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747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1977-04-25N536PAPan Am  First Flight  
1977-05-06N536PAPan Am  Delivered  
1977-05-20N536PAPan Am Clipper LindberghOther Christened "Clipper Lindbergh" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh on the 50th year anniversary of Charles A Lindbergh''s solo flight across the Atlantic.
1977-08-14N536PAPan Am Clipper LindberghSeenJFKOperating Clipper 101 from LHR
1977-11-25N536PAPan Am Clipper LindberghSeenHKGPhoto
1980-05-25N536PAPan Am Clipper LindberghSeenJFKPhoto
1981-04-01N536PAPan AmOld small titlesClipper LindberghSeenSYDPhoto
1985-01-11N536PAPan Am  IncidentFAICrew diverted to Fairbanks due to aft cargo compartment fire warning light. No fire occurred, false indication.
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1985-04-28N536PAPan Am Clipper LindberghSeenLHRPhoto
1986-02-13N536PAUnited  Bought  
1986-02-13N536PAUnitedPan Am cheatline SeenMEL 
1986-11-01N145UAUnited  Reg Changed  
1987-05-01N536PAUnitedex Pan Am cht. United tail logo SeenSFOPhoto
1989-01-20N145UAUnitedOld, small titles SeenLAXPhoto
1989-04-10N145UAUnitedOld, small titles SeenLAXPhoto
1989-11-01N145UAUnitedOld, small titles SeenSFOPhoto
1990-07-01N145UAUnitedOld, small titles SeenSFO 
1990-10-01N145UAUnitedOld, large titles Seen Photo
1993-04-21N145UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenLAXPhoto
1993-07-01N145UAUnitedNew colours Seen The only United 747SP to be painted in this livery.
1994-04-01N145UAUnitedNew colours SeenSFOPhoto
1994-09-08N145UAUnitedNew colours SeenLHRPhoto
1994-10-19N145UAUnited  SeenSFOFlew UA 59 IAD-SFO after having flown SFO-ORD-IAD earlier in the day, substituting for an out-of-service 747-100. It was supposed to be retired after this flight but flew the same routing one last time the next day (10/20/1994)
1995-05-01N145UANo Titlesex United SeenLASPhoto
1995-11-01N145UA   RetiredLAS 
1995-11-12N145UANo TitlesNo titles, no logos SeenLASWFU, stored
1995-12-01N145UANo TitlesNo titles, no logos SeenLASWFU, stored
1996-09-14N145UANo Titlesex United SeenLASPhoto
1997-02-17N145UANo TitlesNew United blue/grey livery, no titles/logos FerriedSFOLAS-SFO
Ferry #9497, departed LAS at 10:38am and arrived SFO 12:46pm
1997-02-20N145UANo TitlesNew United blue/grey livery, no titles/logos OtherSFOMaintenance
1997-02-20N145UANASASOFIA OtherSFONew titles... Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
1997-04-30N145UAUniversities Space Research Association (USRA)  Bought  
1997-09-01N145UASOFIAex United. NASA DARA titles on tail SeenSFOPhoto
1997-10-27N145UANASA  Bought Formally bought by NASA.
1997-11-19N145UANASA  Status New airworthiness certificate is issued by the FAA. Aircraft is classified as EXPERIMENTAL.
1999-05-01N145UANASA  OtherACTPlane enters hangar in Waco for paint strip and maintenance.
2003-06-01N145UANASA  OtherACTTelescope fitted into aircraft.
2004-04-25N145UANASA  OtherACTAircraft passes "Cabin Proof Pressure Test" in which cabin is pressurized to 12.5 PSI.
2004-12-02N145UANASA  OtherACTEngine installation completed in preparation for first flight.
2004-12-17N747NANASA  Other New N number reserved, pending return to service.
2005-02-10N747NA   Other Aircraft jacked off of floor in hangar, and landing gear retracted as part of hydraulic test.
2005-04-01N747NASOFIA  Roll OutACTRolled out of hangar with new tail logo applied.
2006-08-19N747NASOFIA  OtherACTFull power engine runs.
