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20999 / 278 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1973-10-10 Iran Air  Other Firm order placed on aircraft
1976-04-22    First Flight  
1976-05-10EP-IABIran AirOriginalFarsDelivered  
1976-06-18EP-IABIran AirOriginal, logo on nose SeenLHRPhoto
1976-07-01EP-IABIran AirOriginal, round logo in nose. No name SeenFRAPhoto
1977-06-01EP-IABIran AirOriginalKurdistanSeen Photo
1978-10-01EP-IABIran AirOriginalKurdistanSeenLHRPhoto
1979-06-08EP-IABIran AirOriginalKurdistanSeenLHRPhoto
1979-07-01EP-IABIran AirOriginalKurdistanSeenFRAPhoto
1979-08-01EP-IABIran AirOriginal SeenJFKPhoto
1980-11-01EP-IABIran AirOriginalKurdistanSeenFRAPhoto
1981-01-01EP-IABIran AirOriginal, large "Allah" logoKurdistanSeenORYPhoto
1985-08-31EP-IABIran AirOld, metal engines, name in frontKurdistanSeenFRA 
1986-07-29EP-IABIran AirOld, metal engines with P&W logo. Name in frontKurdistanSeenFRAPhoto
1987-10-02EP-IABIran AirOld, metal engines with P&W logo. Name in frontKurdistanSeenFRAPhoto
1989-10-24EP-IABIran AirOld, metal engines. Name in front SeenLHRPhoto
1990-10-06EP-IABIran AirOld, metal engines with P&W logo. Name in frontKhorasanSeenFRAPhoto
1991-08-01EP-IABIran AirOld, grey engines. name below aft cockpit windows.KhorasanSeenFRAPhoto
1992-05-01EP-IABIran AirOld, grey engines. name below aft cockpit windows.KhorasanSeenORYPhoto
1997-02-01EP-IABIran AirOldKhorasanSeenLHR 
1999-01-01EP-IABIran AirNewKhorasanSeenCPHPhoto
2002-05-01EP-IABIran AirNewKhorasanSeenMUCPhoto
2003-06-20EP-IABIran AirNewKhorasanSeenORYPhoto
2004-07-29EP-IABIran AirNewKhorasanSeenPEKPhoto
2004-09-05EP-IABIran Air  FlightCGNFlew a unique approximately one hour sightseeing trip for a group of aviation enthusiasts.
2005-03-15EP-IABIran Air  SeenTHR 
2005-05-02EP-IABIran Air  SeenTHRParked in Iran Air maintenance area, currently awaiting a D-check.
2006-12-19EP-IABIran Air KhorasanSeenTHREP-IAB returned to service after long awaited maintenance.
2007-02-24EP-IABIran Air  SeenVIEOperating IR716/717 THR-VIE-THR
2007-02-24EP-IABIran Air  SeenVIE 
2007-05-18EP-IABIran Air KhorasanOther First transatlantic flight for this aircraft since the event of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 on the newly opened THR-DAM-CCS route. 57777 hours on airframe upon landing.
2007-08-07EP-IABIran Air  SeenHAMoperating HAM-THR
2007-09-20EP-IABIran Air  SeenARN 
2007-09-23EP-IABIran Air  SeenJFKlanded at JFK at 16:20 on rwy 31R
2008-02-16EP-IABIran Air  SeenARNLanded at 13:39 CET on rwy 26.
2009-04-11EP-IABIran Air  SeenVIEOperated flight IR717/716 THR-VIE-THR
2009-04-11EP-IABIran Air  SeenVIEOperating IR717 / 716 THR-VIE-THR.
2010-01-03EP-IABIran Air  SeenIKAStill is flying on Iran Air east asia routes with a tight schedule! IKA-ICN-NRT After one engine failure in 2009, it is back to service.
2010-04-25EP-IABIran AirNewNo nameSeenCGNPhoto
2010-06-28EP-IABIran Air  SeenGOTOperated IR766/767 IKA-GOT-IKA
2010-07-06EP-IABIran Air  Other Banned from EU.
2010-08-12EP-IABIran AirNew, Homa engines SeenIKAOperated IR840 IKA-KUL
Filmed for Flightdeck Action by Tommy Mogren.
2010-08-13EP-IABIran AirNew, Homa engines SeenKULOperated IR841 KUL-IKA
Filmed for Flightdeck Action by Tommy Mogren
2010-08-26EP-IABIran AirNew, Homa enginesNo nameSeenNRTPhoto
2010-09-10EP-IABIran AirNew, Homa engines SeenBOMOperated IR 811 from BOM to IKA
2011-01-08EP-IABIran Air  SeenBKKoperated IRA809 VTBS-OIIE takeoff rwy 01L 21:27 local time touchdown rwy 29R 01:24 2011-01-09 local time
2012-09-19EP-IABIran Air  Other USA issued sanctions on EP-IAB.
2013-06-03EP-IABIran Air  StoredTHRParked in maintenance area without engines.
2018-02-27EP-IABIran AirAll white SeenTHRPainted all white and towed to Yashi ramp at THR. (Scrapyard)
2018-03-01EP-IABIran Air  RetiredTHRParked
2018-06-01EP-IABNo TitlesAll white SeenTHRParked
2018-07-13EP-IABNo TitlesAll white SeenTHRParked
2018-12-27EP-IABNo TitlesAll white SeenTHRParked
2020-09-20EP-IABIran Air  For Sale For sale by Iran Air



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