747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21992
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1980-05-13N606BNOtherBoeing applies for, and is granted, the plane's first airworthiness certificate.
1980-05-19N606BNFirst Flight
1980-07-01N606BNBraniff InternationalSeenLAXPhoto
1981-02-01N606BNBraniff InternationalSeenMIAPhoto
1981-04-18N606BNBraniff InternationalSeenLGWArriving from DFW
1981-05-01N606BNBraniff InternationalSeenPhoto
1981-09-01N606BNBraniff InternationalSeenLGWPhoto
1981-09-27N606BNBraniff InternationalSeenLGWPhoto
1981-11-01N606BNBraniff InternationalSeenMIAPhoto
1982-05-01N606BNBraniff InternationalSeenMIAPhoto
1982-08-29N606BNBraniff InternationalSeenDFWPhoto
1983-09-10N606BNNo Titlesex BraniffSeenOAKSeen being stripped of Orange paint.
1983-09-23Pan AmBought
1983-10-25N529PAPan AmOld Pan Am liveryClipper AmericaReg Changed
1983-11-01N606BNPan AmSeenLHRSeen still carrying N606BN on this date
1983-11-03N529PANCNB National Bank of North CarolinaBoughtleased back to Pan Am.
1985-08-26N529PAPan AmBoughtSold back to Pan Am in preparation for sale to United.
1985-10-08N529PAPan AmOld, wide CHTSeen
1986-02-11N529PAUnitedBoughtSold to United as part of huge deal including trans-Pacific routes. According to the sale papers files with the FAA, the plane's price: $1.
1986-02-21N150UAUnitedReg ChangedOfficially changed on this date, although not painted on the aircraft until 1986-04-24
1986-04-01N529PAUnitedex wide Pan Am chtSeenMELPhoto
1988-04-01N150UAUnitedOld, small titlesSeenPhoto
1989-05-01N150UAUnitedOld, large titlesSeenPhoto
1990-11-01N150UAUnitedIncidentIn flightExperienced uncommanded pitch-up on autopilot Altitude Hold Mode. Disconnected and manually recovered. Continued flight without further incident.
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1992-07-01N150UAUnitedOld large titlesSeen
1992-07-20N150UAElias C. RodriguezBoughtThe Honorable Elias C. Rodriguez of Fairfax, VA, is the "Owner/Trustee" as part of transaction with Oman.
1992-07-20Oman GvmtLeased
1992-07-21Oman GvmtOtherBeing refurbished, Orlando
1992-12-01Oman GvmtBoughtPurchased from Mr. Rodriguez.
1993-04-30A4O-SPOman GvmtDeliveredN150UA registration cancelled on this date.
1993-05-10A4O-SPOtherSpecial airworthiness certificate issued, plane classified as "experimental" in order to comply with FAR as a result of flight deck and interior modification work performed by Page Avjet Corporation of Orlando. Plane now registered in Oman, but flying in US airspace.
1993-08-13A4O-SPNo TitlesOriginal livery, Royal crest behind top doorSeenSZGPhoto
1994-04-01A4O-SPNo TitlesOriginal livery, Royal crest behind top door, logo on noseSeenGVAPhoto
1996-08-20A4O-SPNo TitlesIncidentLHR14:40 damaged #4 engine inlet cowl when hit containers at stand M31,LHR
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2003-06-21A4O-SPNo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenORYParked next to A4O-SO
2003-07-01A4O-SPNo TitlesNew livery, royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenORYPhoto
2003-11-03A4O-SPNo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenIADPhoto
2004-09-23A4O-SPNo TitlesSeenMCTSeen in hangar at Muscat, Oman.
2004-10-15A4O-SPFerriedROWFerried MCT-ROW
2004-10-19Apollo Aviation Capital Management, LLCBoughtOwner of record recorded as GA Telesis Turbine Technologies, LLC. Sold to Apollo Aviation Capital Management, LLC.
2004-10-20A4O-SPReg CancelledOmani registration formally cancelled.
2004-10-21No TitlesAll whiteSeenROWSeen and photographed at ROW, all white, no registration visible, faint lines on tail where Omani flag was once painted. Not yet "taped-up" for storage.
2004-11-02StatusROW46076 hours, 7820 cycles.
