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21133 / 282 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1976-03-10ZS-SPBSouth African Airways  First FlightPAE 
1976-04-22ZS-SPBSouth African AirwaysOriginalOuteniquaDelivered  
1976-04-25ZS-SPBSouth African AirwaysOriginalOuteniquaSeenZRHPhoto
1977-09-02ZS-SPBSouth African AirwaysOriginalOuteniquaSeenAMSPhoto
1978-01-01ZS-SPBSouth African AirwaysOriginalOuteniquaSeenZRHVideo
1980-03-01ZS-SPBSouth African AirwaysOriginalOuteniquaSeenZRHPhoto
1982-02-05ZS-SPBSouth African AirwaysOriginalOuteniquaSeenFRAPhoto
1982-08-19ZS-SPBSouth African AirwaysOriginalOuteniquaSeenFRAPhoto
1983-04-09ZS-SPBSouth African AirwaysOriginalOuteniquaSeenLHRPhoto
1983-08-22ZS-SPB   MaintenanceJNBAdded decal on sleeperette tables to identify table operation
1984-04-01ZS-SPBSouth African AirwaysOriginal, 50 years stickerOuteniquaSeenJNBPhoto
1985-04-02ZS-SPBSouth African Airways  Rolled InJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into Air Malawi colours.
1985-04-127Q-YKLAir Malawi MulanjeLeased  
1985-04-137Q-YKLAir Malawi  OtherJNBLeft Johannesburg as QM152 for London visit with Malawi president H.K Banda.
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1985-04-147Q-YKLAir Malawi MulanjeSeenAMSAircraft arrived
1985-04-167Q-YKLAir Malawi MulanjeOtherAMSAircraft left for London.
1985-04-167Q-YKLAir Malawi MulanjeOtherLHRArrived at LHR.
1985-04-167Q-YKLAir Malawi MulanjeSeenLHRPhoto
1985-04-167Q-YKLAir Malawi MulanjeSeenLHRPhoto
1985-04-227Q-YKLAir Malawi MulanjeSeenLHRPhoto
1985-05-107Q-YKLAir Malawi MulanjeOtherLHRAircraft departed for Johannesburg.
1985-05-11ZS-SPBSouth African Airways  Returned  
1985-05-117Q-YKLAir Malawi MulanjeOtherJNBAircraft returned from London. Landed JNB at 12.50 Local.
1985-05-29ZS-SPBSouth African Airways  Other First flights after Air Malawi lease. Aircraft did the following legs: JNB-CPT-FRA-CPT-LHR-CPT-JNB
1985-06-02ZS-SPBSouth African Airways  OtherJNBReturned from the flights above.
1987-07-01ZS-SPBSAA - South African AirwaysOld SeenFRAPhoto
1987-11-01LX-LGXLuxair  Leased  
1988-08-01LX-LGXLuxairRight side: Tail logo making an L SeenLUXPhoto
1989-05-13LX-LGXLuxairRight side: Tail logo making an L SeenPMIPhoto
1990-03-31LX-LGXLuxairRight side: Tail logo making an arrow SeenLUXPhoto
1990-05-24LX-LGXLuxair  SeenLUXPhoto
1991-07-08LX-LGXLuxair  SeenATHOne and only appearance in ATH/LGAT for the schedule Luxair flight, replacing the usual 737-200!
1991-07-21LX-LGXLuxair  MaintenanceJNBAircraft in hangar for a Major 4 (check)
1993-05-22LX-LGXLuxairRight side: Tail logo making an arrow SeenLUXPhoto
1993-08-01LX-LGXLuxair  SeenLUX 
1993-08-29LX-LGXLuxair  OtherJNBAircraft arrived at JNB after lease.
1993-09-02ZS-SPBSAA - South African Airways  Returned Returned from lease.
1993-09-03ZS-SPBTrek Airways  Leased  
1993-09-04ZS-SPBTrek Luxavia StarSeenLUXFirst landing at LUX.
1993-10-01ZS-SPBTrek Luxavia StarSeenJNBPhoto
1994-04-11ZS-SPBSAA - South African Airways  Returned  
1994-06-01ZS-SPBSAA - South African AirwaysOld, white belly, new flagOuteniquaSeenJNBPhoto
1995-09-24ZS-SPBSAA - South African AirwaysOld, white belly, new flagOuteniquaSeenJNBPhoto
1996-03-27ZS-SPB   OtherJNBAircraft departed JNB with unusual flight number.
