747SP Production list

Chronological order of events for airframe 21785
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.
1979-10-07N603BNBraniffFirst Flight
1979-12-20N603BNBraniff InternationalOrange liveryFlightBOGOperated flight BOG-LAX
Between 1979-12-20 and 1979-12-23
1980-07-08N603BNBraniff InternationalSeenGIGPhoto
1980-08-29N603BNBraniff InternationalOrange liverySeen
1981-07-01N351ASBoeingReg Changed
1983-06-01N351ASNo TitlesBraniff liverySeenBFIPhoto
1984-03-01N351ASNo Titlesex BraniffSeenBFIPhoto
1984-07-02A4O-SOOman GovernmentBoughtReportedly the personal aircraft of Sultan Qaboos bin Said.
1984-09-12A4O-SONo TitlesOrange liverySeenBFISeen inside Boeing plant, Seattle still in orange livery, now wearing a A4O-SO registration.
1984-10-01BoeingOrange livery, no titles, new communications dome installedSeenBFI
1984-11-01A4O-SONo Titlesex Braniff liverySeenFirst flight after communications dome was installed.
1987-04-01A4O-SONo TitlesOrange livery with communications dome.SeenSAT
1988-08-01A4O-SONo TitlesOriginal liverySeenLHRPhoto
1989-03-11A4O-SONo TitlesSeenSZG
1991-06-02A4O-SONo TitlesOriginal livery, Royal crest behind top doorSeenFRAPhoto
1992-08-01A4O-SONo TitlesOriginal livery, Royal crest behind top doorSeenPMIPhoto
1992-08-09A4O-SONo TitlesOriginal livery, Royal crest behind top doorSeenPMIPhoto
1993-08-30A4O-SONo TitlesMetal fuselage, communications domeSeenLHR
1993-09-01A4O-SONo TitlesMetal fuselage, communications domeSeenLHRPhoto
1994-01-01A4O-SONo TitlesOriginal livery, Royal crest behind top door, logo on noseSeenGVAPhoto
1998-01-08A4O-SO No TitlesSeenCWLIn BAMC at CWL for maintenance and work on its MIRTS system. a high level of security was in place during the entire time at BAMC.
2000-01-01A4O-SONo titlesMetal fuselageSeenSTNPhoto
2001-07-01A4O-SONo TitlesOriginal livery, Royal crest behind top door, logo on noseSeenPHXPhoto
2003-01-19A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenHAMLanding after testflight
2003-06-21A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenORYTogether with A4O-SP
2004-09-23A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenMCTA4O-SP inside hangar behind preparing for the sale.
2005-02-01A4O-SONo TitlesSeenORY
2005-02-02A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenSTNPhoto
2005-06-12A4O-SONo TitlesSeenORY
2006-04-17A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenSTNPhoto
2007-04-12A4O-SONo TitlesSeenDOHIn Doha for a few days for the GCC meeting held in Doha.
2007-06-19A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMUC
2007-07-08A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMUCTogether with HZ-AIF. Departure 7/09/2007
2007-07-16A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMEL
2007-08-19A4O-SONo TitlesSeenFKB
2007-11-26A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMUCArrived from MCT Departed next day to DOH
2008-01-02A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenHAMArrived from MCT only to take freight, leaving some 90 minutes later for return to Muscat.
2008-06-13A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMUCBased at MUC during the Summerholidays of the Sultan. Today together with VP-BAT at Munich Airport!
2008-07-27A4O-SONo TitlesSeenORY
2008-08-03A4O-SONo TitlesSeenORY
2009-02-08A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenHAM13 months after her last visit she flew in again
2010-01-03A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenHAMcame from Muscat as flight RFO0002 for another maintenance stay at LH Technik Hamburg
2010-12-04A4O-SONo TitlesSeenSTNAnother visit from OOMS/Muscat as ORF2, returning back home on next day (Dec 5) with same callsign.
2012-02-07A4O-SONo TitlesSeenSTNSeen parked early morning next to Oman B747-400
2012-03-07A4O-SONo TitlesSeenHAMTaking off
2012-05-05A4O-SONo TitlesSeenFKBarriving as ORF2 from MCT
2012-06-20A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenVRNPhoto
2012-06-30A4O-SONo TitlesSeenSTNArrived and parked.
2013-01-02A4O-SONo TitlesSeenHAMcame from Muscat for maintenance
2013-01-26A4O-SONo TitlesSeenHAMflew to Stansted after maintenance at LHT Hamburg
2013-03-03A4O-SONo TitlesSeenFKBSeen active, arriving and departing one hour later to MUC.
2013-03-03A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMUCLanded in the afternoon at Munich Airport, Germany and departed the day after in the morning
2013-04-27A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMUCArrived at Munich.
