YK-AHA hit by loading vehicle at LHR

YK-AHA 747SP Syrianair

Hit by loading vehicle at LHR

AAIB Bulletin No: 12/99 Ref: EW/G99/09/02 Category: 1.1
Aircraft Type and Registration: Boeing 747-SP, YK-AHA
No & Type of Engines: 4 JT-9D turbofan engines
Year of Manufacture: 1976
Date & Time (UTC): 2 September 1999 at 1100 hrs
Location: London Heathrow Airport
Type of Flight: Public Transport (Passenger)
Persons on Board: Crew - 13 - Passengers - 110
Injuries: Crew - None - Passengers - None
Nature of Damage: 29 cm vertical dent in No 4 engine exhaust cone
Commander's Licence: Airline Transport Pilot's Licence
Commander's Age: 62 years
Commander's Flying Experience: 23,000 hours (of which 7,000 were on type)
Last 90 days - 46 hours
Last 28 days - 14 hours
Information Source: Aircraft Accident Report Form submitted by the pilot
The aircraft YK-AHA ( c/n: 21174)was stationary on Stand G12 at London Heathrow and passengers were boarding.
The Flight Engineer was carrying out an external inspection of the aircraft when he noticed a vertical dent in the outboard side of the No 4 engine exhaust tail cone.
Following inspection and repair by a maintenance organisation the aircraft was returned to service.
The damage occurred when a loading vehicle reversed into the exhaust cone whilst approaching the aft cargo bay door of the aircraft. The vehicle was being reversed without the aid of an external

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Source: AAIB

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