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21961 / 415 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1979-12-02N58201TWA  First Flight  
1980-03-21N58201TWA 17201Delivered  
1982-07-24N58201TWA  SeenATH 
1985-02-21A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  Bought  
1990-04-01A6-SMRUnited Arab EmiratesOld wide cheatline SeenFRA 
1993-07-30A6-SMRUnited Arab EmiratesNew Cheatline SeenGVA 
1993-08-19A6-SMRUnited Arab EmiratesNew cheatline SeenLHR 
2005-04-21A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenBREAfter repairs at HAM the aircraft flew to Bremen for a checkflight and did 3 approaches before turning right and leaving.
2005-06-11A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenMST 
2005-08-16A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBG 
2005-08-26A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBG 
2005-09-05A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenCLEParked on the old runway 18/36. Will be staying for a few days while visiting the Cleveland Clinic Hospital.
2005-09-11A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenCLEDeparted CLE at 11:37 as Dubai 002. Maintained runwayheading (237) until out of sight. His clearance was to LEX, Lexington Airport, KY.
2005-09-11A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLEXArrived on Sunday for the Keeneland Horse Sales. Currently parked next to the runway, and is likely to be here for the next few days while the Sheikhs are at the horse sales.
2005-09-14A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLEXDeparted aprox. 18:00 LT.
2005-11-14A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenGVALanded in the morning and left at noon.
2006-10-27A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenCFELanded at 16:15
2006-10-29A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenLBG 
2006-10-29A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenCFEDeparted at 13:53 after 48 hour layover
2007-01-24A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenGVA 
2007-05-01A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenHAM 
2007-05-15A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenATHLanded Rwy 03R at 16:45 LT
2007-05-16A6-SMRUnited Arab Emirates  SeenATHNightstopped on stand A33. Departed Rwy 03R 13:40 LT
2007-06-01A6-SMR   Bought Las Vegas Sands Group
OP name: Interface Operations, LLC
2007-06-12A6-SMR   SeenLASArrived at about 14:20 LT.
2007-06-21N992MS   Reg ChangedLASCertification Issued
2007-06-25N992MSNo TitlesUAE cht SeenLASPhoto
2007-06-28N992MSNo TitlesUAE cht SeenSBD 
2007-07-13N992MS   SeenSBDIn maintenance.
2007-08-08N992MSNo Titles  FerriedLASSBD-LAS
Dep SBD: 14:31 PDT
Arr LAS: 15:09 PDT
2007-08-14VP-BLK   Reg ChangedLASSeen wearing new registration.
2007-08-15N992MS   Other Registration Cancel Date
2007-08-21VP-BLKNo TitlesNew C/S SeenMZJFlying the pattern.
2007-08-21VP-BLKLas Vegas Sands Corporation  BoughtLASUsed as private transportation for the family of the owners and high-roller gamblers visiting their properties around the US and in Macau.
2007-08-28VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenMFMAppeared at MFM twice this week. Also a B767 in same livery. This writer guesses it might be something to do with the official opening of the Venetian Casino and complex today.
2007-08-30VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenTPEpush back from gate for departure at approx. 15:20PM local time.
2007-08-30VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLAXArrived approx 1930 met at Mercury FBO by 3 stretch limousines parked adjacent to Saudia 747SP HZ-AIF
2007-08-31VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLAXParked on the South side
2007-09-03VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLAX 
2007-09-08VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenOAKLanded runway 29. Seen upclose while taxiing on Taxiway Bravo to parking at North field.
2007-09-08VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASDeparted for SFO 7 p.m. local time. Then continued on to Incheon Korea on 9/9.
2007-10-15VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIADNoticed it parked on the aircraft holding apron behind Terminal C/D.
2007-10-16VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIADSeen at IAD - Parked on Foxtrot Taxiway (R gates)
2007-10-20VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASSeen landing RWY 25L, from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (TLV)
2007-10-26VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASBeen here most of the week at the private terminal close to the Strip.
2007-12-21VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenTLVParked at Ben-Gurion airport J12 for the last 2 days
2008-02-05VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenFAIDeparted FAI for HKG
2008-02-05VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenFAIDeparting 19R
2008-02-15VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenFAIWatched it take off this afternoon blowing a cloud of snow off the runway as it left. -16C overcast. Beautiful aircraft.
