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21175 / 290 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1976-07-01YK-AHBSyrianair  First Flight  
1976-07-16YK-AHBSyrianair Arab SolidarityDelivered  
1978-08-24YK-AHBSyrianair  SeenLHRPhoto
1983-10-01YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, metal bellyArab SolidaritySeenORYPhoto
1986-04-01YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, metal bellyArab SolidaritySeen  
1988-02-01YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, metal bellyArab SolidaritySeenORYPhoto
1990-05-01YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey bellyArab SolidaritySeenFRA 
1991-12-17YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly SeenLHRPhoto
1995-05-01YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly SeenFRAPhoto
1995-08-12YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly SeenORYPhoto
1996-04-14YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly IncidentLHREngine hits catering loader
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1996-07-20YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly SeenAMSPhoto
2000-09-30YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly SeenAMSPhoto
2001-11-01YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly, 1 blue engineArab SolidaritySeenSHJPhoto
2001-11-10YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly, 1 blue engine SeenLHRPhoto
2002-02-01YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly, blue enginesArab SolidaritySeenSHJPhoto
2002-06-29YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly, blue engines SeenLHRPhoto
2003-04-17YK-AHBSyrianairOriginal, grey belly, blue engines SeenMUCPhoto
2003-11-03YK-AHBSyrianNew coloursArab SolidaritySeenSJHPhoto
2003-11-29YK-AHBSyrianNew colours SeenMANPhoto
2004-02-01YK-AHBSyrianNew colours SeenSHJPhoto
2004-06-01YK-AHBSyrianNew coloursArab SolidaritySeenSHJPhoto
2005-01-27YK-AHBSyrianNew coloursArab SolidaritySeenSHJ 
2005-07-13YK-AHBSyrian Arab SolidaritySeenLHRAircraft landed 19:40 local time rwy 27L.
2005-08-22YK-AHBSyrian  SeenAMS 
2006-01-19YK-AHBSyrian  SeenLHR 
2006-03-01YK-AHBSyrian  SeenLHR 
2006-03-08YK-AHBSyrian  SeenMANAircraft arrived as flight number RB414
2006-05-07YK-AHBSyrian  SeenAMS 
2006-12-11YK-AHBSyrian  IncidentARNWing struck gate when the aircraft entered the gate. YK-AHA arrived to pick up stranded passengers.
Total flying time: 52122 hours
Number of cycles: 21645
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2008-03-21YK-AHBSyrian  SeenSHJPhoto
2008-04-01YK-AHBSyrian Arab SolidaritySeenDXBFlown on RB516 DXB-DAM 27MAR (scheduled), or rather DXB-ALP 28MAR (actual). 11 hour delay due to ruptured cable in front wheel lowering mechanism, spare part cannibalised from other SP stored at SHJ (J2-SHF c/n: 21300)
2008-04-01YK-AHBSyrian  Retired  
2010-05-06YK-AHBSyrian  SeenDAMStored
2010-10-06YK-AHBSyrian  OtherDAMU.S. government has authorized Boeing to achieve the revision of two 747SP of Syrianair
2011-01-01YK-AHBSyrian  FerriedRUHDAM-RUH for maintenance
2011-04-17YK-AHBSyrian  MaintenanceRUHD-check and gear replacement by Alsalam
2011-05-18YK-AHBSyrian  StoredRUHU.S. government has revoked the authorized Boeing had to repair the aircraft. Aircraft moved and parked outside.
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2014-11-26YK-AHBNo TitlesAll white with blue tail SeenRUHStill parked


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