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21933 / 455 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1980-06-06B-2444CAAC  First Flight  
1980-06-26B-2444CAAC  Delivered  
1981-10-26B-2444CAAC  SeenCDGPhoto
1982-08-15B-2444CAAC  SeenLGWPhoto
1983-04-03B-2444CAAC  SeenFRAPhoto
1985-06-24B-2444CAAC  SeenFRAPhoto
1987-09-01B-2444CAAC  SeenSFOPhoto
1988-07-01 Air China  Other Transferred to Air China
1989-06-12B-2444CAAC  SeenYYZPhoto
1990-10-01B-2444Air ChinaSmall tail logo SeenSFOPhoto
1992-06-03B-2438Air China  Reg Changed Registration changed because the last three digits (444) of the old registration was considered unlucky - In Chinese, the pronunciation of "4" is nearly identical to the prounciation of "death".
1995-11-01B-2438Air ChinaSmall tail logo SeenPEKPhoto
1995-12-11B-2438Air ChinaSmall tail logo SeenPEKPhoto
1997-09-01B-2438Air ChinaLarge tail logo Seen Photo
1999-12-03N136SWUT Finance Corp.  Reg Changed  
1999-12-30 UT Finance Corp.  Bought  
2000-01-04N136SWUT Finance Corp.  SeenVCVNo registration visible
2000-04-03    For Sale Listed as for sale by Boeing.
2000-07-05N136SWNo Titlesex Air China SeenVCVStored.
2001-06-07N136SW   FerriedPBG 
2005-01-21N136SWPratt & WhitneyCAAC cheat line StatusPBGIn the main hangar at Plattsburgh Flight Test, in the process of being parted out. Engines and two pylons are removed, interior gone, vertical stabilizer gone. Will be scrapped eventually.

Final hours: 52889.6
Final cycles: 13528
2006-07-29N136SW   SeenPBGLanding gear soon to be removed. Final scrapping should be complete in a week or two.
2006-08-04N136SW   SeenPBGPhoto
2006-08-14N136SW   SeenPBGPhoto
2006-09-08N136SW   ScrappedPBGFinal scrapping.
2018-01-11N136SW   Reg Cancelled  


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