2008-02-15VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenFAIArrived Fairbanks, AK from Las Vegas, NV.
2008-04-07VP-BLKNo Titles  FerriedSBDBrought to SBD for MX.
2008-05-19VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIADParked in a holding area.
2008-05-21VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIADParked beyond the C midfield terminal at Dulles.
2008-07-31VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenBOSDeparted aprox. 09:40 local
2008-09-24VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIADArrived at 4:57 pm EST on runway 1C.
2008-09-24VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIADArrived at 4:57 pm EST on runway 1C.
2008-12-28VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIFPLanded & Parked
2008-12-29VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIFPArrived rwy 34 about 16:00 and parked at ramp
2009-01-01VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIFP 
2009-01-04VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIFPAircraft seen on ramp
2009-02-07VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenDMKIt appears this airplane has taken up residence at Don Muang(the old Bangkok airport) with stablemate L-1011 N388LS.It was first seen there during this last week.
2009-05-05VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASParked at private hanger along west side of airport.
2009-08-17VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIADParked on the Cargo ramp, N/W side of IAD.
2009-08-18VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIADParked at dulles cargo area
2009-10-23VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenRKTParked along with L1011 N388LS.
2009-11-11VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenSIN 
2009-12-03VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenDXBParked at Terminal Two side of Dubai Airport.
2009-12-04VP-BLKNo Titles  For SaleFLLSales Listing
26364 Hours
2010-01-09VP-BLKLas Vegas Sands Corp  For SaleDMKThis plane is for sale
Status: 26364 hours and 6275 Cycles
2010-02-15VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLAS 
2010-05-26VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenOSLPhotos
2010-06-01VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenNCEParked between terminals 1 and 2.
2010-06-06VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenBZVParked on ramp mid-day.
2010-07-21VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenFLLParked next to the FedEx ramp from 7-9 pm.
9 airstairs were on the aircraft with the main cabin door open and the tail was lit, as well as the navigational (red and green) wing lights.
2010-12-21VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenTPEAircraft enroute LAS-TPE
2011-02-01VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASParked at the Sands corp terminal on the g/a side of the airport.
2011-02-19VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASSeen at LAS parked just off from the main terminal.
2011-03-07VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASI saw it on the tarmac as my flight was touching down to the West.
2011-07-16VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenHKGSeen on ground at Chep Lap Kok international on Saturday 16th July from my arriving flight from Taipei.
2011-07-19VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenBFITakeoff
2011-07-26VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenANCSeen sitting at Romeo 3. Taxied and took off at approx 18:40 AKDT. Looks great.
2011-08-06VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenMZJScheduled maintenance.
2011-10-24VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenDURParked on ramp at Cargo Terminal
2011-10-31VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenSINseen on apron in an outside position, maintenance crew washed the aircraft.
2011-12-30VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenNGOPhoto
2011-12-31VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenNGO 
2012-01-01VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenIFPParked on ramp. TSA states "Owned by Sands in LV, parked at Bullhead City airport as less expensive than LAS"
2012-01-03VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASAround 09:30 on approach to LAS.
2012-03-22VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenSBD 
2012-04-09VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenSDBSeen on ramp at service facility. Engines rolling in the wind sounding like tin cans being dragged
2012-06-08VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenONTReceiving maintenance at old International site at ONT.
2012-06-09VP-BLKNo Titles 747SPSeenONTThis has been parked at ONT for several days. It is parked next to the international terminal.
2012-06-14VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenONTSeen at Ramp of old terminal
2012-06-20VP-BLKNo Titles  Other heard on hf radio sha5616 @14:56bst
2012-06-27VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASSeen in the company of her sister VQ-BMS at LAS.
2012-07-24VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenPDXPhoto
2012-07-25VP-BLKNo Titlesnone striped the paint OtherSBDgoing in for a over haul new paint and new interior 8 month check
2012-10-04VP-BLKNo TitlesWhite with Blue&Green Stripes SeenXMNSpotted today by plane spotter at Xiamen GaoQi Airport, China
2013-05-13VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenBOS 
2014-06-07VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenHKGPhoto
2014-06-10VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenFLLSitting near the air service centers near the SW airport corner. Service vehicle and cargo bay aft of the wing (not the tail cargo bay) hatch open with a conveyor belt vehicle.