2006-09-25N747NASOFIANew SOFIA/NASA Livery Roll OutACTRolled out with new paint in small ceremony
2007-04-26N747NASOFIA  FlightACTSOFIA First Flight after heavy modifications and almost 10 years on ground
News story
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2007-05-21N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghOtherEDWAircraft named in a ceremony by Eric Lindbergh.
2007-05-31N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFerriedEDWFerried ACT-EDW
It will undergo installation of systems and flight testing for the next three years.
2007-10-11N747NASOFIA  FlightEDWPerforming flight Performance test flights
2007-11-16N747NASOFIA  Flight Performed 5 successful test flights
2007-12-19N747NASOFIA  Flight Functional checkout of in-flight actuation and functional checkout of the telescope assembly
2008-01-14N747NASOFIA  SeenNUQLanded at 12:22 escorted by an F18. Both planes flew in from EDW.
2008-01-15N747NASOFIA  SeenPMDArrival at its new base of operations
2008-01-17N747NASOFIA  SeenPMDPhoto
2008-03-10N747NASOFIA  SeenPMDCollected baseline operational measurements during several nights of characterization testing. The primary celestial target was Polaris, the North Star.
2008-04-18N747NASOFIA  SeenPMDPrimary mirror removed in preparation for the final finish coating of the mirror.
2008-10-08N747NASOFIA  SeenPMDPrimary mirror returned into aircraft.
2008-11-12N747NASOFIA  SeenPMDNighttime line operations testing.
2009-04-09N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeenPMDDisplay at the dedication ceremony of the Dryden Aircraft Operation Facility, which is the hangar that is its new home at the Palmdale Airport.
2009-12-17N747NASOFIA  SeenPMDSeen landing, accompanied by chase plane.
2009-12-18N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlight First 100% open door flight.
2009-12-18N747NASOFIA  SeenPMDLanded at KPMD, accompanied by chase plane.
2010-03-16N747NASOFIA  SeenPMDLanded at Palmdale airport, accompanied by chase plane
2010-03-29N747NASOFIA  Other Exploring the Hidden Universe.
2010-05-25N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeen First Light Flight
2010-07-08N747NASOFIA  SeenEDWWorking NASA Flight Control room for latest envelope expansion flight #35.
2011-06-23N747NASOFIA  Flight Flew more than 1,800 miles out over the Pacific Ocean to position itself in the exact location where Pluto's shadow fell on Earth
2011-09-16N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeenCGNFirst transatlantic deployment of SOFIA. The plane was on display and available for tours on German Aerospace Day in Cologne as well as at Stuttgart Airport (EDDS) the following days.
2011-09-17N747NASOFIA  SeenCGNPhoto
2011-09-19N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightSTRFlew CGN-STR
2011-09-20N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeenSTR 
2011-09-20N747NASOFIA  SeenSTRPhoto
2011-09-21N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeenSTRFlew STR-ADW. Returning after Germany visit.
2011-09-21N747NASOFIA  SeenSTRPhoto
2011-09-21N747NASOFIA  SeenADWShowcased for the public
2011-09-23N747NASOFIA  FlightPMDDeparted ADW at 15:15. The flight to Palmdale concludes SOFIA's first international deployment.
2011-11-09N747NASOFIA  FlightPMDAll night expedition at 35 000 Feet to observe the red supergiant star Betelgeuse.
2012-05-14N747NASOFIA  Other Featured in video Destination Innovation
2013-07-19N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeenCHCSOFIA in New Zealand for 2 weeks. Stopped in Auckland on the 17th for a tech stop. Departs the 1st August.
2014-06-28N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeenHAMArrived at 08.44LT, after a low-pass, from Palmdale, CA, USA for a 4 month Heavy Maintenance visit at Lufthansa Technik Hamburg.
2014-06-28N747NASOFIA  SeenHAMArrived in Hamburg, Germany for heavy maintenance, carried out by Lufthansa. Secondary mirror mechanism was removed prior to the ferry flight. Performed a low fly by before landing.
2014-11-25N747NANASA  Roll OutHAMRolled out of hangar for engine runs.
2014-12-13N747NASOFIA  FlightHAMPerformed a check flight efter the completed D-check.
2014-12-14N747NASOFIA  FlightHAM-EDWDeparted after lunch and headed for EDW.
