747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 22547
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1981-07-20N1785BBoeingFirst Flight
1981-08-01B-1882China AirlinesReg ChangedNTU
1981-09-01N4508HWilmington Trust CompanyBought
1981-09-15N4508HChina AirlinesLeased
1981-09-30N4508HChina AirlinesDelivered
1981-10-01N1785BChina AirlinesFull c/sSeenBFI
1990-01-01N4508HChina AirlinesSeen
1991-03-03N4508HChina AirlinesSeenTPEPhoto
1991-10-01N4508HMandarin AirlinesLeased
1994-02-01N4508HMandarin AirlinesSeen
1994-03-01N4508HMandarin AirlinesSeenHKGSee video of landing in Kai Tak - Hong Kong
1994-03-20N4508HMandarin AirlinesSeenHKGPhoto
1994-08-29N4508HMandarin AirlinesSeenHKGPhoto
1996-06-22N4508HMandarin AirlinesSeenSYDPhoto
1996-10-01N4508HMandarin AirlinesSeenHKGPhoto
1997-03-06N4508HAll whiteSeenSFO
1997-03-19N4508HAll whiteSeenLASIn storage
1997-04-03N4508HFirst Security Bank Utah Na TrusteeBought
1997-09-01N4508HAll whiteSeenPAEStored
1997-12-01N4508HAviation MethodsBought
1998-08-01N4508HNo TitlesAll whiteSeenPAEDoors and engines taped up.
1999-05-01N4508HAll whiteOtherPAEPrepared for ferrying
1999-05-26N4508HAll whiteFerriedLASDates for ferry are 26-28 May, 1999. Ferried from PAE to LAS.
1999-05-29N4508HAll whiteSeenLASSeen in storage
1999-06-12N4508HNo TitlesAll whiteSeenMZJIn storage
1999-11-14N4508HNo TitlesAll whiteSeenMZJIn storage.
2001-07-11N4508HWells Fargo Bank NW NA TrusteeBought
2002-04-16For SaleListed as for sale at $1.6 million. 59100 hours, 15000 cycles.
2004-01-06N4508HTransatlantic Intl. AirlinesBought
2004-10-08N4508HNo TitlesAll WhiteSeenMZJ
2004-10-15N4508HNo TitlesAll whiteSeenMZJSouth inside row.
2004-11-08Transatlantic Intl. AirlinesFor LeaseListed as for lease or sale, 59038 hours, 10592 cycles
2005-03-05N4508HNo TitlesAll whiteSeenMZJ
2006-04-19N4508HNo TitlesSeenMZJSecond row facing runway
2007-04-18N4508HNo TitlesSeenMZJNo engines
2008-09-26N4508HNo TitlesAll whiteSeenMZJSeen in the tear down bay at MZJ prior to being cut up.
2008-11-13N4508HNo TitlesAll whiteSeenMZJBeing disassembled and the parts will be shipped to NASA to be used as spares to support their SOFIA program
2010-11-11N4508HNo TitlesAll whiteSeenMZJBeing picked for parts
2013-08-19N4508HReg Cancelled


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