747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 22484
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1980-01-30HL7457Korean Air LinesFirst Flight
1981-03-18HL7457Korean Air LinesDelivered
1983-07-01HL7457Korean Air LinesSeenZRHPhoto
1983-09-01HL7457Korean Air LinesSeenLAXPhoto
1984-04-01HL7457Korean Air LinesSeenLAXPhoto
1984-06-20HL7457Korean AirOtherNew airline name
1987-07-03HL7457Korean AirSeenJFKPhoto
1989-06-07HL7457Korean AirSeenANCPhoto
1991-09-01HL7457Korean AirNewSeen
1994-05-01HL7457Korean AirNew, "Visit Korea '94"Seen
1994-07-01HL7457Korean AirVisit Korea 94FlightNRTFlight SEL-NRT
1996-05-01HL7457Korean AirNew, "DREAM FOR ALL World Cup Korea 2002"Seen
1996-06-06HL7457KoreanDREAM FOR ALL World Cup Korea 2002SeenKIXSee video from KIX
1996-12-24HL7457Korean AirNew, DREAM FOR ALL, World Cup Korea 2002 titlesSeenHKG
1997-04-01HL7457Korean AirDREAM FOR ALL World Cup Korea 2002SeenHKGPhoto
1997-09-27HL7457Korean AirDREAM FOR ALL World Cup Korea 2002SeenHKGPhoto
1998-10-01Boeing Aircraft Holding CompanyBoughtThis was part of the payment for their new B747-400 and B777 aircraft.
1998-10-14N708BABoeing Aircraft Holding CompanyReg Changed
1998-10-15N708BANo titlesEx Korean c/sSeenMZJPut into storage
1999-04-18N708BANo Titlesex Korean c/sSeenMZJPhoto
2001-07-21N708BAWings World WideOtherDonated by Boeing to be a flying hospital.
2002-09-18N708BANo Titlesex Korean c/sSeenMZJPhoto
2004-09-02N708BAFor SaleListed as "for sale" on www.flytia.com
2004-10-13N708BATransatlantic Intl. AirlinesBought
2004-11-08Transatlantic Intl. AirlinesFor LeaseListed for "lease" with 66576 hours, 9487 cycles
2006-04-19N708BASeenMZJRow facing southwestern taxiway, middle area
2008-01-08N708BAPratt & WhitneyRegistered on Pratt & Whitney
2008-05-07N708BAPratt & WhitneyNew C/SSeenMZJPratt & Whitney Logo on Tail.
2008-05-10N708BASeenMZJSeen in heavy maintenance check.
2008-07-09N708BAFerriedCNWFerried to KCNW (Waco) from KMZJ.
2009-11-13N708BANo TitlesLogo on tail, Blue chtSeenCNW
2010-01-04N708BANo TitlesLogo on tail, Blue chtSeenMZJ
2010-06-21N708BAPratt & WhitneySeenMZJSeen flight testing
2010-06-25N708BAPratt & WhitneyFull c/sSeenIWAPhoto
2010-12-10N708BAReg Cancelled
2010-12-17C-GTFFPratt & WhitneyReg ChangedExperimental Aircraft
2012-03-27C-GTFFPratt & WhitneySeenYMXTest engine on side
2012-06-25C-GTFFPratt & WhitneySeenTUSLanded at KTUS, taxied to FBO and stayed less the one hour.
2012-07-23C-GTFFPratt & WhitneySeenMZJSeen in Marana AZ under going heavy check.
2014-12-01C-GTFFPratt & WhitneyFlightYMXTook off from YMX and climbed to 15 000 feet heading west.
2015-03-27C-GTFF Pratt & Whitney CanadaSeenVCVSmall break in clouds, heard 747SP and also confirmed on Plane Finder app. PWC744 En route from Montreal to Victorville.
2015-06-14C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaReturnedYMXReturning from Mojave airport after maintenance.
2016-02-01C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaFlightYMXTest flight YMX-YMX
2016-10-17C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaSeenPMD747SP users meeting together with NASA / SOFIA 747SP N747NA
2018-01-15C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaSeenYMXLanding
2018-03-20C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaFlightYMXPerformed flight
2018-09-19C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaSeenYMXVideo
2019-06-21C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaFlightYMXPerformed flight
2019-06-26C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaFlightYMXPerformed flight
2019-08-14C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaFlightYMXPerformed flight
2019-11-08C-FGTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaSeenYMXPhoto
2020-03-09C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaFlightMZJFlight YMX-MZJ
2020-04-22C-GTFFPratt & Whitney CanadaFlightYMXFlight MZJ-YMX


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