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21132 / 280 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1974-07-16ZS-SPASouth African Airways  Other Order placed for the aircraft.
1976-01-27ZS-SPASouth African Airways  Roll OutPAENew aircraft rolled out
1976-02-17ZS-SPASouth African Airways  First Flight  
1976-03-19ZS-SPASAA - South African Airways  OtherPAEAcceptance by SAA at Paine Field
1976-03-23ZS-SPASouth African Airways  DeliveredCPTWorld Record
1976-05-01ZS-SPASouth African AirwaysOriginalMatroosbergSeenJNBPhoto
1976-06-01ZS-SPASouth African AirwaysOriginalMatroosbergSeenLHR 
1977-04-02ZS-SPASouth African Airways  FlightCPTNon-stop flight from LHR to CPT with Captain G. van Renen and FEO Jurg Luthi.
Dep. LHR 19:10 Arr. CPT 08:20 = 13:10 Hrs
1977-07-01ZS-SPASouth African AirwaysOriginalMatroosbergSeenFRA 
1980-03-01ZS-SPASouth African AirwaysOriginalMatroosbergSeen  
1980-10-13ZS-SPASouth African Airways  OtherJNBAircraft returned from flight
1980-10-14ZS-SPASAA-South African Airways  Rolled InJNBAircraft rolled into hangar
1980-10-21ZS-SPASAA-South African Airways  OtherJNBAircraft in hangar between 14-21 october.
1980-10-21ZS-SPASAA-South African Airways  OtherJNBRolled into hangar to be repainted into Luxair livery.
1980-10-22LX-LTMLuxairFull c/s SeenJNBAircraft seen outside hangars in full Luxair colours.
1980-10-22LX-LTMLuxair  OtherJNBQuickly rolled in hangar again after exposure in British press.
1980-10-29ZS-SPANo TitlesLuxair livery OtherJNBDeparted at 22:00 as flight 184
1980-10-31ZS-SPANo TitlesLuxair livery FlightZRHOperated SA272/273
1980-11-01ZS-SPALuxair  Leased  
1981-01-01ZS-SPASAA-South African Airways  Returned  
1981-03-14ZS-SPANo TitlesBasic Luxair c/s SeenZRHPhoto
1981-03-21ZS-SPANo TitlesBasic Luxair c/s SeenZRH 
1981-04-15ZS-SPA   OtherJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into: SAA titles, luxair fuselage.
1981-05-30ZS-SPASAA-South African AirwaysBasic Luxair c/s SeenZRH 
1981-06-12ZS-SPASAA-South African AirwaysBasic Luxair c/s SeenZRH 
1981-07-01ZS-SPASAA - South African AirwaysBasic Luxair c/s SeenZRHPhoto
1981-09-09ZS-SPASAA - South African AirwaysOld, old flagMatroosbergSeenJNBPhoto
1983-09-04ZS-SPA   MaintenanceJNBAdded decal on sleeperette tables to identify table operation
1984-01-04ZS-SPASAA - South African AirwaysOld, old flag, 50 years stickerMatroosbergSeenZRH 
1984-01-10ZS-SPASAA - South African AirwaysOld, old flag, 50 years stickerMatroosbergSeenJNBPhoto
1987-02-16ZS-SPASAA-South African Airways  Rolled InJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into: Air Mauritius 3B-NAJ
1987-04-013B-NAJAir Mauritius Chateau Mon PlaisirLeased  
1987-04-123B-NAJAir Mauritius Chateau Mon PlaisirSeenLHR 
1989-06-183B-NAJAir Mauritius Chateau Mon PlaisirSeenORYPhoto
1989-11-013B-NAJAir Mauritius Chateau Mon PlaisirSeenZRHPhoto
1994-05-31ZS-SPASAA-South African Airways  Returned  
1995-01-23ZS-SPA   OtherJNBRolled into hangar for repaint into: Alliance
1995-04-01ZS-SPAAllianceOriginal livery SeenJNBPhoto
1995-05-01ZS-SPAAlliance  Leased Wetleased.
1995-07-03ZS-SPAAllianceOriginal livery SeenLHROperating first flight for Alliance
1995-11-01ZS-SPAAllianceOriginal livery, 3 flags added SeenLHRPhoto
1997-06-01ZS-SPAAllianceOriginal livery, 3 Flags SeenCDG Photo
1997-06-03ZS-SPAAllianceNew Lions head decal, added Rwanda flag. OtherJNBRolled into hangar for paint job
1997-10-06ZS-SPAAlliance AirPainted Alliance to Alliance Air plus engine cowlings white OtherJNBRolled into hangar for paint job
1997-10-31ZS-SPAAlliance Air  Status 63325 hours, 13090 cycles.
1998-02-01ZS-SPAAlliance AirNew livery. New lions head, 4 flags, white engines and black registration SeenJNBPhoto
1998-03-04ZS-SPAAlliance Air  IncidentLHRGround handling vehicle reversed into nbr 4 engine.
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1999-01-01ZS-SPAAlliance AirNew livery Other  
1999-09-24ZS-SPAAlliance AirNew livery. New lions head, 4 flags, white engines and black registration SeenJNBPhoto
2000-01-01ZS-SPASouth African Airways  Returned  
2000-01-01ZS-SPASouth African Airways  OtherJNBStored
2000-04-01ZS-SPASouth AfricanNew last livery SeenJNBPhoto
2000-04-14ZS-SPASouth AfricanNew last livery SeenPER 
2000-06-01ZS-SPASouth AfricanNew last livery SeenCDGDeparture from CDG.
2002-04-01ZS-SPASouth African  RetiredJNBSlated for scrap.
2002-09-12ZS-SPASouth AfricanNew last livery SeenJNBSeen in SAA maintenance with parts removed. No engines.
2002-10-17ZS-SPASouth African  SeenJNBSeen being cut up. Nose removed, body cut behind wings, still wearing titles
2002-10-17ZS-SPASouth African  ScrappedJNBScrapped over the course of two days, October 17-18, 2002



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