1996-03-30ZS-SPBCameroon Airlines  Leased Cameroon had their B747 Combi TJ-CAB for service with SAA.
1996-04-06ZS-SPBNo TitlesBasic SAA livery, with orange tail SeenCDGOperating for Cameroon Airlines
1996-04-17ZS-SPBNo TitlesBasic SAA livery, with orange tail SeenCDGOperating for Cameroon Airlines
1996-04-27ZS-SPBNo TitlesBasic SAA livery, with orange tail  SeenCDGPhoto
1996-05-05ZS-SPBSAA - South African Airways  Returned  
1996-05-06ZS-SPBAir Afriquebasic SAA livery SeenABJRumoured to have been seen with Air Afrique titles during HADJ. Verification ?
1996-05-09ZS-SPBSAA - South African Airways  Returned  
1996-06-25ZS-SPBPanair  Bought  
1996-06-25ZS-SPB   OtherJNBRolled into hangar for exterior repaint into Air Namibia for lease.
1996-07-11ZS-SPBAir NamibiaFull c/s SeenJNB 
1996-07-15ZS-SPBAir Namibia  Leased  
1996-10-01ZS-SPBAir Namibia  SeenFRA 
1996-10-01ZS-SPBAir Namibia  SeenFRAPhoto
1996-10-03ZS-SPBAir Namibia  SeenFRAPhoto
1996-12-24ZS-SPBSAA-South African Airways  Returned  
1996-12-24ZS-SPBNo TitlesBasic Air Namibia livery OtherJNBAircraft rolled into hangar to remove Air Namibia titles
1997-01-09ZS-SPBNo TitlesBasic Air Namibia livery SeenHKG 
1997-01-09ZS-SPB   OtherJNBAircraft rolled into hangar for repaint into ZS-SPB SAA
1997-05-01ZS-SPBNo TitlesBasic Air Namibia livery SeenJNBPhoto
1997-07-03ZS-SPBSouth AfricanNew coloursOuteniquaSeenCPHPhoto
1997-10-01ZS-SPBSouth AfricanNew coloursOuteniquaSeenCDGPhoto
1998-01-18ZS-SPBSouth African  Incident Near miss over Africa
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1998-02-01ZS-SPBSouth AfricanNewOuteniquaSeenCDGPhoto
1998-04-05ZS-SPBSouth AfricanNew coloursOuteniquaSeenJNBPhoto
1998-07-19ZS-SPBNo TitlesAll white FerriedMIA 
1998-07-30ZS-SPBSouth AfricanNew coloursOuteniquaSeenZRHDate needs confirmation!
1998-09-05ZS-SPBNo TitlesAll white SeenMZJNew reg N747KS not yet painted on aircraft.
1999-02-10ZS-SPBSouth African  OtherJNBRolled into hangar for repaint for return to Panair.
1999-07-01ZS-SPBNo TitlesAll white SeenMIAPhoto
1999-07-01ZS-SPBNo TitlesAll white SeenMIAPhoto
1999-07-23ZS-SPB   Reg Cancelled South African Airways formally cancels South African registration.
1999-10-24 No TitlesAll white SeenMZJ 
2000-04-12N747KS   Reg ChangedMZJRegistration NTU
2004-08-23N747KVJet Aero Holdings, Inc.  Bought  
2004-09-12N747KV   For Sale Listed as "for sale" on www.flyboytrader.com
2004-09-15N747KV   Reg Changed  
2004-09-19N747KVNo TitlesAll White SeenMZJ 
2004-09-20N747KV   SoldMZJTo be scrapped
2004-10-15N747KVNo Titles  SeenMZJ 
2005-02-08N747KVNo TitlesAll white OtherMZJPlane is in scrapping area at MZJ, with cargo doors cut away, and some flight surfaces removed. Appears it will be scrapped soon.
2005-03-05N747KVNo TitlesAll white SeenMZJTotal hours: 61,048 hours with 10,504 cycles
2005-04-01    Scrapped Date needs confirmation


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