747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21962
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1978-10-17N57202TWAOrder placed for aircraft.
1980-02-19N57202TWARoll OutBFINew aircraft rolled out.
1980-03-12N57202TWAFirst Flight
1980-08-01N57202TWA'Boston Express' stickerSeenCDG
1980-08-16N57202TWA'Boston Express' stickerSeenCDGPhoto
1980-09-06N57202TWA'Boston Express' stickerSeenCDGPhoto
1980-11-27N57202TWAIncidentMinor burns to two cabin attendents from coffee maker. Flight diverted to Kansas City for medical treatment.
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1982-01-28N57202TWAIncidentSFOStruck tow tug at start of taxi. Crewman's earphones were unplugged and captain failed to assure clearance.
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1984-07-24Jet AviationBought
1984-08-01N57202No titlesBlue-white-blue-white-gold chtSeenBSLPhoto
1985-11-01Jet Associates Intl.Bought
1986-07-17American AirlinesBought
1987-02-01N601AAAmerican AirlinesReg Changed
1987-03-19N601AAAmericanSeenMZJPrior to entering service
1990-09-17K/S Nordic FlightBought
1990-09-17American AirlinesLeased
1992-02-25N601AAAmericanSeenMANLHR Diversion
1992-04-09N601AAAmerican AirlinesIncidentLHRCollided with airbridge
Read Report and see photos
1992-07-18N601AAAmericanFlightJFKLast service LHR-JFK
1992-07-20N601AAAmerican AirlinesFerriedMCIFerried to Kansas City for storage
1992-07-21N601AAAmerican AirlinesStatusMCI32692 hours, 4759 cycles.
1993-02-22N601AAAmerican AirlinesFerriedSBAFerried MCI-SBA for storage
1993-02-22N601AAK/S Nordic flightReturned
1993-02-22N601AAFirst Security Bank of UtahBought
1993-05-25N601AANo titlesBlue-white-blue cheatlineSeenSBA
1994-01-06UN-001Kazakhstan AirlinesBought
1994-02-10UN-001FerriedSNNFerried PAE-SNN, modifications by Tramco
1994-02-10UN-001Kazakhstan GvmtBought
1994-02-18UN-001Kazakhstan GvmtFerriedALAORY-ALA
1994-02-18UN-001Kazakhstan AirlinesSunkarDelivered
1994-02-23UN-001Kazakhstan AirlinesLeased
1994-06-12UN-001KazakhstanSeenPAEPhotographed parked on the ramp.
1994-06-14UN-001KazakhstanSeenPAEI took a photo of this airplane when on a visit to Paine Field to photograph the first flight of the Boeing 777.
1995-11-01UN-001Air Finance Ltd.Bought
1995-11-02EI-SALKazakhstan GvmtOtherNTU (Not Taken Up)
1995-11-03UN-001Kazakhstan GvmtLeased
1996-04-01UN-001Air Finance Ltd.Returned
1996-04-05P4-AFEAir Finance Ltd.Reg Changed
1996-04-05P4-AFENo titlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenLHR
1996-05-01P4-AFENo titlesSeenLHR
1996-06-29P4-AFENo TitlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenPBI
1996-07-03P4-AFENo TitlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenPBI
1996-07-07P4-AFENo TitlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenPBI
1996-07-15P4-AFENo TitlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenATLOperating for Sultan of Brunei
1996-11-20P4-AFENo TitlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenLHR
1996-11-23P4-AFENo TitlesFerriedFerried to USA for VIP outfitting
1997-01-21P4-AFENo TitlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenLAS
1997-02-01P4-AFENo TitlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenEWR
1997-06-30TF-ABNNo TitlesKazakhstan chtSeenMIA
1997-07-01P4-AFEAir Atlanta IcelandicLeased
1997-08-01TF-ABNAir Atlanta IcelandicReg Changed
1997-08-06TF-ABNAir Atlanta IcelandicBought
1997-08-08TF-ABNNo titlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenPBI
1997-09-09TF-ABNNo titlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenLHR
1997-09-25TF-ABNNo titlesKazakhstan cht, Icelandic flag on port sideSeenORDRolling Stones played at Soldier Field 23, 25 Sept.
1997-09-26TF-ABNNo TitlesKazakhstan cht, Icelandic flag on port sideSeenYYZFor a Rolling Stones show.
