A4O-SO 747SP to New York

Oman 747SP to New York

On August 4:th 2019 the Omani 747SP A4O-SO (c/n: 21785) departed it’s base at MCT – Muscat Airport and headed northwest as She often do. Flightplan showed STN – London Stansted as her destination and surely enough She landed safely at STN shortly after sunset on Sunday 4:th of August.

A4O-SO 747SP Oman
A4O-SO 747SP Oman

2 days later on Tuesday morning She departed STN – London Stansted but this time She headed NorthWest instead of the usual SouthEast towards home and MCT – Muscat Airport.
She continued her way and soon started Her atlantic crossing…

As Her flightplan said She landed safely at, what looked like runway 04R at EWR – Newark Airport in New York.
Question is, WHAT is She doing in New York ?

A4O-SO 747SP at EWR
Oman 747SP A4O-SO on final approach EWR

Any ideas ? I’d appreciate any tips or rumours you might have heard.
Also looking for any photos of her landing or parked at EWR.

Please leave a comment below.

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