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21023 / 268 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1975-07-15N531PAPan AmOld, blue line on noseClipper Liberty BellSeenBFIPhoto
1976-05-17N531PAPan AmOldClipper Liberty BellDelivered  
1976-06-01N531PAPan Am Clipper FreedomOther renamed
1976-06-08N531PAPan Am Clipper FreedomSeenSFO 
1978-06-30N531PAPan AmOldClipper FreedomSeenLAXPhoto
1979-06-05N531PAPan AmOldClipper FreedomSeenGIGPhoto
1980-01-01N531PAPan AmOldClipper FreedomSeen  
1980-06-11N531PAPan AmOldClipper FreedomSeenJFKPhoto
1980-07-01N531PAPan AmOldClipper FreedomSeenMIAPhoto
1981-12-01N531PAPan AmOld SeenMIAPhoto
1984-01-13N531PAPan AmOldClipper FreedomSeenSFOPhoto
1985-01-01N531PAPan AmBillboardClipper FreedomSeen  
1985-06-25N531PAPan AmBillboardClipper FreedomSeenZRHPhoto
1985-09-01N531PAPan AmBillboardClipper FreedomSeenNRTPhoto
1986-02-12N531PAUnited  Bought  
1986-02-13N531PAUnitedAll white. UA titles and Logo SeenMELPhoto
1986-05-23N531PAUnited  IncidentSYDSubstantial damage obtained during landing.
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1986-09-01N141UAUnited  Reg Changed  
1987-01-01N141UAUnitedOld. small titles Seen  
1987-06-22N141UAUnited  OtherLAXCollided with the tail of a Boeing 737 while taxiing.
Read story and reports about incident
1989-07-25N141UAAmerican Finance Group  Bought  
1989-07-25N141UAUnited  Leased  
1990-08-24N141UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenLAXPhoto
1991-10-04N141UAUnited  IncidentHNLPassenger has a seizure en route. Given first aid while diverting to airport. Passenger was hospitalized and later died.
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1994-01-01N141UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenEWRPhoto
1994-08-27N141UANo Titlesex UA cht SeenLASIn storage
1994-09-01N141UANo Titlesex United SeenLASPhoto
1994-12-16N141UAUnited  Bought  
1995-03-09N141UANo Titlesex UA cht SeenLASPhoto
1995-11-01N141UAAviation Sales Company Inc.  Bought  
1995-12-01N141UA   Ferried  
1995-12-01N141UA   RetiredADM 
1996-01-05N141UA   Reg Cancelled  
1996-03-29N141UANo Titles  SeenADMStored
1997-03-01N141UANo Titles  SeenADMPhoto
1997-12-01N141UANo Titles  SeenADMEngines, landing gear doors and some wing panels removed.
1998-01-01N141UA   Other Section 46 is used on SOFIA aircraft.
1998-01-21N141UA   ScrappedADMScrap is 70% complete.
One section is used on SOFIA aircraft.
1998-07-08    SeenADMPhoto



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