747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21963
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1980-04-11N57203TWAFirst Flight
1981-01-01No titlesMetal, with TWA colors on tailSeen
1983-06-29N57203TWAIncidentJFKStruck a cargo loader while taxiing to gate. Ground vehicle had become disabled and moved off the service road.
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1984-04-19N57203TWAIncidentJFKBird ingested into engine on final approach. Engine shut down. Cowling and internal engine damage.
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1986-10-16American AirlinesBought
1987-02-01N602AAAmerican AirlinesReg Changed
1990-09-17N602AAK/S Nordic FlightBought
1990-09-17N602AAAmerican AirlinesLeased
1992-07-20N602AAAmerican AirlinesFlightLast service LHR-JFK. This was the final scheduled passenger flight of an SP for American Airlines.
1992-07-20American AirlinesFerriedFerried to Kansas City for storage
1993-03-01FerriedFerried KC to Santa Barbara
1993-05-25No titlesBlue-white-blue cheatlineSeenSanta Barbara
1993-09-01Blue-white-blue cheatlineSeenSanta Barbara
1993-12-01All whiteSeenSanta Barbara
1994-01-08All whiteSeenSanta Barbara
1994-03-16FerriedFerried back to KC
1994-03-18N602AAFirst Security Bank Utah Na TrusteeBought
1994-03-20FerriedLHRFerried KC-LHR
1994-03-25All whiteSeenLHR
1994-04-01All whiteFerriedHAMFerried to Hamburg for UAE gov't. To enter "D" check at Lufthansa Technik.
1994-04-07A6-SMMDubai Royal FlightBought
1994-04-07Reg CancelledN602AA cancelled.
1994-12-29A6-SMMUnited Arab EmiratesRoll OutHAMRolled out... Being upfitted to VIP aircraft.
1995-02-17A6-SMMUnited Arab EmiratesDeliveredHAMDeparted Hamburg, upfit completed. Delivered to United Arab Emirates (Dubai Airwing).
1995-06-24A6-SMMUnited Arab EmiratesSeenGVA
2000-03-18A6-SMMUnited Arab EmiratesSeen
2002-02-22A6-SMMDubai Air WingOtherHAM"D" check completed by Lufthansa Technik. Glass cockpit installation completed.
2004-03-18A6-SMMDubai Air WingFor SaleOffered for sale by Reef Aviation (on behalf of Dubai Air Wing) with 46,829 hours and 7514 cycles on the airframe. See sales spec sheet here.
2004-08-28A6-SMMNo TitlesAll White with basic UAE cheatline.SeenJNBSeen parked in SAA technical area.
2004-11-14P4-FSHNo TitlesAll White with basic UAE cheatline.SeenJNBParked at SAA Technical area, but with new registration instead of A6-SMM. Not sure of the exact date that the new reg was applied. New owner is Crestwind Aviation AW of Aruba.
2004-11-16P4-FSHNo TitlesAll White, with ex UAE cheatlinesSeenJNBSeen in maintenance area.
2004-12-01P4-FSHLeasedLeased to Grace Cathedral (Ernest Angley Ministries)
2004-12-04P4-FSHNo TitlesAll White with basic UAE cheatline.SeenCLESeen at Cleveland, wearing new registration, operating for Ernest Angley ministries on a flight from Africa.
2005-01-08P4-FSHNo TitlesStar Triple SevenSeenCAKErnest Angley Ministries held an open house for the plane. They will be putting a large star on the tail and a smaller star above the doors. It will be used in national and international flights by Ernest Angley Ministries.
2005-01-28P4-FSHNo TitlesAll white, ex UAE chtFerriedMZJFerried to Marana
2005-03-05P4-FSHStar Triple SevenLarge star / orbit logo on tailStar Triple SevenSeenMZJ
2005-03-12P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFerriedCAKMZJ-CAK
2005-03-19P4-FSHStar Triple SevenLogo on tail and fuselageSeenCAKParked at Akron-Canton
2005-03-29P4-FSHStar Triple SevenLogo on tail and fuselageSeenCAKParked off runway at Akron-Canton Airport for the past two days.
