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22302 / 473 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1979-04-24N1608BBraniff  Other Ordered
1980-07-14N1608BBraniff  Roll Out New aircraft rolled out
1980-12-02N1608BBraniff  First Flight  
1980-12-05N1608BBraniff International  SeenBFIPhoto
1982-05-13N1608BBraniff  Other Order cancelled by Braniff
1982-12-23B-2454CAAC  Other Ordered
1983-06-15N1301ECAAC  Delivered  
1985-05-26N1301ECAAC  SeenSYDPhoto
1986-01-12N1301ECAAC  SeenSYDPhoto
1987-01-01N1301ECAAC  SeenZRHPhoto
1988-07-01 Air China  Other Transferred to Air China
1989-01-01B-2454Air China  Reg Changed  
1989-06-30B-2454CAAC  SeenSFOPhoto
1989-08-01B-2454CAAC  SeenZRHPhoto
1997-01-01B-2454Air China  SeenHKGSee video of a landing at Kai Tak.
1998-03-01    Other In maintenance for D check @ 46699 hours
2000-01-26B-2454No TitlesAir China cheatline, No titles or logos SeenLAX 
2000-02-01N142SW Air China cheatline, No titles or logos FerriedOKAVCV-OKA
2000-02-03N142SWUT FINANCE CORP  Reg Changed  
2000-03-18N142SW Air China cheatline, No titles or logos SeenNRT 
2000-03-19N142SWNo TitlesAir China cheatline, No titles or logos FerriedBNENRT-BNE
2000-03-20N142SWNo Titlesex Air China SeenBNEPhoto
2000-03-21N142SW   Reg Cancelled  
2000-03-26VH-OZXNo TitlesAir China cheatline, No titles or logos Reg ChangedBNE 
2000-03-27    For Sale Listed as "for sale" on www.speednews.com.
2000-04-01VH-OZXNo Titlesex Air China SeenBNEPhoto
2000-04-03    For Sale Listed as for sale by Boeing.
2000-06-02VH-OZXNo Titlesex Air China SeenBNEPhoto
2000-07-05VH-OZXNo TitlesAir China cheatline, No titles or logos FerriedCGKBNE-CGK. Departed rwy 19.
2000-08-01VH-OZXGlobal AirNew colors Seen  
2000-08-15VH-OZXGlobal AirNew colors Seen  
2001-03-28VH-OZXGlobal AirNew colors SeenCGKParked, apparently still having not flown since departing BNE!
2001-06-02VH-OZXGlobal Air  SeenCGKInside hangar
2001-07-01VH-OZXNo Titles  SeenCGK 
2001-07-20VH-OZXGlobal Air  Reg Cancelled  
2001-07-20D6-OZXComores Airlines  Reg Changed Wet leased
2001-08-01D6-OZXContinental Wings - Comores AirlinesGlobal Air livery. Comores titles and logo SeenMRS 
2001-09-26D6-OZXContinental Wings - Comores AirlinesGlobal Air livery. Comores titles and logo SeenMRSPhoto
2001-12-01D6-OZXContinental Wings - Comores Airlines  OtherCGKIn CGK for heavy maintenance
2002-04-01D6-OZXContinental Wings - Comores AirlinesGlobal Air livery. Comores titles and logo OtherCGKStored, for sale.
2002-06-01D6-OZXContinental Wings - Comores AirlinesGlobal Air livery. Comores titles and logo SeenCGK Photo
2002-08-21D6-OZXContinental Wings - Comores AirlinesGlobal Air livery. Comores titles and logo SeenCGK 
2004-01-18D6-QZAPalace Air  OtherCGKDeal fell through. Registration not taken up.
2004-06-01D6-OZX   For Sale List as for sale/wet lease by Global Air Group. 12894 cycles, 52097 hours.
2004-12-01D6-OZXNo Titlesex Global livery, white tail OtherCGKThe aircraft is missing some cockpit items and the cabin is not holding up under the Jakarta humidity and temperature and it requires a load of maintenance and CPCP work to come back to flying status.
2005-03-02D6-OZX   For Sale Re-listed as still for sale/lease/wet lease by Global Air Group.
2005-05-23D6-OZXNo Titlesex Global livery, white tail StoredCGK 
2005-09-15    Status Listed on Boeing website as for sale/wet-lease:
Available for Possible VIP upgrade.
Hours 52097, Cycles 12906
MTOW 703,000
2006-02-01D6-OZX   SeenCGKParked on a remote hardstand adjacent the Garuda Maintenance Facility. Surounded by some old Garuda DC-10's. Has not stood up well to the harsh tropical climate in Jakarta. Paint stuffed, many tires flat, at a quick glance some awful corrosion on lower fuselage around pack bays, apart from some canvas covers front and rear, the engines obviously have not been inhibited - took a look up the tail of #2 and it was full of water with mold /gunk on the blades.
2006-03-28D6-OZX   Status Airframe #22302 is no longer listed in Boeings aircraft for sale site.
2006-06-22D6-OZX   Reposessed SUPREME COURT OF QUEENSLAND has awarded ownership of this aircraft to a creditor of it''s former owner.
See Pprune forum
for a copy of the court document. Cheers, G
2006-06-22D6-OZX   Reposessed Supreme Court of Queensland orders plane to be handed over to a creditor (Spring Hill Apartments Pty LTD)
2007-04-03D6-OZXOrient Thai  Bought Kevin Walls, Managing Director, Aircraft Portfolio Management (i.e APM inc. Cayman Islands) "sold" 747SP msn 22302 to Orient Thai Airlines, being paid cash deposit of $250,000. Aircraft Portfolio Management could not deliver the aircraft as the "sale" was made several months after msn 22302 had passed by Australian Supreme Court Order to the mortgagee Spring Hill Properties Pty Ltd in Brisbane, Australia in mid 2006. Orient Thai did not recover the deposit from APM who kept their deposit. http://www.apmlondon.com/KJW.htm
2008-02-29D6-OZX   Bought Sale concluded for and on behalf of Orient Thai Airlines, as ultimate purchaser from Spring Hill Apartments Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia. Aircraft to be scrapped by Orient Thai for parts and engines. No refund of $250,000 deposit Orient Thai Airlines originally paid to Aircraft Portfolio Management in London.
2008-11-04D6-OZX   SeenCGKOne engine still mounted. Exterior has pretty heavy layer of mildew and discoloration. Overall plane appears to be in poor condition.
2008-11-04D6-OZXNo Titlesex Comores livery SeenCGK 
2009-02-07D6-OZXNo Titles  SeenCGKStored at east hangar 3 GMF
2009-02-13D6-OZXNo Titles  SeenCGKPhoto
2009-06-18D6-OZX   IncidentCGKAircraft scrap started by PT Sangma Media of South Korea
Workers start work at 09:00 to 12:00 and 12:00 to 12:50
In the second session of the job, the worker starts working right wing cutting outside around 13:00. When to cut the wings appear spark. Officers attempted to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher Light (APAR), but failed, and the fire continued to grow.
At 13:05 firefighting vehicles (fire truck) and PK-GMF P2 Angkasa Pura II arrived at the scene at 13:18 and the fire was extinguished.
1 worker suffered minor injuries on the face and legs. Concerned was rushed to Health Garuda GSO located in the Soekarno-Hatta Airport.
2009-06-18D6-OZX   ScrappedCGK 


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