747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 22672
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1981-08-03N1791BBoeingFirst Flight
1981-08-15N1791BBoeingFull c/s with titlesOtherTesting spare engine pod
1981-08-31VH-EABQantasReg Changed
1981-08-31VH-EABQantasOld c/s, white regDelivered
1981-08-31VH-EABQantasOld c/s, black regDelivered
1981-09-01VH-EABQantasOldWintonOtherChristened "Winton"
1981-09-01VH-EABQantasOriginal, black registration, Brisbane 1982WintonSeenSYDPhoto
1986-11-01VH-EABQantasnewWintonOtherSYDRepainted in new red tail "Spirit of Australia" livery. First flown in this livery 3rd Sept 1986 Information from www.aussieairliners.org
1989-02-01VH-EABQantasNew, WintonSeenPhoto
1990-01-01VH-EABQantasNew City of TraralgonOtherNew name
1990-03-01VH-EABQantasFor SaleAircraft offered for sale, continues to operate as a back-up aircraft for the fleet.
1993-11-01VH-EABQantasNew, City of TraralgonSeenPhoto
1994-04-09VH-EABAustralia AsiaLeasedSetup by Qantas to operate flights into Taiwan
1994-04-10VH-EABAustralia AsiaCity of TraralgonSeenPhoto
1994-09-01VH-EABAustralia AsiaSeenSYDPhoto
1995-09-01VH-EABAustralia AsiaCity of TraralgonSeenPhoto
1996-04-05VH-EABAustralia AsiaSeenSYDPhoto
1996-06-21VH-EABAustralia AsiaIncidentQLDLoss of separation with a Bae146
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1996-07-10VH-EABAustralia AsiaSeenSYDMaintenance
1997-01-01VH-EABQantasFor SaleListed by Qantas as being FOR SALE.
1998-03-02VH-EABQantasSeenHKGFlew HKG-MEL
2000-01-01VH-EABQantasNew, "The Australian Airline" subtitlesSeen
2000-05-13VH-EABQantasIncidentBirdstrike on departure from SYD. Returned safely after having jettisoned off fuel over the coast.
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2001-05-05VH-EABQantasIncidentA major fuel leak from the number-2 engine developed during taxy to parking bay.
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2001-10-29VH-EABQantasFerriedMZJSYD-HNL-MZJ as QF6019 for storage (Capt B. Simpson)
2001-10-29VH-EABOtherMZJPut into storage
2001-12-02QantasSeenMZJIn storage
2001-12-20VH-EABReg CancelledCancelled from Australian Aircraft Register
2002-04-04No TitlesRed tailSeenMZJAircraft on belly in the sand.
2002-04-23ScrappedMZJHad flown 69,469 hours and 15,098 cycles


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