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747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1973-09-10 Pan Am  Other Order placed
1975-10-08N40135BoeingDemo colours Roll OutPAE 
1975-11-03N40135BoeingDemo colours First FlightPAE 
1975-11-11N40135BoeingDemo colours FlightPAEDeparted for World Demonstration flight. First leg to New York.
1975-11-12N40135BoeingDemo colours Flight Set a record for New York to Tokyo in 13 hours, 33 minutes, a distance of 7,015 miles with 200 passengers on board
1975-11-27N40135BoeingDemo colours Seen in Mexico during demo tour.
1975-12-10N40135BoeingDemo colours FlightPAEReturned after 29 days World Demonstration flight after visiting 18 cities, covered a distance of 72,152 miles. Total flight time was 140 hours 15 minutes.
1976-02-01N40135Boeing 747SPDemo colours SeenJFKPhoto
1976-03-05N533PAPan AmOldClipper FreedomDelivered  
1976-04-01N533PAPan AmOldClipper FreedomSeenJFKPhoto
1976-04-30N533PAPan Am Clipper Liberty BellOther Renamed
1976-05-01N533PAPan AmOldClipper Liberty BellFlightJFKDeparted for around-the-world record for a commercial aircraft: JFK-DEL-HND-JFK
Commanded by Captain Walter Mulliken, Pan Am's Vice President and Chief Pilot with 98 paying passengers on board to enjoy the experience and paid $US 2,912 for a First Class seat, $US 1,838 for an economy class seat.
1976-05-03N533PAPan AmOld FlightJFKReturned from around-the-world record flight.
Flight time verified by National Aeronautics Association: 39 hours, 25 minutes and 53 seconds, a distance of 23,137 miles.
1976-07-01N533PAPan AmOldClipper Liberty BellSeenLHR 
1977-01-31N533PAPan AmOldClipper New Horizons ?FlightHNLFlight 825 DFW-HNL
1977-02-01N533PAPan AmOldClipper New Horizons ?FlightDFWFlight 826 HNL-DFW
1977-10-01N533PAPan Am Clipper New HorizonsOther Renamed
1977-10-28N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50 FlightSFODeparted SFO for LHR
Celebrating Pan Am's 50th Birthday with a flight around the world but this time over both North and South Pole - Flight 50
1977-10-30N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50 FlightSFOReturned from Flight 50, last leg AKL-SFO
1978-10-10N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50Clipper New HorizonsSeenLHRPhoto
1979-07-14N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50Clipper New HorizonsSeenMIAPhoto
1981-08-18N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50Clipper New HorizonsSeenJFKPhoto
1983-03-01N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50Clipper New HorizonsSeenMELPhoto
1983-07-01N533PAPan Am Clipper San FranciscoOther Renamed
1983-07-24N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50Clipper San FranciscoSeenLHRPhoto
1984-01-01N533PAPan Am Clipper New HorizonsOther Renamed
1984-02-01N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50 SeenLAXPhoto
1984-05-06N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50Clipper New HorizonsSeenZRHPhoto
1985-03-01N533PAPan AmOld, Flight 50Clipper New HorizonsSeen  
1985-04-01N533PAPan Am Clipper Young AmericaOther Renamed
1985-09-01N533PAPan AmBillboard, Flight 50Clipper Young AmericaSeenCDGPhoto
1985-10-01N533PAPan AmBillboard, Flight 50Clipper Young AmericaSeenLHRPhoto
1985-12-03N533PAPan AmBillboard, Flight 50Clipper Young AmericaSeenZRHPhoto
1986-02-11N533PAUnitedAll white with UA titles and logo Bought  
1986-03-01N143UAUnitedOld, small titles Reg Changed  
1986-03-10N143UAUnitedOld, large titles Seen Photo
1987-02-18N143UAUnitedOld, small titles SeenLAXPhoto
1987-05-01N143UAUnitedOld, small titles SeenSFOPhoto
1989-07-25N143UAAmerican Finance Group  Bought  
1989-07-25N143UAUnited  Leased  
1990-05-01N143UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenSFOPhoto
1990-09-01N143UAUnitedOld, large titles Seen Photo
1993-09-01N143UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenLHRPhoto
1993-09-02N143UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenLHRPhoto
1994-11-22N143UAUnited Air Lines Inc.  Bought Bought by UAL, Inc., parent of United Airlines.
1995-01-14N143UA Old, large titles SeenLASStored
1995-08-01N143UAAviation Sales Company Inc  Bought  
1995-08-05N143UAUnited  FerriedADMFerry flight LAS-ADM
1995-08-20N143UAUnited  RetiredADMWFU
1995-09-01N143UANo Titlesex UA SeenADMPhoto
1995-12-26N143UA   Reg Cancelled  
1996-03-29N143UA   SeenADMStored
1997-04-24N143UA   SeenADM 
1997-12-22N143UA   Other Left for smelters on semi-trucks
1997-12-31N143UA   OtherADMNot present in any form. The first 747SP to be scrapped.



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