2013-08-12A4O-SO No TitlesSeenMUCArrived from MCT as "Oman 2", landed RWY 26L and departed 1 hour later from RWY 26R to STN
2013-08-27A4O-SO No TitlesSeenTHRParked next to Omani B747-400
2013-09-28A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMUCParked on Apron
2014-03-04A4O-SONo TitlesSeenHAJSeen for two landings and starts
2014-04-28A4O-SONo TitlesSeenSTMSeen taxiing.
2014-09-29A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenMUC"ORF2" arriving from MCT.
2015-02-07A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMUCLanded 08R around 12:30 local time.
2015-05-10A4O-SONo TitlesSeenORYLanding at ORY at 3 PM
2015-05-15A4O-SONo TitlesSeenLBGParked, back from Andrews AFB
2016-01-10A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFrom MCT to London
2016-02-14A4O-SONo TitlesSeenMUCArriving 1125 local time
2017-02-10A4O-SONo TitlesSeenHAMPhoto
2017-03-05A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTDeparted MCT heading north.
2017-03-05A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNLanded STN 15:31
2017-03-28A4O-SONo TitlesFlightAMMFlight MCT-AMM
2017-03-29A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight AMM-MCT
2017-07-02A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2017-07-04A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTDeparted STN for MCT
2017-07-13A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNLanded STN
2017-07-15A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNDeparted STN and headed home on FL390
2018-03-18A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTDeparted Muscat heading North West on FL360. Returned shortly after. Test flight
2018-03-24A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2018-04-08A4O-SONo TitlesFlightESBFlight MCT-ESB. Landed and made a very short stop at ESB
2018-04-08A4O-SONo TitlesFlightHAMFlight ESB-HAM for maintenance.
2018-04-08A4O-SONo TitlesNew livery, Royal crest below top windows, logo on noseSeenHAMLanded for maintenance
2018-06-11A4O-SONo TitlesSeenHAMPerformed a testflight with touch-n-go at HAJ and FKB
2018-06-19A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight HAM-MCT. Ferried home after maintenance
2018-08-17A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2018-08-17A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight STN-MCT
2018-09-24A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2018-09-26A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight STN-MCT
2018-10-16A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2018-10-17A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight STN-MCT
2018-12-09A4O-SONo TitlesFlightRUHFlight MCT-RUH. Attended GCC meeting.
2018-12-09A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight RUH-MCT. Returned from GCC meeting.
2019-02-23A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSSHFlight MCT-SSH. Departed MCT at 10:19 UTC and headed southwest for Arab-EU meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
2019-02-25A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight SSH-MCT. Returning home after Arab-EU meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
2019-03-29A4O-SONo TitlesFlightTUNFlight MCT-TUN - Arab League Summit in Tunis
2019-03-31A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight TUN-MCT - Returning from meeting
2019-04-26A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2019-04-28A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight STN-MCT
2019-04-28A4O-SONo TitlesSeenSTNPhoto
2019-06-01A4O-SONo TitlesFlightRUHFlight MCT-RUH
2019-06-01A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight RUH-MCT
2019-06-03A4O-SONo TitlesFlightHAMFlight MCT-HAM for maintenance
2019-06-07A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight HAM-MCT
2019-06-24A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2019-06-26A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight STN-MCT
2019-07-02A4O-SONo TitlesFlightDeparted MCT
2019-07-22A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2019-07-24A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight STN-MCT
2019-08-04A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2019-08-06A4O-SONo TitlesFlightEWRFlight STN-EWR
2019-08-07A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight EWR-MCT
2019-08-11A4O-SONo TitlesFlightEWRFlight MCT-EWR
2019-08-15A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight EWR-MCT
2019-08-19A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2019-08-21A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight STN-MCT
2019-09-16A4O-SONo TitlesFlightSTNFlight MCT-STN
2019-09-18A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight STN-MCT
2019-10-20A4O-SONo TitlesFlightHNDFlight MCT-HND. Landed on rwy 34R
Royal visit to Tokyo to attend Japanese Emperor Naruhito's ascension to the throne
2019-10-20A4O-SONo TitlesFlightKIXFlight HND-KIX for parking.
2019-10-26A4O-SONo TitlesFlightHIJFlight KIX-HIJ
2019-10-26A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight HIJ-MCT
2019-12-07A4O-SONo TitlesFlightBRUFlight MCT-BRU. Medical reasons
2019-12-09A4O-SONo TitlesFlightHAMFlight BRU-HAM for maintenance
2019-12-09A4O-SONo TitlesSeenBRUPhoto
2020-01-13A4O-SONo TitlesSeenHAMPhoto
2020-01-16A4O-SONo TitlesFlightHAMTestflights HAM-FKB-HAJ-HAM
2020-01-17A4O-SONo TitlesFlightMCTFlight HAM-MCT after maintenance
2020-01-17A4O-SONo TitlesSeenHAMPhoto

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