2005-03-31P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFull c/sSeenJNBArrived this morning
2005-04-19P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCLEArrived back at CLE, 0633 local time, from trip to Africa. Departed approx. 0850 for short hop to CAK.
2005-04-20P4-FSHStar Triple Sevenlogo on tail and fuselageSeenCAKParked off runway at Akron-Canton Airport.
2005-05-08P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightYEGWill be flying in to Edmonton and then the next day continuing on to Calgary (YYC)
2005-05-28P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKAt end of tarmac next to 356th Fighter Group Restaurant
2005-06-26P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKseen sitting on tarmac
2005-07-03P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on the Southeast Corner of the field. Been sitting there for at least a couple weeks
2005-08-19P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenYEGJust arrived, 14:10 pm for a an Ernest Angley Ministry presentation in Edmonton, Alberta at the Commonwealth Stadium.
2005-08-19P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenYEGParked on Apron in Front of SPAR Aerospace
2005-08-20P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenYEGIn Edmonton For The Day, Continued To YYC @ Approx. 2130
2005-08-21P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenYYCSeen at Calgary Airport parked at the Shell Centre.
2005-08-21P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenYYCAircraft departed for Cleveland at 23:30.
2005-08-22P4-FSHStar triple SevenSeenCAKParked at the far north end of the airport.
2005-08-23P4-FSHStar Triple SevenOtherMZJSent to MZJ for maintenance
2005-10-26P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFerriedMZJLeaves maintenance, ferried MZJ-CAK back to home base.
2005-10-28P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightTPAFlight from CAK to TPA
2005-10-29P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenTPAAt the Fedex ramp near Raymond James stadium
2005-10-30P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenBHMSurrounded by orange cones, no visible ramp action.
2005-11-05P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenATLParked at the North Cargo ramp.
2005-11-05P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenATLSeen parked at FedEx cargo ramp.
2005-11-06P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenATLParked at North Cargo building for ministry downtown
2005-11-10P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYSeen parked at the Smyrna Airport in Smyrna, Tennessee. Plane will be stored here until February in order to avoid the winter weather of CAK.
2005-11-12P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYStill seen parked.
2006-02-03P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked at South East corner of airport.
2006-02-07P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMYNNseen Nassau Airport, Bahamas.
2006-02-13P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCLELanded on 24L at 1440 local time. Most likely returning from the Bahamas where he was recently spotted, and he did park at the customs gates upon arrival.
2006-03-27P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenJNBArrived in Johannesburg this morning.
2006-04-10P4-FSHStar Triple SevenJNBDeparted Johannesburg tonight enroute to GVAC, probably as a fuel stop. Was parked at JIA for the entire visit. 27/03 to 11/04 2006.
2006-04-11P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCLEArrived in Cle at 7:20am, Gate A3 Customs Gate
2006-09-05P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMZJPhoto
2006-10-23P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightGEOIn Georgetown, Guyana for the week.
2006-10-30P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightPBMArrived from Guyana at Paramaribo Suriname. Scheduled to return to the US on 11/6.
2006-11-06P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCLEArrived at approx. 16:06h. Currently parked at A-14 to clear customs prior to returning to CAK.
2006-12-02P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYParked on the GA ramp at Smyrna for the winter. Arrived on December 1st, 2006.
2007-01-27P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYSeen still parked on the GA ramp in cold storage.
2007-02-21P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYNo longer at MQY. Left sometime between the 18th and 20th of February.
2007-03-06P4-FSHStar Triple SevenCAKOn Ground at CAK
2007-03-08P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenBFNOn ground at Bloemfontein
2007-03-11P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenBFNParked on the main runway.
2007-03-15P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenBFNParked
2007-03-19P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCPT
2007-03-20P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCPTParked at the holding point of runway 34
2007-03-20P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCPT
2007-03-21P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCPTparked at end of emergency runway due to shortage of long-term parkings
2007-03-28P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on Taxiway "k" between Rwy 5/23 and Taxiway "d"
2007-07-19P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenKINParked at gate 16/17 for about a week.