(Date needs confirmation. RS played Toronto on Sept 4.)
1997-10-02TF-ABNNo TitlesAll white, with Kazakhstan chtSeenYEGRolling stones arrived for a concert at Commonwealth Stadium
1997-12-05TF-ABNNo TitlesKazakhstan chtSeenMIARolling Stones played Orange Bowl Stadium
1998-02-11TF-ABNNo titlesNew liverySeenNRT
1998-02-21TF-ABNStar AirNew liverySeenNRT
1998-02-23TF-ABNStar AirNew liverySeenNRTDeparted with the Canadian Olympic Hockey team to YVR after the Nagano Olympics.
1998-03-14TF-ABNStar AirWhite with Blue/GoldFlightEZEOn charter for Rolling Stones Tour.
(Date needs confirmation. RS played River Plate Stadium March 29, 30, Apr. 2, 4, 5
1998-04-14TF-ABNNo titlesNew tail logoSeenYVR
1998-04-16TF-ABNNo TitlesStar Air livery, Four star tail logo.SeenPBI
1998-04-19TF-ABNStar AirWhite w blue/gold cheat linesSeenSTNFlown from Stansted to RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands. The plane was chartered by oil companies to ferry workers to/from the Falklands. The aircrew were icelandic, working for Air Atlanta.
1998-05-25TF-ABNNo TitlesStar Air livery, Four star tail logo.SeenSNNArrived from LAX continued to LUX.
1998-09-01TF-ABNNo TitlesStar Air livery, Four star tail logo.SeenSTN
1998-10-01TF-ABNNo TitlesStar Air livery, Four star tail logo.SeenOPO
1998-10-10TF-ABNJaguarStar Air livery, Four star tail logo.SeenDTW
1998-10-15TF-ABNJaguarJaguar design above door, four star tail logo.ParkedIAGPlane parked at Niagara Falls Oct-Nov, 1998
1998-11-01TF-ABNAir AtlantaReturned
1998-11-22TF-ABNJaguarStar Air livery, Four star tail logo.SeenIAG
1999-02-07TF-ABNNo TitlesStar Air livery, Four star tail logo.SeenIAG
1999-05-23P4-AFENo TitlesFour star tail logo., no titlesSeenPHXFuel stop. Watch the video as it takes off.
Video by: Rick Covington
1999-07-01P4-AFENo TitlesIncidentSTNPlane makes very hard landing. Captain is said to have called out "Check for damage" while plane was rolling out.
1999-07-18P4-AFENo TitlesStar Air tail logoSeenLUXAircraft ferried to LUX for heavy maintenance, seen in hangar. Crack later discovered in main landing gear rendering plane not airworthy. WFU after owner refused to pay for or authorize repairs.
1999-09-14P4-AFENo TitlesFour star tail logoSeenLUX
2001-01-01P4-AFENo titlesReposessedLUXAircraft repossessed by airport authority to recoup airport parking fees. Plane put up for sale, but no takers
2002-02-25P4-AFENo TitlesOtherLUXTowed to Cargolux maintenance ramp in preparation for parting.
2002-03-01P4-AFEOtherLUXUnable to sell plane, dismantling begins.
2002-05-23P4-AFENo TitlesSeenLUXAircraft lowered onto belly. Cockpit removed the following day.
2002-06-02P4-AFENo TitlesScrappedLUXDismantling in full progress. Cockpit is cut off.
2002-06-11P4-AFENo TitlesScrappedLUXUpper part of fuselage is cut off and removed.
2002-06-14P4-AFEScrappedLUXSee video of the scrapping in progress.
2008-08-04P4-AFENo TitlesScrappedHello, I was at TFC in Velbert, Germany. TFC is a company that converts scrapped aircraft into cabin/flightdeck simulators and the majority of the fuselage of this SP is there. I went in it in 2008 on a stopover through DUS back to the US and it became my first 747SP. The entire lower deck fuselage is there as well as the upper deck, excluding the flightdeck. Sincerely yours, Captain Diamond
2010-09-24P4-AFEOtherLUXCockpit and upper deck section has been retained by Cargolux. It is being used as a training device for emergency evacuation through the flight deck overhead escape hatch and the service door (on the right).


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