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21652 / 329 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1978-08-01N1780BNo TitlesBasic Saudia livery SeenBFIPhoto
1978-08-28N1780BBoeing  First Flight  
1978-11-10N1780BNo TitlesBasic Saudia livery SeenBFITestflight
1979-07-11HZ-HM1Saudi Arabian Gvmt  Delivered  
1981-06-01HZ-HM1SaudiaOld, metal belly SeenORYPhoto
1984-07-09HZ-HM1SaudiaOld, metal belly SeenGVA 
1984-09-01HZ-HM1BSaudia  Reg Changed  
1988-03-31HZ-HM1BSaudiaOld, metal belly SeenSTRPhoto
1993-08-01HZ-HM1BSaudiaOld, grey belly SeenDUSPhoto
1993-09-01HZ-HM1BSaudi ArabianOld, grey belly SeenSTRPhoto
1997-01-31HZ-HM1BSaudi ArabianNew colours SeenPAE 
1998-08-01HZ-HM1BSaudi ArabianNew colours SeenLAXPhoto
2000-06-01HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  Status Reported by JP World Airline Fleets to be configured as a flying hospital.
2005-03-13HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenMSPFlight SVA7048
2005-07-18HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenCDG 
2006-10-09HZ-HM1BSaudi ArabianWhite Roll OutIABRecently rolled out of hangar at Boeing Wichita after unknown service/mod/repair.
2006-12-01HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenPAEMaintenance visit to Goodrich Aviation Technical Services.
2007-05-17HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenRUHRUH-FEZ
2007-06-20HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenORYOfficial visit of King Abdullah, MAD-ORY. 743 HZ-HM1A is on check, so he flies with 1B.
2007-06-25HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenWAWPhoto
2007-10-29HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenLHRArrived around 16:00 carrying King Abdullah on a royal visit.
2007-11-07HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenTXLPhoto
2007-11-09HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenTXLDeparted
2007-12-03HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenDOHSeen in Doha after arriving for GCC council meeting in Qatar.
2012-05-26HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouSeenGVAPhoto
2014-10-21HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouSeenFKB 
2014-10-22HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenJEDSeen at the VIP/Royal terminal together with HZ-HM1C. They had both obviously just arrived or were about to depart.
2015-07-17HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouSeenSTN 
2015-08-24HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenZRHRUH-ZRH-STN
2015-09-01HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabia  SeenNCE"Saudia 01B" landed around 18:00 LT at Nice via VOR b approach on Runway 22L instead of the usual 22R on request.
2015-09-13HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenAGPSVA01B Arrived around 13:30 from BCN , go around and second app RWY 13 at AGP , parked at VIP terminal
2016-05-16HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenEnrouteOtt east bound along ul9 southern uk Routing from Houston texas area to Paris area.
2016-07-29HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenZRHRouting: RUH-ZRH-NCE-JED. Landed at 13:00L and departed at 17:30L.
2017-02-26HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouSeenKULLanding rwy 31L
2017-03-15HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouSeenHND 
2017-05-30HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouSeenVKOPhoto
2017-07-15HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouSeenLBGLanded
2017-08-28HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouSeenJFKParked at JFK.
2017-09-01HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouSeenAGPPhoto
2019-09-04HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian  SeenJEDStored next to HZ-HM1C
2020-03-01HZ-HM1BSaudi Arabian God Bless YouStoredJED 


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