N7477S listed as For Sale

The VIP configured 747SP N7477S c/n: 21648 is listed as for sale.

The ex Qatar 747SP (VR-BAT, VP-BAT) is once again listed as for sale.

Sale listing for N7477S 747SP

It was ferried from YHM – Hamilton Airport to MZJ – Marana Pinal Park Airport in October 2019.
You can find the report here on that ferry flight.

The owner CSDS Aircraft Sales & Leasing said it was for a C-check and a repaint. But ever since it’s arrival to MZJ it has been parked on the airfield still wearing it’s old basic ex Qatar colours.
Compared to the sister P4-FSH which can be seen parked next to her at MZJ below, N7477S is not covered for long term storage.

Photo: Andy Egloff

For Sale on Controller.com

In the listing on Controller.com the aircraft is presented well, however with a fake computer altered image wearing a imaginary colour scheme.

Fake colours
Cockpit N7477S 747SP
Stair and meeting room
Interior N7477S
Starcase N7477S

The aircraft is nicely listed and as we know it is in fantastic shape and well maintained. Let’s hope someone finds good use for her and makes her operational again.

Sale Ad N7477S 747SP
Sale Ad N7477S 747SP
Sale info engines N7477S 747SP

Source: Controller.com

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  1. N7477S still sits at Pinal Airpark as of December 2021. She is still parked beside P4-FSH. At least she has had her engines sealed up to protect from the elements and openings in the hull and wings protected. There was some talk of both planes being bought together with P4-FSH being used as spares for N7477S.

  2. Apparently she’s no longer for sale since few days. What happened to her? Has she been bought? and if so by whom?

  3. Hi Tommy, I sure appreciate your 747sp.com site and all the information! Minor correction, Pinal Air Park is in Marina, AZ, not Mojave, CA.

    — DK


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