747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 22495
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1980-01-16OtherOrder placed by Qantas
1981-01-11VH-EAAQantasFirst Flight
1981-01-19VH-EAAQantasOld, white registrationDelivered
1981-01-21VH-EAAQantasCity of Gold Coast / TweedOtherPAEAircraft named.
1981-01-21VH-EAAQantasCity of Gold Coast / TweedOtherPAEDeparted as QF501D on it's delivery flight. Route: PAE-HNL-SYD.
Crew: Capt L.W. Clark, Capt A.E. Bones
1981-01-23VH-EAAQantasCity of Gold Coast / TweedSeenSYDArrived on delivery flight.
1981-01-25VH-EAAQantasSeenOOLopen for public inspection
1981-01-26VH-EAAQantasSeenBNEOpen for public inspection
1981-01-31VH-EAAQantasOriginal, white registrationCity of Gold Coast TweedSeenWLG
1981-02-01VH-EAAQantasOriginal, white registrationCity of Gold Coast TweedSeenMELPhoto
1981-02-06VH-EAAQantasSeenSYDOperated inaugural flight SYD-WLG as QF55
1981-02-18VH-EAAQantasOriginal, white registrationCity of Gold Coast TweedSeenSYDPhoto
1981-06-09VH-EAAQantasOriginal, white registrationCity of Gold Coast TweedSeenSYD
1981-11-01VH-EAAQantasOriginal, black registration, Brisbane 1982City of Gold Coast TweedSeenSYDRolled out with Brisbane 82 logo
1982-04-17VH-EAAQantasOriginal, black registration, Brisbane 1982City of Gold Coast TweedSeenPhoto
1982-08-12VH-EAAQantasFerriedPAEFerried via HNL to PAE for Rolls Royce RB211-524-DE engine refit
1982-09-11VH-EAAQantasOriginal, black registration, Brisbane 1982City of Gold Coast TweedSeenSYDPhoto
1986-08-17VH-EAAQantasOriginal, black registrationCity of Gold Coast TweedSeenMELPhoto
1990-01-01VH-EAAQantasNew c/s, "The Spirit of Australia"City of Gold Coast TweedSeenRepainted into "Spirit of Australia" livery
1990-03-01VH-EAAQantasFor SaleAircraft offered for sale, continues to operate as a back-up aircraft for the fleet.
1992-01-26VH-EAAQantasNew c/s, "The Spirit of Australia"SeenAMSPhoto
1993-12-01VH-EAAQantas"The Spirit of Australia" with Sydney 2000 sticker.City of Gold Coast TweedSeen
1994-03-20VH-EAAQantasOtherSYDOperated last revenue service SIN-BNE-SYD as QF52
1994-03-25VH-EAAAustralia AsiaLeased
1994-03-26VH-EAAAustralia AsiaOtherTPEInaugural service SYD-TPE as QF135
1994-06-01VH-EAAAustralia AsiaCity of Gold Coast TweedSeenBNEPhoto
1995-03-01VH-EAAAustralia AsiaCity of Gold Coast TweedSeenPhoto
1995-10-09VH-EAAAustralia AsiaIncidentSYDLoss of separation
Read about the incident
1996-01-01VH-EAAAustralia AsiaSeenPERPhoto
1996-02-01VH-EAAAustralia AsiaSeenBNEPhoto
1996-04-01VH-EAAAustralia AsiaSeenMELPhoto
1997-01-01VH-EAAQantasFor SaleListed by Qantas as being FOR SALE.
1998-03-01VH-EAAQantasNew subtitle: The Australian AirlineCity of Gold Coast / TweedSeenMELPhoto
2001-04-22VH-EAAQantasIncidentDoors failed to disarm after landing.
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2001-11-13VH-EAAQantasIncidentAt flight level (FL) 430 with autopilot A engaged, the aircraft yawed abruptly to the right and rolled to a bank angle of approximately 20 degrees due to upper yaw damper failure.
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2001-12-04VH-EAAQantasCity of Gold Coast / TweedSeenBNEPhoto
2002-02-23VH-EAAQantasRetiredLast service flight for Qantas. Operated SIN-CGK-SYD as QF42/22
Listen to ATC as she takesoff and climbs out of SYD.
2002-03-27VH-EAAReg CancelledCancelled from Australian Aircraft Register
2002-04-01VH-EAASeenMZJEngines removed and ferried to Qantas in Sydney
2002-07-01No titlesRed tail, no registrationSeenMZJ
2002-07-25ScrappedMZJAircraft broken up.
75,238 hours and 14,011 cycles


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