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21649 / 373 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1979-05-01N540PAPan Am  First Flight  
1979-05-11N540PAPan AmOld c/sClipper White FalconDelivered  
1979-07-03N540PAPan Am Clipper White FalconSeenSFOPhoto
1979-08-01N540PAPan Am Clipper Flying ArrowOther New name
1980-01-01N540PAPan Am Clipper Star of the UnionOther New name
1980-12-01N540PAPan AmOldChina ClipperSeenJFKPlane had recently been renamed "China Clipper" to honor the 45th anniversary of the original Pan Am China Clippers from 1935. In front of hangar 19 at JFK
1981-01-01N540PAPan Am China ClipperSeenZRHNew name
1982-07-01N540PAPan Am China ClipperSeenJFKPhoto
1986-01-01N540PAPan Am China ClipperSeenZRHPhoto
1986-02-01N540PAUnitedPan Am Cheatline, UA titles in middle Seen  
1986-02-12N540PAUnited  Bought  
1986-02-13N149UA   Reg Changed  
1987-01-01N149UAUnitedOld colours, small titles Seen  
1987-03-19N149UAUnited  IncidentORDSecond officer passed out en route. Aircraft diverted and ambulance transported crew member to the hospital.
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1987-07-20N149UAUnited  IncidentLAXEncountered severe nose wheel shimmy on landing, cause undetermined.
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1989-02-26N149UAUnitedOld colours, small titles SeenMELPhoto
1989-06-26N149UAUnited  IncidentHNLNbr 3 engine fire warning light on. Diverted to HNL (Honolulu). Nbr 15 stage pneumatic coupling loose and near sensors.
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1990-06-01N149UAUnitedOld colours, large titles SeenLAXPhoto
1991-01-08N149UAUnitedOld colours, large titles SeenSFOPhoto
1991-06-01N149UAUnitedOld colours, large titles SeenSFO 
1993-12-01N149UATajik Air Snow LeopardLeased  
1993-12-15N149UATajik Air Snow LeopardSeenLFR 
1994-02-14N149UAUnited  Reposessed  
1994-03-01N149UA Tajik c/s FerriedLASLHR-LAS. Put into storage at LAS upon arrival
1994-03-10N149UATajik Air Snow LeopardSeenLASPhoto
1995-08-29N149UATajik Air Snow LeopardFerriedHAMLAS-HAM
Ferry #9489-28
1995-08-30N149UABrunei Government  Bought  
1995-08-30N149UATajik Air Snow LeopardSeenHAMPhoto
1995-09-01N149UA   Reg Cancelled  
1995-11-01V8-JBBBrunei Gvmt  Reg Changed  
1995-11-15V8-JBBNo TitlesAll metal with registration applied as a decal SeenHAMIn hangar.
1996-01-05 No titlesAll white with no registration SeenHAM 
1996-01-25V8-JBBNo titlesAll white OtherHAMTest flight series, Jan 25-29
1996-02-01V8-JBBNo titles  FerriedACTHAM-ACT for VIP outfitting
1996-03-01V8-JP1   Reg Changed  
1996-04-01V8-AC1   Reg Changed  
1996-06-01 Brunei Gvmt  OtherACTUndergoing conversion to B747-400 all-glass cockpit conversion.