2004-11-03A4O-SPNo TitlesAll whiteSeenROW
2004-12-01All whiteFor SaleListed as "for sale" by www.okaviation.com (OK Consultants). Asking price $8.0 million. 46000 hours on the airframe.
2005-01-05No TitlesAll whiteSeenROWPhoto
2005-02-07A4O-SPNo TitlesAll whiteSeenROWSeen, still parked, waiting for a buyer. Has been prepped and sealed for long term storage, with mylar applied to windows, pitot tubes, etc., although landing gear appears to still be exposed. Registration has been put back on plane.
2005-06-20A4O-SPFrys ElectronicsBoughtSold by Apollo Aviation Capital to Mr. William Fry of San Diego, owner of Frys Electronics for the sum of "$10 and other good and valuable consideration."
2005-07-01A4O-SPOtherROWEngines were removed. Plane was left engineless.
2005-07-30N747FUSeenROWSeen with new registration
2006-01-22N747FUNo TitlesBasic Oman coloursSeenROWOddly enough, the white paint has apparently been stripped off the plane. Now wearing the Omani colors again, including flag on the tail.
2006-01-25N747FUSeenROWPlane still sitting engineless. Plane is still being actively maintained, with all systems being started up every week or so. No leaks. Interior is covered and appears new.
2006-01-31N747FUSeenROWSeen, still all in one piece.
2006-07-11N747FUNo TitlesBasic Oman coloursSeenROWParked near fence now it had markings again.
2006-09-19N747FUReg ChangedROWAlthough the registration had already been painted on the plane, it was not formally reregistered until this date.
2007-04-28N747FUFerriedSBDFerried ROW-TUS-SBD by an operation called CC2B, LLC, of San Jose, CA. Likely associated somehow with Frys Electronics, headquartered in San Jose.
2007-05-01N747FUNo TitlesSeenSBDUndergoing maintenance and interior work. It will also get a new paint job.
2007-10-19N747ANo TitlesReg ChangedSBDReg may have been changed to mask true identity of aircraft while in service.
2007-10-19N747ANo TitlesWhite with Blue/Red cheatlineSeenSBDAircraft just out of paint shop with new N number. Interior is being refitted.
2007-11-09N747FUFerriedVCVSBD-VCV. Made approx. 90 minute test flight from KSBD to KVCV. Still using N747FU for it's flight plan filings, even though it is wearing N747A. (confirmation needed!)
2007-11-19N747FUWhite/blueSeenSBDA 747SP doing touch and gos. It is being Refurbed at the San Bernardino International Airport. (Old Norton AFB)
2007-11-19N747FUFlightSBDFinally delivered to its new owner! Flew from SBD to SJC
2007-11-19N747FUBallet San JoseBallet dancer on tail.Clipper AmericaSeenSBDConducting touch & goes then flew north towards high desert.
2007-11-19N747FUSeenSJCSeen departing at 16:18 local.
2007-11-19N747FUSeenSeen making a low pass over Santa Cruz, CA
2007-11-20N747FUBallet San JoseBallet San JoseReg ChangedCLEThe registration has been changed back to N747FU.
2007-11-20N747FUBallet San JoseBallet dancer on tailClipper AmericaSeenSJC
2007-11-21N747FUBallet San JoseBallet San JoseClipper AmericaSeenCLESpotted at CLE after making its first run for new owner and in new ''Ballet'' colors. Transported Ballet San Jose to Cleveland for its annual run of ''The Nutcracker'' -- will return to SJC on Dec. 10. Plane is owned by John Fry of SJC-based Fry''s Electronics, who is also Chairman of Ballet San Jose.
2007-12-03N747FUBallet San JoseBallet tailSeenSJCIt arrived from CLE at SJC at 14:00. Parked at ACM Aviation. Departed at 16:00 for SBD.
2008-01-08N747FUFlightSBDSeen departing SJC at 0820
2008-01-12N747FUBallet San JoseSeenSBDOutside of main hangar San Bernardino Itl Airport on an incredibly rare clear day.
2008-01-21N747FUClipper AmericaOtherSBDAircraft in for modification at BaySys West.
2008-05-15N747ABallet San JoseBallet dancer on tail, + China 2008 titlesClipper AmericaSeenSBDFrys Electronics logo on fuselage. Many small logos. After C check, getting ready for a first flight.
