747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 22503
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1981-06-04HZ-AIFFirst Flight
1990-01-01HZ-AIFSaudiaMetal bellySeen
1994-09-01HZ-AIFSaudiaGrey bellySeen
1998-03-16HZ-AIFSaudiaGrey bellySeenNRT
2002-08-17HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianNew Saudi colorsSeenZRHPhoto
2005-01-13HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianNewSeenGVAPhoto
2005-02-08HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianNewSeenCDG Royal Flight
2005-03-13HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenMSPHere at MSP to deliver a high-ranking official of the Government for treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota
2005-03-29HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenIADRefuelling stop. On the ground less than 2 hours.
2005-04-29HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianNew c/sSeenSTR
2005-07-25HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenGVAOperated VIP flight SV 7820 Jeddah-Riyadh-Geneva-Jeddah. Landed at Geneva at 20:40 local time then left one hour later on a ferry flight.
2005-08-08HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenYULA visit to Montreal by Saudi Royal Family. Aircraft stayed only 3 hours on the ground. Arrived from Stansted and departed to Paris.
2005-08-26HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2005-08-28HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDGArrived on 26 and departed today, SV7531 to EWR and Cancun.
2005-09-04HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenIADArrived at 05:30z on Sept 4 2005 and scheduled for departure to EWR at 00:01z on Sept 5 2005.
2005-09-04HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenIADParked on the 19R runup area.
2005-09-14HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenLISArrived at 9:45 AM to take a Saudi Arabian Prince that ended a 7 day official visit. Departed at 12:00 LT destination Paris.
2005-10-01HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenBWISitting on cargo ramp.
2005-10-16HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenIADSitting on Cargo 6 ramp this morning.
2005-10-26HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenGVAOperated a VIP flight Riyadh-Jeddah-Geneva-Riyadh. Landed at 11:15 AM and left 45 minutes later
2005-11-10HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDGArrived and departed the same day
2005-11-14HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenGVAFlight SV 7364 from and to Jeddah. Landed at approximately 06:45 PM and departed one hour later
2005-12-19HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenHKGVIP Flight for WTO minsters
2006-05-18HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianOtherNASPositioned from Nassau to Guantanamo (NAS-NBW) to pick up detainees as SVA7026.
Duration: 12 minutes.
2006-06-08HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenSEASpotted at South Sat in the morning.
2006-07-10HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenSEAOn-approach to SEA at approx 1315 PDT. Arrived from EWR. Departed to LAX around 7hrs later.
2006-07-20HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenBNEArrived from Jakarta at 1915 local time and departed back to Jakarta about an hour later.
2006-07-28HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDGSTN-CDG-LHR today
2006-08-06HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenSEAArrived at SeaTac at 7PM. Landing was on runway 16L. Nice to see an SP.
2006-12-20HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenSZBAircraft undergoing heavy maintenance at Subang Int Airport in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Been here since Oct,2006.
2007-05-05HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenSEASeattle (SEA)-Bangor(KBGR)-Riyadh (OERY)
2007-05-18HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2007-06-03HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2007-07-08HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenMUCTogether with A4O-SO at MUC! Arrived from Jeddah at 10h45 local time and departed back to Jeddah about two hours later.
2007-07-15HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianOtherDUSFlew JED-DUS-LAX
2007-08-02HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenMUCRouting: JED-MUC-CDG
2007-08-30HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2007-09-02HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2008-07-20HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenSYD
2008-07-25HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2008-07-28HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenVIEArrived from JED and departed to NAS
2008-08-07HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenSZGLanded in the afternoon on Rwy 34, stayed a few hours.
2008-11-23HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenSNNSeen at Shannon airport Ireland 20:30 hrs local time
2008-12-15HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenMIASeen parked at J overflow
2009-01-31HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDGJED-CDG-LAX
2009-02-10HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenLHRLanded on 27R at about 1615 on 10 Feb.
2009-02-28HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenRSTI saw this airplane today at 2:00 PM at the Rochester, MN International Airport. It said HZ-AIF. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/SVA7836
2009-02-28HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2009-04-08HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenLHRSeen on finals rwy 27L at London Heathrow around 2.30 PM
2009-07-21HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenMCO
2009-07-22HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenFAOOn the ground for aprx. 3hrs.
2009-07-24HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCLEParked near the de-ice facility. Observed at 9:00 pm eastern.
2009-07-24HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCLEHZ-AIF arrived in Cleveland at 1852 EST as flight SVA7792, routing from New York/JFK. Once in Cleveland, it parked on the de-icing pad and was fueled, catered, and loaded with cargo. It departed again under the same flight number at 2105 local headed for Paris (CDG/LFPG).
2009-07-24HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCLEInbound to KCLE (Cleveland Hopkins Airport) as SVA7792, Private VIP Charter. Landed on Runway 24L at 6:40 p.m. EDT, after passenger pickup and fueling departed for Paris as SVA7792 at 9:15 p.m. EDT headed for LFPG (Charles De Gaulle) Airport.
2009-08-22HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenLHR
2009-08-23HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCDG
2009-11-06HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenLHRArrived on 27L around 13.30
2009-12-11HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenEWR
2010-01-10HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenGVA
2010-06-25HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenNCEParked at terminal 1 before departure at 14h10
2010-08-07HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenGVA
2010-11-10HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenCGN
2010-12-24HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianGod Bless YouSeenCUNPhoto
2011-04-06HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenPSALanded at 22:34 CET and departed 00:27
2012-05-04HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenVIEArrived as SVA7139 from RUH on Rwy 16.
Parking at A96. Departured to JED with same callsign.
2012-05-10HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenVIEArrived as SVA7142 from OEJN / JED. Parked on Stand A96. Departure as SVA7142 to OERK / RUH.
2012-09-08HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenLBGTake-off to JED
2012-11-25HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenVIEInbound from Riyadh (RUH) as SVA7111.
2013-03-09HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianGod Bless YouSeenDXBPhoto
2014-03-31HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenJEDStored
2014-06-03HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenJEDParked
2014-10-19HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenJEDParked
2014-10-22HZ-AIFSaudi ArabianSeenJEDStill stored on storage/long term parking apron 11 at JED. Complete and in full Saudi Arabian Airlines livery with titles but very dusty. Has been in the same location for at least a year now.


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