1997-01-29V8-AC1No TitlesGreen belly, white top, two thin black cheatlines SeenJFK 
1997-01-31V8-AC1No TitlesGreen belly, white top, two thin black cheatlines SeenLHR 
1997-04-04V8-AC1No Titles  SeenHAMPhoto
1998-03-01V8-AC1No Titles  SeenBWNLanding
1998-06-01V8-AC1No Titles  SeenBWNPerforming touch 'n go's
1998-12-23V8-AC1No Titles  SeenHAMArrived at HAM
1998-12-24 Bought by Bahrain Amiri Flight (Bahrain Gvmt)  Bought  
1999-02-01V8-AC1No Titles  SeenHAMPhoto
1999-03-26V8-AC1   Rolled InHAMEntered Lufthansa Technical paintshop
1999-03-27A9C-ISABahrain  Other Registration NTU following the recent death of Sheik of Bahrain (his first name was ISA - Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa) the aircraft received the reg A9C-HHH
1999-03-28A9C-HHHBahrain  Reg Changed  
1999-04-13A9C-HHHNo TitlesFull c/s, but with no titles Roll OutHAM 
1999-04-14A9C-HHHBahrainFull c/s with titles SeenHAM 
1999-04-20A9C-HHHBahrainFull c/s with titles SeenGVA 
1999-12-12A9C-HHHBahrain  SeenSHJPhoto
2000-05-17A9C-HHHBahrain  SeenGVAPhoto
2000-08-19A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenNCEPhoto
2002-08-01A9C-HMHBahrain  Reg Changed  
2002-09-22A9C-HHHBahrain  SeenSSHPhoto
2002-11-17A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenHAMPhoto
2005-01-27A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenZRH 
2005-03-10A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenMUCPhoto
2005-04-28A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenJFK 
2005-05-14A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenLHRParked outside BMI hangar.
2005-05-23A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenNCE 
2005-06-20A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenORYCrown prince
2005-07-25A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenCDG 
2005-07-28A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenNCE 
2005-08-26A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenCDG 
2005-09-17A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenSWFAircraft parked at Stewart, NY (KSWF) for a few days during the United Nations meetings in NYC. Departed the evening of Sept 17th.
2005-12-14A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenORY 
2006-01-31A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenLHRParked on the north side, near Terminal 5.
2006-03-16A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenORY 
2006-03-26A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenJFKAircraft in excellent condition. The engine cowls and leading edges are polished.
2006-04-21A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenGVAArrived the previous day from BAH. Back this day to BAH on a ferry flight. Departed at 10:00 local time.
2006-05-15A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenHAMIn front of Lufthansa Technik hangar:
2006-07-07A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenLHRPhoto
2006-07-09A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenMCORoyal VIP to Orlando via London. Aircraft will leave MCO on July 10, 2006.
2006-07-10A9C-HMHBahrain City of BahrainSeenMCOAircraft parked on SFS West Ramp, KMCO.
2006-07-30A9C-HMHBahrain City of BahrainSeenBOSParked on North Cargo Ramp
2007-01-20A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenLHRTaking off around noon.
2007-01-23A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenORYarrived at around 7.30pm
2007-01-24A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenORY 
2007-01-28A9C-HMHBahrain   SZGseen at salzburg departing after skiing holiday
2007-02-16A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenORY 
2007-05-05A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenBOSParked on the North ramp
2007-05-06A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenCDGarriving from BOS
2007-05-11A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenCDGDeparture 13h20
2007-06-13A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenMUC 
2007-07-04A9C-HMHBahrain Gulf of BahrainSeenORY 
2007-09-08A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenLISBrought the Prince of Bahrain. Due to a horse race in Portugal.
2008-02-22A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenCPT 
2008-02-23A9C-HMHBahrain  OtherCPTLeft Cape Town International Airport at 15h30
2008-02-23A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenCPTSeen parked for 5 days 18-23 Feb 2008 on remote taxiway.
2008-03-29A9C-HMHBahrain  SeenGVAPhoto
2008-05-29A9C-HMHLas Vegas Sands Corp  Bought  
2008-06-01VQ-BMSNo Titlespartial Bahrain Amiri Flight c/s- no tail flag or titles SeenIADArrived at IAD from LAS at 1905EST. Sitting on F/R ramp. White w/2 thin gold & 1 thin red cheatline. Partial red portion of the old flag still retained on the tail rudder. No titles.
2008-06-01VQ-BMSNo TitlesPartial Bahrain colors SeenIADSeen at IAD on delivery flight from Bahrain. Arrived at 5pm and few hours later departed to LAS.
2008-08-04VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenFAIDeparted PAFA (Fairbanks, AK/USA) for BOS
2008-08-16VQ-BMSNo TitlesNew colours SeenLASPhoto
2008-08-30VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLAXPhoto
2008-09-01VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLAXPhoto
2008-09-30VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenMZJAircraft in for a Heavy C-check. Estimated roll out on 2008-10-17
2008-12-21VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenNRT 
2009-05-16VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLASSeen departing off 7L for IAD
2010-02-15VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLASAircraft was flying
2010-07-20VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenFLL 
2010-07-21VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenFLLParked on ramp next to Fedex facility.