2014-06-25VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenTPELanded
2014-06-27VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenTPEParked remotely on North East side of airport.
2014-09-12VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenYVRPicking up VIP at YVR. Parked at south hangar. Stayed for about 2 hours
2014-11-07VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenHNLArrived
2014-11-09VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenHNLDeparting today.
2014-11-21VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenTPE 
2015-04-30VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenNRTPhoto
2015-06-01VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenTLVPhoto
2015-06-24VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASLanded 11:55 Immaculate Condition.
2015-07-03VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASTook Off 25R at 10:30.
2015-11-07VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenMZJSeen during maintenance with engines removed.
2015-12-28VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLAXParked at Atlantic Aviation for a few days.
2015-12-28VP BLKNo Titles  SeenLAXTaking off at LAX. About 11 pm.
2016-01-03VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenFKBarrived 16:10LT after a short flight from LBG. Pax stayed very long onboard (still on board now 21:30LT)
2016-01-07VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenFKBParked
2016-01-15VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenATHLanded at 02:30L inbound from RUH and departed at 15:30L bound for LAS.
2016-01-23VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLAX 
2016-02-07VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenNUQParked at Moffatt Field, Mountain View, California on day of Super Bowl 50, February 7, 2016
2017-06-01VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenVCVDoing Touch & Go
2017-09-06VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightFCONoted routing over Belfast, Northern Ireland inbound Europe at 41,000 feet. Landed FCO at 12:00 local time.
2018-02-25VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASAircraft was parked. Appeared to do maintence on outboard port engine
2018-02-25VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightVCVReturned to LAS after short visit
2018-03-06VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenGVARouting KUL-GVA-TLV
2018-03-11VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightLASDeparted LAS for Asian trip. Last seen over Vietnamn
2018-03-13VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightSINDeparted SIN heading North
2018-06-01VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenKUL 
2018-06-03VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightTLVSIN-GVA-TLV
2018-06-08VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenATH14:45LT arrived from TLV. Departed to LCA 18:30LT.
2018-06-08VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLCALanded from ATH
2018-06-08VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenTLVDeparted for ATH
2018-06-23VP-BLKNo titles  SeenLCAWe parked next to it. I was amazed to see her shine in the sun.
2018-07-28VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightTLVLCA-TLV
2018-08-01VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightLASTLV-LAS
2018-09-20VP-BLKNo Titles  Flight Testflight
2018-10-20VP-BLKNo Titles  Flight  
2018-10-20VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLAXPhoto
2018-10-21VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightLASLAS-LAX-LAS
2019-02-05VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightLAS40 mins testflight
2019-03-22VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightLAS40 mins Testflight
2019-05-20VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightLASFlight LAS-VCV-LAS
2019-05-30VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightHNLFlight LAS-HNL
2019-05-31VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightLASFlight HNL-LAS
2019-06-15VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightBOSFlight LAS-BOS
2019-06-17VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightTLVFlight BOS-TLV
2019-06-22VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightPVDFlight TLV-PVD
2019-06-23VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightLASFlight PVD-LAS
2020-05-11VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightANCFlight LAS-ANC
2020-05-12VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightCANFlight ANC-CAN
2020-05-13VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightMFMFlight CAN-MFM
2020-05-13VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightANCFlight MFM-ANC
2020-05-15VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightLASFlight ANC-LAS
2022-09-15VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLASParked
2023-01-27VP-BLKNo Titles  SeenLAS 
2024-05-01VP-BLKNo Titles  FlightMCIFerry flight LAS-MCI


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  1. I lived in Macau from 2009-2019 and often saw this 747SP here in Macau. It’s great you have this website to track her and other SPs. Long ago I flew on Pan American SPs. I am currently in Macau for a visit and staying in the quarantine across from the airport. There was an Iranian 747 Cargo jet here yesterday.

  2. BLK underwent a “C” check three months ago at Lake Charles. She has been hired out for charter to Post Malone during his recent tour. The aircraft is up for sale and one interested party has already inspected her.


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