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23610 / 676 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1986-06-01A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  Other Order placed for aircraft
1986-06-01    Other Aircraft was purchased by staff of Sultan of Oman as birthday present for the Sultan directly from Boeing and configured into head of state aircraft by The Dee Howard Company at San Antonio International Airport under the project name S582. The aircraft was given a customized interior that cost in excess of $100 million USD, including communications and security systems.
1987-03-13N60659Boeing  Roll OutBFINew aircraft rolled out.
1987-03-31N60659Boeing  First Flight  
1987-05-01N60697Boeing  Reg Changed  
1989-07-18N60697United Arab EmiratesFull c/s SeenLHR, GVA 
1989-12-09A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  Delivered  
1998-02-07A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLHRDeparted at 10:30
2005-01-12A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBGAbu Dhabi Amiri Flight
2005-06-19A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenCDGCrown prince
2005-06-20A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBGCrown prince
2005-07-12A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenIADArrived Washington-Dulles Int''l early afternoon on July 12th.
2005-09-15A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBG 
2005-09-16A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBGLeft today
2005-09-25A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBGArrived today, in the afternoon, parked on Golf area
2006-01-20A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBGCrown prince official visit
2006-05-05A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLEX 
2006-05-19A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBG 
2006-05-26A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenFRA 
2006-07-17A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenORYArrived 2006-07-16 with UAE 744 A6-YAS
2006-07-19A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenORYParked. Official visit of UAE President.
2006-07-21A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBGORY-LBG yesterday evening !
2006-08-11A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLEXParked next to a 747-400
2006-10-24A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLHRPhoto
2006-11-05A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenCBRLanded
2006-11-07A6-ZSNUnited Arab Emirates  SeenCBRDeparted
2006-11-17A6-ZSNBahrain  Bought To be re-registered and delivered Mar 2007.
2007-01-01A9C-HAK   Reg Changed  
2007-07-01A9C-HAKBahrainFull c/s SeenHAM 
2007-08-20A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenHAM 
2008-07-14A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenLAXPhoto
2008-08-31A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenHAMarrived from LHT
2009-05-15A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenMUCArrived from BAH
2009-05-15A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenMUCDeparted to BAH
2009-07-14A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenORYLHR-ORY
2009-08-04A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenVIECame in as "Bahrain 2" on Rwy29. Left one day later back to Bahrain.
2010-03-14A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenHAMHere for maintenance
2010-07-08A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenLHRArrived at Heathrow around 1730
2010-09-23A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenSNNSeen at 19:00 on push back
2010-09-26A9C-HAK Bahrain  SeenSDFPresumably for the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.
2010-12-17A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenHAMArriving from Bahrain (OBBI) as BAH2
2011-03-14A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenHAMArriving from Bahrain (OBBI) as BAH2 for maintenance
2011-07-01A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenMUCArrived from LHR
2011-07-02A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenMUCDeparted to LHR, Callsign: BAH2
2011-08-21A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenCDGPhoto
2011-10-09A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenLHR 
2011-10-15A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenLHRSeen parked by sunset.
2012-07-14A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenHAMPhoto
2012-09-02A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenISTPhoto
2012-10-01A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenORY 
2013-05-07A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenLHRArrived LHR
2013-05-10A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenLHRDeparted rwy 27L
2013-06-17A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenBCNVIP flight
2013-06-28A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenCHRStop for a couple of hours.
2013-07-07A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenATHArrived as BAH002, landed RWY03L at 11:20 and left from RWY03R at 13:20.
2013-07-07A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenATHRefueling stop.
2013-07-12A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenMUCArrived from BAH as "Bahrain 2", landed RWY08R and left from RWY08R back to BAH
2013-09-10A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenHAMVideo
2013-10-24A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenATHArrived as BAH002, landed RWY03L at 16:40 and left from RWY03R at 18:20.
2013-10-24A9C-HAKBahrain   SeenATHArrived from Paris Orly as BAH2 at 16:36LT, runway 03L. Departed from runway 03R at 18:08LT.
2013-10-27A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenIADArrived at 4:30pm.
2013-10-28A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenPNSParked remote.
2013-11-01A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenPNSParked.
2013-11-04A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenPNSDeparted KPNS. Reported in the news that the Prince arrived to compete in a local triathlon.
2013-12-27A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenZRHParked at ZRH Stand "Whiskey".
2013-12-27A9C-HAKBahrain   SeenDUBArrived for maintenance
2014-08-20A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenBUDArrived from BAH with 3 visiting Bahrain princes.
2014-08-23A9C-HAKBahrain  FlightBUDFlight STN-BUD
2014-08-23A9C-HAKBahrain  FlightSTNFlight ORY-STN. Dep ORY: 16:25
2014-08-23A9C-HAKBahrain  FlightORYFlight BUD-ORY
2014-08-24A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenBUDDeparted BUD.
2014-09-02A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenLHRParked by hanger near Terminal 4
2014-09-22A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenZRHParked loading equipment. Stairs present.
2014-10-06A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenMNLDeparture back to Bahrain carrying the prince.
2014-10-06A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenDMKOn a state visit to Thailand
2015-01-31A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenZRH 
2015-04-10A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenZRHlanded
2015-04-12A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenZRHDeparted
2015-08-07A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenZRHLanded around 1845 to do a spot of shopping
2015-08-30A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenSTNAircraft landed around 15:20z and taxied to the Harrods VIP terminal.
2015-08-30A9C-HAKBahrain  SeenSTNShort final over Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. Dubai Air Wing helicopters over several times in the hours after (DU-140 and DU-142).
2015-11-02A9C-HAKBahrain  StoredBAH 


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