2010-07-21VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenFLLSeen at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Parked on FedEx ramp.
2010-07-22VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLYSEta 15h49 UTC etd 17h59 UTC, probably FLL-LYS-SXF.
2010-07-22VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenSXFOn a flight from LYS to SXF arr at 9:20pm!!! And Now stay some days here!
2010-08-01VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLBGArrived July 31st
2010-11-26VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenHKG 
2011-01-05VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLASWatched the plane depart runway 25R.
2011-06-14VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLASTook off on 25R, no doubt headed to pickup some serious gamblers for the Sands Corp.
2011-06-17VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenOLBAt 5PM local time, a stretch limo pulled over to pick up a passenger.
2011-07-19VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenBFILanding
2011-07-28VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLASparked
2011-10-24VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenDURParked outside Dube TradePort Cargo Terminal.
2012-02-23VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenBOSParked with crew service vehicles, rear baggage compartment open for baggage.
2012-05-16VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLASDeparted from runway 19L at 9:50am.
2012-07-15VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenATHArrived from LAS 12.35L. Departed 15.15L to DBV.
2012-07-22VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenBDSSeen in LIBR (BDS) airport at United Nation base for 3 hours. Dispatchers told us it was humanitarian help, Then it lined up RW31 for departure, waited 4 minutes, rolled out on the first taxiway and backtracked for another takeoff about 14 minutes later.
2012-08-16VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenANCDeparted, flew over NOPAC route into Japan, then to it's destination.
2012-10-05VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenTPEIt park for return.
2012-10-15VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenOSCFlew in this afternoon. Presently undergoing scheduled maintenance
2012-10-24VQ-BMSNo Titles  OtherOSCA/C having all landing gear changed for CPCP requirements
2012-12-05VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenIADWas parked at Dulles ramp during morning hours.
2013-04-02VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenTLVDeparted from Tel Aviv airport.
2013-05-12VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenBOSSeen parked on North ramp, no activity
2013-06-25VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenDALLayover.
2013-08-08VQ-BMS No Titles  SeenLAS Arrived and parked: Terminal 3 E2. Left at 20:15
2013-10-31VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenHKGDeparting HKG for LAS
2013-11-05VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenEWRParked up on the North side.
2013-12-30VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLAX1303L to OGG
2015-06-17VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenLASI was at LAS everyday from 17 June to 07 July. Aircraft parked by Sands Hangers never saw it move. It looked in fine condition.from where I was on Sunset Road Viewing area.
2017-12-08VQ-BMS   SeenTPEDeparted , bounding for NGO
2018-03-03VQ-BMSNo Titles  FlightSINArrived at SIN
2018-03-04VQ-BMSNo Titles  FlightLASFlew SIN-LAS. Departed SIN at 06 in the morning. Arrived LAS shortly after midnight 2018-03-05.
2018-10-10VQ-BMSNo Titles  FlightCWFTo Citadel Completions for major interior upgrade.
2019-01-11VQ-BMSNo Titles  FlightLASFlight CWF-LAS
2019-04-03VQ-BMSNo Titles  FlightLAS40 mins testflight
2019-05-08VQ-BMSNo Titles  FlightRNOFlight LAS-RNO
2019-05-09VQ-BMSNo Titles  FlightCWFFlight RNO-LAS-CWF
2019-05-11VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenCWFStatic display during Chennault International Airshow with public interior tours of the amazing aircraft
2019-05-12VQ-BMSNo Titles  SeenCWFStatic display during Chennault International Airshow with public interior tours of the amazing aircraft
2019-06-14VQ-BMSNo Titles  MaintenanceCWFMinor modification and maintenance at Citadel Completions.
2020-08-27VQ-BMSNo Titles  IncidentCWFDamaged during maintenance in hangar by hurricane Laura. Probably written off.
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2021-03-04VQ-BMS   ScrappedCWF 


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