2015-09-28N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeenPMDFlew SOFIA mission #243, Palmdale to Palmdale via turning points over the Pacific Ocean and north of Yellowknife Canada, taking off at 21:54 local time on 28th September and landing back 07:19 the following morning, airborne time 9 hours 25 minutes. Purpose of flight was to test the FLITECAM near-infrared camera. During D-check in HAM air conditioning system and cabin walls were completely replaced.
2016-03-23N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeen Just came over Penn Valley ca.
2016-10-17N747NASOFIA  SeenPMD747SP users meeting together with Pratt & Whitney Canada 747SP C-GTFF
2017-11-20N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeenHAMArrived for C-check at Lufthansa Technik
2018-03-03N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghSeenHAMTaxi tests
2018-05-11N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHAMPerformed a testflight.
2018-05-15N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHAMPerformed a testflight with touch-n-go at HAJ
2018-05-17N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHAMPerformed a testflight with touch-n-go at HAJ
2018-05-18N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDFlight back to PMD after maintenance in HAM.
2018-05-31N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHNLFlight PMD-HNL
2018-06-01N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCHCFlight HNL-CHC
2018-07-20N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHNLFlight CHC-HNL. Returning after New Zealand mission
2018-07-20N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDFlight HNL-PMD
2018-08-16N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDDeparted for SUU, diverted and returned to PMD.
2019-05-29N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHNLFlight PMD-HNL. Left for New Zealand mission
2019-05-31N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCHCFlight HNL-CHC
2019-07-28N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHNLFlight CHC-HNL
2019-07-29N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDFlight HNL-PMD
2019-09-15N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightSTRFlight PMD-STR
2019-09-18N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightSTRFirst European scientific mission. 10 hour flight.
2019-09-20N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightMSPFlight STR-MSP. Short stop for refuelling and clearing customs.
2019-09-20N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDFlight MSP-PMD. Returned to PMD after European mission.
2020-09-30N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHAMFlight PMD-HAM for maintenance
2021-01-31N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHAMTest flight after maintenance. 6H37min flight HAM-HAM
2021-02-01N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHAMTest flight after maintenance. 1H26min HAM-HAM
2021-02-04N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlight HAM-CGN
2021-02-09N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HEIDI. Flight #1
First mission flight out of CGN of this European mission. OC8H
2021-02-10N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HELGA. Flight #2
2021-02-11N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HAMISH. Flight #3
2021-02-12N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HORATIO. Flight #4
2021-02-17N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HAGAR. Flight #5
2021-02-18N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HAMLET. Flight #6
2021-02-19N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HOGAN. Flight #7.
SOFIA completed her 700th flight!
2021-02-23N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HAZEL. Flight #8
2021-02-24N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HONORING_ABE. Flight #9
2021-02-25N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HELEN. Flight #10
2021-03-01N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHAMFlight CGN-HAM for maintenance.
2021-03-04N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlight HAM-CGN
2021-03-04N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HODOR. Flight #12
2021-03-05N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HANNAH. Flight #18
2021-03-09N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HAMLET
2021-03-10N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HOWARD. Flight #11
2021-03-11N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HILLARY
2021-03-12N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCGNFlightplan: HARRIET
2021-03-16N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDFlight CGN-PMD. Returning home after European mission 2021.
2021-07-19N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPPTFlight PMD-PPT
2021-08-19N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDReturn flight PPT-PMD after one months mission.
2021-11-01N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDFlight to SMF for touch and go's
2022-01-06N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDFirst mission of 2022
2022-02-15N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDFlight to FAT for touch and go, then a few approaches at PMD.
2022-06-17N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHNLFlight PMD-HNL
2022-06-18N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCHCFlight HNL-CHC
2022-07-18N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghIncidentCHCDamaged by stair during storm on ground
Read Incident Report
2022-08-07N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightCHCPerformed a testflight in preparation for the ferry back to PMD.
2022-08-11N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightHNLFlight CHC-HNL
2022-08-11N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDAfter refuelling, Flight HNL-PMD
2022-11-29N747NASOFIA Clipper LindberghFlightPMDFlight to RIV for some circuits for proficiency purposes.


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