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21263 / 301 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1975-10-27 South African Airways  Other Order placed
1976-12-22ZS-SPFSouth African AirwaysOriginal Roll OutPAE 
1977-01-14ZS-SPFSouth African AirwaysOriginal First FlightPAE 
1977-01-31ZS-SPFSouth African AirwaysOriginalSoutpansbergDelivered  
1977-10-01ZS-SPFSouth African AirwaysOriginalSoutpansbergSeenLHRPhoto
1979-04-29ZS-SPFSouth African AirwaysOriginalSoutpansbergSeenFRAPhoto
1979-05-01ZS-SPFSouth African AirwaysOriginalSoutpansbergSeenJNBPhoto
1979-08-12ZS-SPFSouth African AirwaysOriginal SeenFRAPhoto
1980-09-14ZS-SPFSouth African AirwaysOriginal OtherJNBRolled into hangar for A-check
1980-10-03ZS-SPFNo TitlesLuxair livery Roll OutJNBRolled out after maintenance and repaint
1980-10-03ZS-SPFNo TitlesLuxair livery FlightZRHFlight SA272 JNB-ZRH
1980-10-04ZS-SPFNo TitlesLuxair livery SeenZRH 
1980-10-23ZS-SPFNo TitlesLuxair livery FlightJNBOperated SA272/273
1980-10-24ZS-SPFNo TitlesLuxair livery FlightJNBOperated SA256/257
1980-10-27ZS-SPFNo TitlesLuxair livery Flight Operated SA264/265
1980-10-29ZS-SPFNo TitlesLuxair livery Flight Operated SA513/526
1980-12-01ZS-SPFSAA - South African Airways SoutpansbergReturned  
1981-04-25ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysOld, old flagSoutpansbergSeenZRH 
1982-08-01ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysOld, old flagSoutpansbergSeenZRHPhoto
1983-08-21ZS-SPF   MaintenanceJNBAdded decal on sleeperette tables to identify table operation
1985-04-14ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysOld, old flag SeenLHRPhoto
1987-09-01ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysOld, old flagSoutpansbergSeenZRHPhoto
1988-06-26ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysAll white, blue cht OtherJNBAircraft repainted for Air Mauritius lease
1988-09-01ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysAll white, blue chtSoutpansbergSeen Photo
1988-09-07ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysAll white, blue chtSoutpansbergSeenZRHPhoto
1988-09-303B-NAOAir Mauritius  Leased  
1988-10-013B-NAOAir MauritiusWhite tail, red logo SeenORY 
1988-11-013B-NAOAir MauritiusWhite tail, red logo SeenORYPhoto
1988-12-01ZS-SPFSAA - South African Airways  Returned  
1988-12-10ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysAll white, red chtSoutpansbergSeen Photo
1989-04-01ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysAll whiteSoutpansbergSeen Photo
1989-05-013B-NAOAir MauritiusAll white, blue cht SeenJNBPhoto
Date needs verification (possibly Sept 1988?)
1989-05-01ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysAll whiteSoutpansbergSeenJNBPhoto
1989-05-08ZS-SPFNo TitlesAll white SeenLUXPhoto
1989-05-26ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysAll whiteSoutpansbergSeenFRAPhoto
1989-07-01LX-LGYNo titlesAll white, metal belly SeenJNB 
1989-08-01LX-LGYLuxair  Leased  
1989-08-01LX-LGYUTA  Leased Sub leased from Luxair
1989-08-24LX-LGYUTAAll white SeenCDGPhoto
1989-08-28LX-LGYUTAAll white SeenCDGPhoto
1989-09-01LX-LGYUTAAll white SeenCDGPhoto
1989-09-01LX-LGYUTAAll white SeenCDGPhoto
1989-09-01LX-LGYUTAAll white SeenCDGPhoto
1989-10-31LX-LGY   SeenJNBBack in JNB after UTA lease
1989-11-01ZS-SPFSAA - South African Airways  Returned  
1990-01-01ZS-SPFSAA - South African AirwaysAll whiteno nameSeenZRHPhoto
1990-03-29ZS-SPFNo TitlesAll white SeenLHRPhoto
1990-04-01 SAA - South African AirwaysAll whiteno name!Seen  
1990-07-08V5-SPFNamib AirSmall flagEtoshaSeenFRAPhoto
1990-07-12V5-SPFNamib Air EtoshaSeenFRAPhoto
1991-04-15V5-SPFNamib Air EtoshaLeased  
1991-08-01V5-SPFNamib AirOld, large flag, 747SP titles in aftEtoshaSeenFRAPhoto
1991-08-01V5-SPFNamib AirOld, large flag, 747SP titles in aftEtoshaSeenFRAPhoto
1991-10-15 Air Namibia  Other New airline name
1991-10-27V5-SPFNamib Air  SeenLHRPhoto
1992-04-18V5-SPFAir Namibia EtoshaSeenFRAPhoto
1992-05-28V5-SPFAir Namibia EtoshaSeenFRAPhoto
1992-07-30V5-SPFAir Namibia EtoshaSeenJNBPhoto
1992-08-01V5-SPFAir NamibiaOld, large flag, 747SP titles in aftEtoshaSeenLHRPhoto
1994-06-16V5-SPFAir Namibia EtoshaSeenLHRPhoto
1994-09-03V5-SPFAir Namibia EtoshaSeenLHRPhoto
1995-10-29V5-SPFAir Namibia  OtherJNBIn SAA hangars for service. Air Namibia leased ZS-SPC during service. (1 flight)
1997-05-24V5-SPFAir Namibia EtoshaSeenLHRPhoto
1998-02-01V5-SPFAir NamibiaOld, large flag, 747SP titles in nose, white enginesEtoshaSeenJNBPhoto
1998-04-02V5-SPFAir Namibia  Returned Air Namibia received their new B767 on 1998-03-27
1998-04-07V5-SPFAir NamibiaOld, large flag, 747SP titles in nose, white enginesEtoshaSeenJNBParked in SAA maintenance area
1998-04-09V5-SPFAir Namibia EtoshaRolled InJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into: all white, small South Africa flag.
1998-04-12V5-SPFAir Namibia EtoshaSeenJNBInside hangar being prepared for paintjob
1998-04-30ZS-SPF   Reg Changed  
1998-05-09ZS-SPFL.A.M. - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique  Leased Wet-leased from SAA to be used on Maputo-Lisbon route once weekly.
1998-05-09ZS-SPFNo TitlesAll white, small South Africa flag Seen  
1998-10-05ZS-SPFNo TitlesAll white IncidentMPMEngine failure after takeoff.
Report and photos
1998-10-08ZS-SPFL.A.M. - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique  RetiredMPMPlane under insured, not repaired.
2000-02-01ZS-SPFL.A.M. - Linhas Aereas de Mocambique  ScrappedMPMThe demolition work was carried out by Universal Recycling.
2000-08-21    StatusMPMNo signs of any parts left



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