2007-07-23P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenKINDeparted Rwy 12 at 17h12z
2007-08-09P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMZJundergoing scheduled maintenance.
2007-09-26P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on runway
2007-10-15P4-FSHStar Triple SevenOtherPicked up via Mode-S in Southwest PA approx. 9:30am EDT. No ADS-B so could not ascertain heading.
2007-10-31P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on taxiway "K" between taxiway "D" and runway "5-23."
2007-12-09P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYIts back for winter storage again. Probably be here until February 08.
2007-12-09P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYParked with engine covers on. Arrived four days ago from Akron, Ohio. Will spend the winter here and return to Ohio sometime in early Feb. 2008.
2008-03-17P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKAircraft was gone during winter months. Seen parked 0n Taxiway "K" between Rwy 5-23 and Taxiway "D."
2008-03-26P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenDURSeen parked at Durban International Airport in the evening facing main runway.
2008-06-21P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKSeen during maintenance flight and did 3 Touch-n-go's at CAK
2008-07-12P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenSDQParked on tarmac of Las Americas International Airport SDQ in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2008-07-14P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKSeen at 09:00 local climbing to the South-East after take-off from KCAK.
2008-07-28P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFerriedCLEFerried to CLE. Seen flying over Medina, OH around 7,000ft northbound. Landed at CLE around 2212z on runway 24R. Heard numerous times on Cleveland ATC frequencies.
2008-08-04P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on Taxiway "K" between Runway "5-23" and Taxiway "D"
2008-09-11P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenOSCAircraft has all 4 engines removed. Parked at Kalitta Air Maintenance facility in Oscoda, Mi. Aircraft will have various AD/SB compliance checks performed.
2008-11-23P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYArrived for winter storage at Smyrna Airport in Smyrna, TN. Will remain here for the duration of the winter and then return to Akron. Aircraft in great condition.
2009-02-11P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on Taxiway "K" between Runway 5/23 and Taxiway "D."
2009-02-17P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on the North end of taxiway Kilo.
2009-07-02P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKPerforming Touch-n-Go's for several hours around Canton, OH on runway 23.
2009-07-15P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on the ramp in normal spot. Had a little action with a couple people going inside to do what appeared to be cleaning and stocking, perhaps for an upcoming flight?
2009-09-22P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYArrived at Smyrna today for it's annual winter storage.
2009-11-15P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYParked during winter storage
2010-02-11P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYDeparted Smyrna (KMQY) a few minutes after noon, headed to Canton (KCAK).
2010-02-12P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on Taxiway "K", between Runway 5 / 23 and Taxiway "D"
2010-08-04P4-FSHStar Triple SevenStatusCAKNot at CAK Airport.
2010-11-13P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYParked on General Aviation ramp on North side of Smyrna airport
2010-11-13P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYSeen on GA ramp on North side of airport
2011-02-17P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCPTParked in northwestern part of Airport.
2011-02-20P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCPTSeen parked on the opposite side on main terminal at Cape Town (FACT) over the weekend 18 to 20 Feb 2011.
2011-03-01P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKPhoto
2011-03-08P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAK
2011-05-11P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKTake off
2011-06-11P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenOSCAt Kalitta Maintenace for Landing gear removal and replacement
2011-09-20P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKLanded around 1230, blowing multiple tires after just returning from having the landing gears rebuilt.
2011-09-20P4-FSHStar Triple SevenIncidentCAKA/C blew out 11 tires when landing around noon on runway 23 due to brake failure. Lots of debris, several delays for over half an hour as they cleaned the runway. They were able to taxi onto the taxi way. Five passengers left the plane uninjured.
2011-11-08P4-FSHStar Triple SevenStatusCAKFinal determination on tire blow outs was a component malfunction.
2013-02-10P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKDeicing and takeoff for Africa
2013-02-13P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCPTParked.
2013-08-07P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked.
2014-02-09P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKWill depart at about noon.
