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21758 / 371 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1978-06-01      Order placed
1979-04-02    Roll Out  
1979-04-26N1800BBoeing  First Flight  
1979-07-12EP-IADIran Air  DeliveredFRA 
1979-07-12EP-IADNo TitlesAll white SeenFRAPhoto
1980-02-01EP-IADIran AirAll white, metal belly, small titles SeenORYPhoto
1983-09-01EP-IADIran AirOriginal, post revolution SeenATHPhoto
1983-09-02EP-IADIran AirOriginal, post revolution SeenGVAPhoto
1985-05-01EP-IADIran AirOld SeenCDGPhoto
1992-10-01EP-IADIran AirOld with new titles SeenORYPhoto
1993-07-02EP-IADIran AirOld SeenFRAPhoto
1994-04-01EP-IADIran AirNew livery SeenLHRPhoto
1994-12-01EP-IADIran AirNew livery SeenORYPhoto
2004-07-29EP-IADIran AirNew livery SeenCGN 
2005-03-08EP-IADIran Air  Status Total hours: 48.577 according to logbook.
2005-03-12EP-IADIran Air  SeenCCSEscorted by fighters from Venezuelan airspace to final for CCS. Aircraft carrying Iran''s president Mohammad Khatami for a state visit.
2005-04-05EP-IADIran Air  SeenGOT 
2005-05-05EP-IADIran Air  SeenLHROperated flight IR711 THR-LHR.
Filmed by Tommy Mogren for a World Air Routes DVD.
2005-06-21EP-IADIran Air  SeenHAM 
2005-07-12EP-IADIran Air  SeenHAM 
2005-09-01EP-IADIran Air  SeenPEK 
2005-09-10EP-IADIran Air  SeenARN 
2006-01-09EP-IADIran Air  SeenICNSeen taxiing.
2006-03-27EP-IADIran Air  SeenNRTScheduled flight from Teheran (one-stop).
2006-04-07EP-IADIran Air  SeenHAMComing in late (appr. 3h) during a beautiful sunset, good to see this bird back again in Hamburg.
2006-11-14EP-IADIran Air  OtherTHRReported to be in C-Check.
2007-03-05EP-IADIran Air  SeenNRTService as IR800/801
2007-03-09EP-IADIran Air  Seen EP-IAD was seen at cruise level vertical to Portela Airport in Lisbon (LIS/LPPT) at 1330 GMT LT heading Southwest.
2007-03-09EP-IADIran Air  SeenCCS09-10 march
2007-09-23EP-IADIran Air  SeenJFKIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in New York for the U.N summit.
2008-06-01EP-IADIran Air  SeenCGN 
2008-06-07EP-IADIran Air  SeenARNPhoto
2008-08-09EP-IADIran Air  SeenAMSArriving early morning as IR765 and departed at 15.30 as IR764 to Tehran
2009-05-21EP-IADIran Air  SeenNRTI flew this 747SP from NRT-PEK on IR801. Crews said only 2 SP are active now in Iran Air fleet.
2009-06-30EP-IADIran Air  SeenLHRPhoto
2009-07-09EP-IADIran Air  SeenPEKPhoto
2009-10-12EP-IADIran Air  SeenNRTPhoto
2010-01-10EP-IADIran Air  SeenCGNarrived as scheduled passenger service - two different 747SP ships in one week at Cologne/Bonn Germany - wow, not bad
2010-01-19EP-IADIran Air  SeenBOM 
2010-06-17EP-IADIran Air  SeenHAM 
2010-07-17EP-IADIran Air  IncidentKULDuring KUL-IKA flight EP-IAD reported engine problem. Landed safely about 90 minutes after departure. Engine number 2 had been stalled and grounded Kualalampur airport.
2010-09-11EP-IADIran Air  SeenKULPhoto
2010-10-08EP-IADIran Air  SeenTHREngine change on #3 & #2 engine.
2012-03-05EP-IADIran Air  SeenISTOperating IR718 IST to IKA.
Filmed for Flightdeck Action by Tommy Mogren
2012-06-15EP-IADIran Air  SeenIKAPhoto
2012-07-12EP-IADIran Air  SeenPEKParked on the ramp at Beijing Capital Airport, China.
2012-09-19EP-IADIran Air  Other USA issued sanctions on EP-IAD.
2012-09-22EP-IADIran Air  SeenJFKArrived 23:20 local for the UN summit 2012
2012-09-22EP-IADIran Air  SeenLPAPhoto
2013-05-08EP-IADIran Air  SeenTHRStored without engines. Wheels covered.
2013-06-03EP-IADIran Air  ParkedTHRParked in maintenance area without engines.
2014-09-03EP-IADIran Air  SeenTHRParked
2018-02-27EP-IADIran Air  SeenTHRBreaks removed from aircraft
2018-02-27EP-IADIran AirAll white SeenTHRPainted all white before being towed to Yashi ramp
2018-03-01EP-IADIran Air  RetiredTHR 
2018-06-01EP-IADNo TitlesAll white SeenTHRParked
2018-07-13EP-IADNo TitlesAll white SeenTHRParked
2018-12-27EP-IADNo TitlesAll white SeenTHRParked
2020-09-20EP-IADIran Air  For Sale For sale by Iran Air


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