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21024 / 270 – Production List

747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe: 21024

Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1975-09-10N347SPBoeing  First Flight  
1976-03-01N347SPPan AmFull C/SClipper ConstitutionSeen  
1976-03-29N532PAPan AmOldClipper ConstitutionDeliveredSFO 
1976-04-06N532PAPan Am Clipper ConstitutionFlightHNLMade flight from SFO to HNL, quite possibly the first revenue flight for this aircraft.
1976-04-25N532PAPan AmOldClipper ConstitutionFlight Made first scheduled passenger flight from LAX to Tokyo, 5478 miles non-stop.
1976-08-22N532PAPan AmOldClipper ConstitutionSeenLHRPhoto
1977-02-08N532PAPan AmOldClipper ConstitutionSeenGIGPhoto
1977-03-01N532PAPan Am Clipper KISS SpecialOtherLAXTemporarily renamed when it was chartered by the rock band KISS for their tour of Japan.
1978-04-25N532PAPan Am  Other Encountered 2 lighting strikes during descend FL160. Heavy rain and hail. Shattered co-pilot windshield.
1978-07-25N532PAPan AmOldClipper ConstitutionSeenJFKPhoto
1983-05-22N532PAPan AmOldClipper ConstitutionSeenLHRPhoto
1985-07-17N532PAPan AmOldClipper ConstitutionSeenCDGPhoto
1986-02-11N532PAUnited  Bought  
1986-02-18N532PAUnitedPan Am cht. No tail logo SeenMELPhoto
1986-06-15N532PAUnitedPA cht SeenLAXPhoto
1986-07-16N142UAUnitedPA cht SeenLAXPhoto
1986-08-01N142UAUnited  Reg Changed  
1988-01-01N142UAUnitedOld, small titles SeenSFOPhoto
1989-07-25N142UAAmerican Finance Group  Bought  
1989-07-25N142UAUnited  Leased  
1993-06-01N142UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenMIAPhoto
1993-06-02N142UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenNRTVideo
1993-07-17N142UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenLHRPhoto
1994-08-01N142UANo TitlesOld UA.  OtherLASStored
1994-08-01N142UANo TitlesOld UA. SeenLASPhoto
1994-08-27N142UANo TitlesOld UA. SeenLASIn storage
1995-03-09N142UANo Titlesex UA cht SeenLASStored.
1995-09-29N142UAUnited  Bought  
1995-11-01N142UAUnited Air Lines Inc.  Other Re-transferred to parent company
1995-11-15N142UANo Titles  FerriedADMLAS-ADM
1995-12-26N142UA   Reg Cancelled  
1996-02-01N142UANo Titles  OtherADMDismantled for spares
1996-03-29N142UANo TitlesOld UAL, white tail SeenADMWFU
1997-03-01N142UANo TitlesOld UAL, white tail SeenADMPhoto
Engines and small parts removed
1997-04-24N142UANo TitlesOld UAL, white tail SeenADM 
1997-12-03N142UANo TitlesOld UAL, white tail SeenADMEngines and small parts removed Moved to center of field
1998-01-01N142UANo TitlesOld UAL, white tail SeenADM 
1998-02-01N142UA   ScrappedADM 
1999-01-01N142UANo Titles  SeenADMPhoto


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