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22483 / 501 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1980-12-23HL7456Korean Air Lines  First Flight  
1981-01-22HL7456Korean Air Lines  Delivered  
1982-12-19HL7456Korean Air LinesOriginal SeenZRHPhoto
1983-12-11HL7456Korean Air LinesOriginal SeenZRHPhoto
1984-06-20 Korean Air  Other New Airline name
1990-12-23HL7456Korean Air  SeenAMSPhoto
1991-10-01HL7456Korean Air  SeenLAXPhoto
1993-12-01HL7456Korean AirNew SeenFRAPhoto
1994-01-01HL7456Korean AirNew, "Visit Korea '94" Seen  
1996-07-31HL7456Korean Air  SeenFRAPhoto
1997-08-01HL7456Korean AirNew, "2002 World Cup Korea" sticker Seen Photo
1998-02-07HL7456Korean Air  SeenLHRFirst visit to LHR. Arrived 16:04
1998-11-01 Boeing Aircraft Holding Company  Bought This was part of the payment for their new B747-400 and B777 aircraft.
1998-11-15N709BABoeing Aircraft Holding Company  Reg Changed  
1998-11-21N709BANo TitlesEx Korean c/s SeenPAE 
1998-12-22N709BANo titlesEx Korean c/s SeenMZJ 
1999-04-18N709BANo Titlesex Korean c/s SeenMZJPhoto
1999-10-25N709BA   For Sale Listed as for sale by Boeing. Total hours: 67.564
2000-04-03    For Sale Listed as for sale by Boeing. Total hours: 67.564
2001-07-21N709BAWings World WideFlying Hospital Other Donated by Boeing
2002-09-18N709BANo Titlesex Korean c/s SeenMZJPhoto
2004-10-15N709BA   SeenMZJSeen in storage.
2005-03-05N709BA   SeenMZJ 
2005-03-05N709BA   SeenMZJ 
2005-03-17N709BA   For Sale Listed as for sale. Listing claims approx. 67500 hours, 9650 cycles. Asking price is $1 million.
2005-06-02N709BAMountain Aircraft Services  Bought Sold to Mountain Aircraft Services of Kinston, NC, for scrap. To be parted out at Marana.
2005-09-20N709BANo Titlesex Korean SeenMZJBeing prepared for dismantling.
2005-10-04N709BA   StatusMZJBeing parted out. Scrapping expected to be completed by November, 2005.
2005-12-21N709BA   SeenMZJSeen sitting on the main flight ramp, being stripped of parts.
2006-01-18N709BANo Titlesex Korean c/s SeenMZJOn belly, no engines
2006-01-29N709BANo Titlesex Korean blue SeenMZJNo engines, flat on belly.
2006-02-16N709BA   ScrappedMZJSeen and photographed, minus wings and tail.


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