2014-02-17P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCPTSaid to be have been parked for about 10 days, noted in SAA hangar area on 16th, 17th and 19th Feb
2014-08-26P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKParked on taxiway.
2014-09-08P4 FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKTook off at 1000 for Dominican Republic Mission 2014
2014-10-28P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYSeen on approach to Smyrna, Tn for winter storage.
2015-01-28P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFerriedCAKDeparted Smyrna (KMQY) a few minutes after 10am, headed to Canton (KCAK).
2015-05-06P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenOSCSeen at the Kalitta Maintenance facility in Oscoda Michigan undergoing scheduled maintenance.
2015-07-30P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKI saw it being towed from its parking spot to the de-ice pad while I was taxiing out for departure.
2015-08-02P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKAt 13:15, P4-FSH seen flying in north-easterly direction from Akron Canton Airport. Banked through the clouds more to the east. Rev. Angley has scheduled a crusade in Rwanda, Africa beginning 7 August. The plane''s departure is possibly related to this event.
2015-08-02P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKFlying out of CAK, assuming it''s going to Africa
2015-08-07P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenKGLParked at the airport. Lots of people at the Serena Kigali Hotel wearing yellow dayglow t-shirts of Ernest Angley.
2015-08-18P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenSeen on FR24 returning from the Rwanda mission, just outside New York
2016-01-07P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYParked on ramp.
2016-02-02P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCAKFerried BNA-CAK
2016-02-13P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKLoading up for trip to south Africa. Should be leaving this week.
2016-02-15P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKSeen parked missing engine after some engine trouble before latest trip
2016-02-20P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKSpotted on the ramp missing the entire #3 engine, nacelle and all. Just the #3 pylon no engine.
2016-03-06P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKP4-FSH have been moved over by the MAPS Air Museum. A scissor lift near the #2 engine and the #3 engine was not on the aircraft. The pylon was still there, but the engine was nowhere to be seen. Also, there was an air stair sitting next to the #1 engine, basically up next to the wing.
2016-06-25P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKSeen still stored by MAPS museum
2016-06-28P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKAircraft departed north out of CAK and turned south towards Tennessee. #4 engine had just been repaired after it had been taken off back a few months ago.
2016-07-03P4-FSHStar Triple SevenOtherCAKNot present at it''s base Canton/Akron Ohio at 6pm local.
2016-07-04P4-FSHStar Triple SevenOtherCAKThe aircraft has not been at it''s usual parking space for over a week.
2016-07-16P4 FSHStar Triple SevenSeenOSCArrived at KOSC I believe for C check.
2016-08-22P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenOSCSeen at Oscoda looking fantastic! Airframe complete. Parked on Kalitta maintenance ramp
2016-08-22P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenOSCParked outside Kalitta maintenance hangars.
2017-02-13P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenCAKSeen inbound rwy 23 after a long maintenance break in OSC.
2017-02-15P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCAKDeparted CAK for South Africa 2017 mission
2017-02-16P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCPTArrived at CPT
2017-02-27P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCPTDeparted CPT heading north
2017-02-28P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCLELanded in CLE for customs
2017-02-28P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCAKReturned home after Africa 2017 mission
2017-11-30P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCAKDeparted CAK heading south
2017-12-01P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYP4-FSH came in Nov 30th from Canton, OH. She''s still sitting on the tarmac.
2018-02-27P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCAKHeading north to CAK after winter storage.
2018-02-27P4-FSHStar Triple SevenSeenMQYDeparted Smyrna, TN just after 9am headed for Canton, OH.
2018-03-13P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCAKDeparted CAK for Soweto 2018
2018-03-14P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightJNBLanded
2018-03-26P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightJNBDeparted after Soweto 2018 Tour
2018-03-27P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCLELanded at CLE at 6:32 am local time after Soweto tour.
2018-03-27P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFlightCAKCleared customs and departed CLE for CAK at 10:30 am
2018-05-21P4-FSHStar Triple SevenFerriedMZJFerry flight to MZJ for storage


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