Memories from a 747SP crew

Bobak Radbin shares a video where his father, a retired Iran Air crew shares memories.As an ex Iran Air 747SP crewmember he has 2...

My first time on a 747SP

Flight report from my first flight in a 747SP. And why I offered my window seat to my girlfriend....

747SP Callsigns

Identify the operators, Past & Present...

747SP Milestones

A few important steps in the history of the Boeing 747SP

747SP Locations

Location of all 747SP in service. Map to help you locate the 747SP I often see questions where the active 747SP's are in the world.  So I...

South African Airways

South African Airways was one of the biggest proponents of the 747SP.

Story of the B747SP

When the 747 entered revenue service in early 1970, the people at Boeing had a big hit on their hands.

747SP Flight Covers

Special commemorative postage stamps, postcards and envelopes.

A 747SP Love Affair

A retired Pan Am skipper retells his brief, but very personal experience at the helm of an 747SP

Friendship One

Friendship One, as the flight would be known, would raise money for the children's charities.

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