from Cincinnati to Thunder Bay, Ontario (route: ROD J43 CRL J43 SSM J500 YQT ) Landed 17:45 EDT CVG-YQT
2005-07-13N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenYQTLanded at CYQT on Runway 07. There were some ground handling issues in progress while attempting to get people off the aircraft. The roll up stairs were a little too short and some 8 feet too low to allow those on board to exit. Ground crew on the ramp were saying there never has been a Boeing 747 on the airport before. Judging by the landing and roll out, the aircraft must have been extremely light. The aircraft was slowed to a safe taxi speed at the 4500 foot position on the runway.
2005-07-13N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenYQTAs an aircraft maintenance engineer for Wasaya Airways L.P., I was astonished by the presence of this huge aircraft at our airport here in Thunder Bay.
2005-07-18N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsOtherOperating certificate suspended by FAA:
(Title 14CFR, Part 125);

1) aircraft not maintained and operated in accordance with the provisions of prior letter of deviation

2) non-compliance of approved inspection program

3) non-compliance with airworthiness directives and flight operations with improperly deferred maintenance discrepancies
2005-07-31N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenYQTaircraft was sitting on the ramp.
2005-08-11N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenYQTLocals indicate unpaid landing fees Thunder Bay and possibly other airports. Concern about moving and storage of aircraft and impact on snow removal
2005-10-28N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenYQTStill in Thunder Bay, have good picture taken from 030 degrees off nose
2005-11-12N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenYQTSeen being winterized. Airport manager reports all parking fees are being paid promptly.
2005-12-03N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenYQTEngineer flown in to prepare plane for flight. Tire pressures found to be 100 to 150 psi below spec, hydraulic levels as well as engines oil levels very low as well. APU was started up and run most of the day. Possible departure Sunday after dark. Destination not know at this time.
2005-12-08N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsStatusYQTAircraft will be ferried shortly. FAA Ferry Permit applied for and aircraft is being readied to leave the cold climate of YQT.
2005-12-13N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsOtherYQTFlight crew at YQT, but still awaiting FAA to grant ferry permit.
2005-12-13N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenYQTPerforming taxi, braking, and engine run up tests in preparation for ferry flight.
2005-12-15N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsOtherYQTFlight plan filed for ferry flight. YQT-TIJ
2005-12-16N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsFerriedYQTFerried YQT to TIJ (Tijuana, Mexico) to undergo service at Matrix, a heavy maintenance facility
2006-04-22N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJSeen sitting outside the AVOLAR hangar at Tijuana airport.
It seems that work on the aircraft has not been started yet at this date.
2006-12-17N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJStill sitting outside Avolar hangar. No work taking place. Engines uncovered, and no measures appear to have been taken to preserve the planes serviceability.
2007-02-01N4522VFor SaleAircraft is reportedly for sale.
2007-02-15N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJParked
2009-05-17N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJAircraft parked at 32.544059, -116.965621, visible on Google Maps Satellite.
2010-05-20N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsOtherTIJPlane has been moved from its last location. When we landed at Tijuana airport, I believe it was moved inside the only big hangar at the airport.
2010-06-12N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJParked at the A Volar hangar ramp.
2010-07-23N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJRolled out today morning to Avolar Hangar ramp and stood there. It is now 6:30 PM PT, hangar door closed, airplane remains outdoor at west end of the ramp.
2010-08-05N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsOtherTIJNot visible at the Tijuana International Airport.
2010-08-20N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJ11:00 AM plane been pulled half out from right hand side of Avolar Hangar.
3:00 PM plane been changed to left hand side. Hangar closed door around
6:30 PM with plane inside.
Now 8/21 9:00 AM no action from Hangar. Doors remain closed.
2011-07-21N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJInside the Matrix hangar
2011-09-28N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJSitting outside of the hangar on the north side of the airport.
2013-03-03N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJParked outside hangar.
2016-02-22N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJPhoto
2016-09-24N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsSeenTIJPhoto
2018-03-14N4522VGlobal Peace AmbassadorsReg CancelledRegistration N4522V cancelled
2018-05-14N4522VGlobal Peace Ambassadors SeenTIJStill sitting this really saddens me.

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