747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21547
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1978-05-05N537PAPan AmFirst Flight
1978-06-09N537PAPan AmOldClipper High FlyerDelivered
1978-09-11N537PAPan AmIncidentIncident while enroute from New York to Bahrain. Aircraft encountered severe turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean throwing Flt Attendant to the floor.
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1980-07-01N537PAPan AmOldClipper High FlyerSeenJFKPhoto
1980-10-01N537PAPan AmOldClipper High FlyerSeen
1980-11-01N537PAPan AmOldClipper WashingtonOtherNew name
1980-12-15N537PAPan AmIncidentSFOEncountered a bird strike on takeoff roll. Exstensive damage to all #4 engine 1st stage fanblades.
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1985-03-01N537PAPan AmOldClipper WashingtonSeenSFO
1986-03-01N146UAUnitedReg Changed
1986-04-01N146UAUnitedOld colors, small titlesSeen
1987-02-16N146UAUnitedOld, small titlesSeenSFOPhoto
1988-12-23N146UAUnitedIncidentEncountered severe turbulence eroute from NRT to SFO. 3 Crew members were thrown to the ceiling.
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1993-04-18N146UAUnitedOld, large titlesSeenLHRPhoto
1993-07-25N146UAUnitedOld, large titlesSeenLHRPhoto
1993-10-10N146UAUnitedOld, large titlesSeenLHRPhoto
1993-10-22N146UAUnitedOld, large titlesSeenLHR
1994-05-01N146UANo titlesOld colors, white tailSeenLASIn storage
1995-07-01N146UAUnited Airlines, IncOtherTransferred to United's parent company
1995-12-01N146UANo TitlesOld c/s, white tailSeenSFOPhoto
1996-01-01N146UANo TitlesFerriedMZJSFO-MZJ. Ferry #9487-24
1997-07-02N146UANo TitlesOld c/s, white tailSeenMZJPhoto
1999-08-01N146UAStatus70184.22 hours, 9220 cycles
1999-09-01N146UANo TitlesOld c/s, white tailSeenMZJ
2000-07-16N146UANo TitlesOld c/s, white tailSeenMZJ
2001-07-30N146UAAirLiance MaterialsBoughtMZJ
2001-08-23N146UAReg Cancelled
2001-12-02N146UASeenMZJBeing scrapped
2003-10-06N146UAScrappedMZJReported broken up


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