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21026 / 286 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1976-05-07N534PAPan Am  First Flight  
1976-05-28N534PAPan Am Clipper Great RepublicDelivered  
1976-07-17N534PAPan AmOldClipper Great RepublicSeenAMSPhoto
1976-09-18N534PAPan Am Clipper Great RepublicSeenTHFPhoto
1978-01-01N534PAPan AmOldClipper Great RepublicSeen  
1978-04-25N534PAPan Am  IncidentNRTStruck by lightning twice
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1985-07-22N534PAPan Am Clipper Great RepublicSeenCDGPhoto
1985-08-28N534PAPan AmOldClipper Great RepublicSeenHAMPhoto
1986-02-12N534PAUnitedPA cheatline Bought  
1986-05-01N144UAUnited  Reg Changed  
1986-11-09N144UAUnitedOld, small titles SeenLAX 
1989-07-25N144UAAmerican Finance Group  Bought  
1989-07-25N144UAUnited  Leased  
1991-08-01N144UAUnitedOld, large titles Seen  
1992-10-17N144UAUnitedOld, large titles SeenLHRPhoto
1993-04-14N144UAUnited  IncidentJFKBird strike on departure
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1994-03-02N144UA Old c/s, white tail StoredLAS 
1994-06-01N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail SeenLAS 
1994-08-27N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail SeenLAS 
1995-03-01N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail SeenLASPhoto
1995-11-12N144UA Old, white tail SeenLASStored
1996-02-05N144UAUnited  Bought Bought back by United.
1996-03-01N144UAUnited Air Lines Inc.  Other Transferred to United's parent company.
1996-03-07N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail FerriedADMFerry flight #9506-07 LAS-ADM
1996-03-07N144UA   StatusADMTotal hours after ferry flight was: 78870:52
1996-03-15N144UA Old, white tail RetiredADM 
1996-03-29N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail SeenADMWFU
1997-03-01N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail SeenADMPhoto
1997-04-24N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail SeenADM 
1997-12-01N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail SeenADMEngines, landing gear doors, some wing panels removed.
1998-01-21N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail SeenADMScrap is 40% completed. Seats are still in.
1999-01-01N144UANo TitlesOld, white tail SeenADMPhoto
2001-06-16N144UANo Titles  SeenADMLaying on belly, being parted out slowly but surely.
2002-01-01    ScrappedADMPresumed all gone now
2012-12-18N144UA   Reg Cancelled  



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