747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 22298
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1978-12-08B-1861China AirlinesOtherOrder placed for the aircraft
1980-03-01B-1861China AirlinesOtherRegistration NTU (Not Taken Up)
1980-03-16B-1880China AirlinesRoll OutBoeingNew aircraft rolled out.
1980-04-18B-1880China AirlinesFirst Flight
1980-04-30B-1880China AirlinesDelivered
1984-08-01B-1880China AirlinesSeenLAXPhoto
1987-08-01B-1880China AirlinesSeenLAXPhoto
1988-09-01B-1880China AirlinesSeen
1992-08-15Mandarin AirlinesLeased
1995-09-01Mandarin AirlinesSeen
1996-10-01B-1880Mandarin AirlinesSeenHKGPhoto
1999-07-15B-18253Mandarin AirlinesReg Changed
1999-09-02B-18253Mandarin AirlinesIncidentTPEDamaged after rejected takeoff when aircraft ran off the runway
Read about incident
1999-11-29Air Gulf FalconBought
1999-11-29P4-GFDAir Gulf FalconReg Changed
2000-01-12P4-GFDNo TitlesMandarin CHT, blue tail.FerriedSHJFerried TPE-SHJ. Departed TPE at 6-7 am for SHJ.
2000-01-15P4-GFDAir Gulf FalconMandarin CHT, TAAG stickerSeenSHJ
2000-02-01Air Gulf FalconMandarin CHT, AGF logo on tail. TAS (Trans Air Service) sticker near door.SeenSHJ
2000-02-013C-GFDAir Gulf FalconSeenSHJ
2000-03-18P4-GFDAir Gulf Falconadd. TAS stickerSeenSHJPhoto
2000-03-233C-GFDAir Gulf FalconReg Changed
2000-03-233C-GFDAir Gulf FalconMandarin CHT, AGF logo on tail. TAS (Trans Air Service) sticker near door.SeenSHJ
2000-07-015Y-GFDAir Gulf FalconReg Changed
2000-09-025Y-GFDAir Gulf FalconSeenAMSPhoto
2000-09-055Y-GFDGulf FalconOtherNew Airline name
2000-11-165Y-GFDIraqi AirwaysOtherGift to Iraq
2001-01-01YI-AOXReg Changed
2003-02-14YI-AOXIraqi AirwaysSeenJED
2003-04-04YI-AOXIraqi AirwaysDamagedDamaged when US forces overtook the airport.
2003-07-19YI-AOXIraqi AirwaysSeenBGWNo engines, no instruments, doors open
2003-07-20YI-AOXIraqi AirwaysSeenBGWSeen minus engines, doors wide open.
2003-08-01YI-AOXIraqi AirwaysSeenBGWPhoto
2004-01-18YI-AOXIraqi AirwaysSeenBGWStill at Baghdad, more or less in one piece.
2006-10-27YI-AOXIraqi AirwaysSeenBGWParked on apron, southern end of airport, near other abandoned Iraqi Air derelicts. Engines removed, green paint very faded.
2007-06-02YI-AOXIraqi AirwaysSeenBGWThe doors were open and was in company with other ex Iraqi aircraft.
2012-08-20YI-AOXIraqi AirwaysSeenBGWStill present near Iraqi Airways hangars with other derelict members of the old fleet.

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