VQ-BMS Broken up

Las Vegas Sands 747SP VQ-BMS broken up at CWF.

N7477S listed as For Sale

The VIP configured 747SP N7477S c/n: 21648 is listed as for sale. The ex Qatar 747SP (VR-BAT, VP-BAT) is once again listed as for sale....

Iran Air 747SP for sale

Iran Air is selling off 12 aircraft from their fleet. Along with B727's, A310's, B747-100, A300-B2K Iran Air is also selling off 3 of their...

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747SP Damaged during maintenance

One of Las Vegas Sands 747SP aircraft has been damaged during maintenance

End is near for Global Peace One

Talks of scapping N4522V in TIJ

Kim Kardashian flies 747SP

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West flies a 747SP

N7477S ferried to MZJ

Ferried from YHM to MZJ N7477S was ferried from YHM to MZJ on 5:th of October for a C-Check and...

SOFIA in Europe

SOFIA 747SP N747NA - First scientific mission in Europe

A4O-SO 747SP to New York

Oman 747SP A4O-SO in New York

3 x 747SP in the air

Today we had a lovely moment to enjoy in 2019. 3 Boeing 747SP in the air at the same...

VP-BAT will become N7477S

New registration reserved with the FAA

VP-BAT for sale

VP-BAT For Sale Once again listed as for sale. The beautiful 747SP VP-BAT (21648)  operated by the Royal Qatari family for...