2008-05-16N747ABallet San JoseSeenSJCSeen Parked at ACM Aviation. Scheduled to Fly Ballet San Jose to China on 5-17-08 for six week good will tour.
2008-05-16N747ABallet San JoseBallet dancer on tail, + China 2008 titlesClipper AmericaSeenSBDFrys Electronics logo on fuselage. Many small logos.
2008-05-17N747ABallet San JoseBallet dancer on tail, + China 2008 titles and logosClipper AmericaSeenSJCPhoto
2008-06-13N747ABallet San JoseBallet dancer on tail, + China 2008 titlesClipper AmericaSeenTSN Photo
2008-06-22N747ABallet San JoseBallet dancer on tail, + China 2008 titlesClipper AmericaSeenSJCReturning from China tour.
2008-06-23N747ABallet San JoseBallet dancer on tail, + China 2008 titlesClipper AmericaSeenSJC Photo
2008-09-29N747AFrys.comSeenNKXMade a fantastic flyby at Miramar Airshow
2008-10-05N747AFrys.comClipper AmericaSeenNKXLow Pass at MCAS Miramar Airshow 2008
2008-10-14N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenMCCAircraft did fly-by over runway then landed. Very nice and clean!
2008-11-10N747AFrys.comSeenSATSitting at San Antonio Aviation hangers. Appears to be maintenance work in progress
2009-03-13N747AFrys.comSeenSATSeen again at SAT maint hangars, has been here for several weeks, but not continuously since Nov report. Same livery with Frys.com on the side.
2009-09-03N747ANo TitlesSeenEDILanded at 10.00.
2009-09-04N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenEDI
2009-09-05N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenEDIParked remote.
2009-09-07N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenDFW3 hour stopover heading west. Stand terminal D.
2009-09-07N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenEDI Photo
2009-09-11N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenEDIIt was parked at the far end of runway 12, too far for any detail to be seen.
2009-09-30N747ANo TitlesSeenMCCPlane has been hangered at the McClellan airport (KMCC) in Sacramento, CA for the last several months.
2010-06-17N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenMCCHas been conducting test flights, run on landings and low passes all day.
2010-09-30N747ANo TitlesNHL logo on tailSeenSJCDeparting for Mannheim, Germany taking the San Jose Sharks to EDSB for exhibition match. ETD KSJC 2240z, ETA EDSB 0905z.
2010-10-04N747ANo TitlesNHL Logo on tailClipper AmericaSeenFKB Photo
2010-10-05N747ANo TitlesNHL logo on tailClipper AmericaSeenARNArrived runway 19R after a flight from Karlsruhe carrying San Jose Sharks NHL team.
2011-08-26N747ANo TitlesWhite, blue lineClipper americaSeenMCCTouch and go, flying low clockwise circles never more than several thousand feet off ground.
2011-08-28N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenMCCFlew Touch and Gos for about 40 min at McClellan Sacramento, California.
2011-12-19N747ANo TitlesNHL Logo on tailClipper AmericaSeenSBDStill wearing San Jose NHL logo onleft side of tail and NHL logo on right side of tail.
2012-03-21N747ANo TitlesSeenSBDIn for maintenance
2013-05-30N747ANo TitlesWhite, with Pan Am strips, Clipper AmericaSeenSBDAircraft under refurbishment in SBD, new engines, new interior.
2013-06-10N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenSBDUsed in a TV show starring Betty White and parked at gate.
2015-01-26N747ASeenSBDSeen on the ground. No noticable text other than registration (N747A) and Clipper America text.
2015-04-01N747AFor SaleSBDFor sale on http://www.controller.com, by the time it''s accumulated 46,315 hrs and 7,959 cycles
2016-11-17N747ANo TitlesFlightSBDDeparted SBD (for PMD or directly to MHV ?)
2016-11-26N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenMHVPhoto
2016-12-22N747ANASA Armstrong Flight Research CenterBought
2017-01-10N747AOtherReg certificate issued as Gvmt.
2017-03-13N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenMHVParked
2017-11-02N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenMHVSeen intact, parked.
2017-11-19N747ANo TitlesClipper AmericaSeenMHVParked, intact.
2018-01-29N747ANo TitlesSeenMHVPhoto
2018-03-31N747ANo TitlesSeenMHVEngines being removed from aircraft. Will be reconditioned and recertified for NASA 747SP N747NA

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