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747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1978-06-30N538PAPan Am  First Flight  
1978-07-12N538PAPan AmOldClipper FleetwingDelivered  
1978-08-24N538PAPan Am Clipper FleetwingSeenLHRPhoto
1978-11-20N538PAPan AmOldClipper FleetwingSeenSYDPhoto
1979-01-16N538PAPan Am Clipper FleetwingSeenJFKPhoto
1979-09-01N538PAPan AmOldClipper FleetwingSeenSYDPhoto
1980-01-01N538PAPan Am Clipper Plymouth RockOther Renamed
1981-10-01N538PAPan Am Clipper FleetwingSeenSFO 
1983-01-20N538PAPan Am Clipper FleetwingSeenLAXPhoto
1985-05-01N538PAPan AmBillboard c/sClipper Princess GraceSeen  
1985-11-01N538PAPan AmBillboard c/s SeenZRHPhoto
1986-02-12N538PAUnited  Bought  
1986-02-25N538PAUnitedAll white, UA titles and logo SeenHKGPhoto
1986-07-01N538PAUnitedAll white, UA titles and logo SeenSFOPhoto
1986-09-01N147UAUnited  Reg Changed  
1987-07-01N147UAUnitedOld, small titles SeenSFOPhoto
1988-01-28N147UAUnitedOld, small titlesFriendship OneOtherPAEDeparted for around the world flight.
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Friendship One
1988-01-30N147UAUnitedOld, small titlesFriendship OneSeenPAEReturned from around the world flight.
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Friendship One
1988-03-01N147UAUnitedOld, small titlesFriendship OneSeenMELPhoto
1989-04-08N147UAUnited  IncidentSYDFirm landing with a crosswind.
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1991-07-02N147UAUnitedOld, Large titles SeenLHRPhoto
1991-07-05N147UAUnitedOld, Large titles SeenLHRPhoto
1992-07-06N147UAFirst Trust of California  Bought  
1992-07-06N147UAUnited  Leased  
1993-05-22N147UAUnitedOld, large titles, white engines Seen Photo
1993-06-25N147UAUnitedOld, large titles, white engines SeenIADPhoto
1994-10-01N147UANo TitlesOld UA c/s, white tail SeenLASIn storage
1995-05-01N147UANo TitlesOld UA c/s, white tail SeenLASStored
1995-11-12N147UANo TitlesOld UA c/s, white tail SeenLASStored
1996-01-01N147UANo TitlesOld c/s, white tail FerriedMZJLAS-MZJ Ferry #9506-30
1996-02-02N147UANo TitlesOld UA c/s, white tail StoredMZJPhoto
1997-01-01N147UA   StatusMZJ71476.13 Hours, 9197 cycles
1999-02-01N147UANo TitlesOld c/s, white tail SeenMZJ 
2000-07-16N147UANo TitlesOld c/s, white tail SeenMZJ 
2001-04-18N147UANo TitlesOld c/s, white tail FerriedACYMZJ-ACY Ferry #9174
2001-04-19N147UAFederal Aviation Administration  Bought  
2001-05-30N147UA   Reg Cancelled To be used for center fuel tank testing as a result of TWA 800 accident.
Two phases of research are planned;
The first phase will be to examine the use of ground-supplied, nitrogen-enriched air to inert a large commercial airplane fuel tank and to study what conditions affect the ability of the fuel tank to stay inert.
The second phase will involve soliciting proposals for on-board inert gas generating systems and testing them as they relate to commercial operations. Both phases will be ground-based with no flight tests planned.
2003-03-15 No TitlesFaded UA cht SeenACYNo registration visible on fuselage
2003-10-16 No Titles  SeenACYPhoto
2005-03-15 No Titles  SeenACY
2005-03-16 No TitlesFaded UA cht SeenACYAircraft is pushed back about once a month and is taxied around the airport. Sensors are wired to the landing gear for high speed taxi test.
2006-03-28 No TitlesBlue cht SeenACYPhoto
2008-06-03 No TitlesNew cheatline SeenACY 
2008-09-02 No Titles  SeenACYPhoto
2013-01-08 No Titles  OtherACYOn remote stand deep inside airport perimeter. Still used by FAA. Very low probability of seeing it from outside the airport.
2016-11-28N147UANo Titles  SeenACYStored at the far side of the airport


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