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747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1982-07-31YI-ALMNo TitlesFull Iraqi c/s SeenPAEPhoto
1982-08-02YI-ALM   First Flight  
1982-08-30YI-ALMIraq al-qadissiyaDelivered  
1985-07-03YI-ALMIraq al-qadissiyaSeenAMSPhoto
1986-08-01YI-ALMIraq al-qadissiyaSeenAMSPhoto
1987-07-01YI-ALMIraq al-qadissiyaSeenCDGPhoto
1989-02-06YI-ALMIraq al-qadissiyaSeenCDGPhoto
1990-06-30YI-ALMIraq al-qadissiyaSeenCDGPhoto
1991-01-01  No titles, all white ParkedTOEPlane moved prior to Gulf War for safe keeping.
1991-11-01YI-ALMNo TitlesAll white SeenTOEPhoto
1992-11-14YI-ALM All white, no titles SeenTOEStored in Tozeur, Tunisia.
2000-10-01YI-ALMNo TitlesAll white SeenTOEPhoto
2000-11-24    StatusTOEReported as having 1970 hours, 688 cycles at the time it was parked in Tozeur.
2004-05-01YI-ALM All white SeenTOESeen still in Tozeur.
2004-09-01YI-ALM All white SeenTOEPlane is still maintained by Iraqi mechanics every six months, according to a local source in Tozeur. The aircraft seems clean, the tires are inflated which is quite rare for a plane which is standing in the desert for more than 10 years. The airport at Tozeur doesn''t ask any parking fee for this plane.
2004-09-02YI-ALMNo Titles  SeenTOEPhoto
2008-11-10YI-ALMNo Titles  SeenTOEAl Qadissiya is now parked adjacent to the main terminal building - TOE. Far aft cabin door open, TUNISAIR stairs had several maintenance personnel moving in and out of the aircraft. No other significant changes to the aircraft.
2010-02-22YI-ALMNo Titles  SeenTOEPhoto
2010-11-14YI-ALM   For SaleTOEThis plane is for sale by Iraqi Airways
2012-03-27YI-ALMNo Titles  SeenTOEStill can be seen at TOE, together with a 747-200 YI-AGP
2016-05-31YI-ALMNo TitlesWhite/Green SeenTOEstill stored


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