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747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1977-01-01N8290VChina AirlinesFull colours, Combi tests SeenPAEBoeing used this aircraft to test access to the side fuselage for the possibility of building a 747SP Combi variant.
1977-02-28N8290VChina AirlinesFull colours Roll Out New aircraft rolled out.
1977-03-18N8290VChina AirlinesFull colours First Flight  
1977-04-06B-1862China Airlines  Delivered  
1977-09-06B-1862China AirlinesMetal belly Seen  
1979-07-06B-1862China AirlinesMetal belly SeenLAXPhoto
1988-02-19B-1862China AirlinesGrey belly SeenLAXPhoto
1989-01-01B-1862China AirlinesGrey belly SeenLAXVideo
1991-08-01B-1862China AirlinesGrey belly Seen  
1993-03-01B-1862Mandarin Airlines  Leased  
1993-04-01B-1862Mandarin Airlines  Seen  
1993-12-01B-1862Mandarin Airlines  SeenSFO 
1995-01-01B-1862Mandarin Airlines  SeenHKGVideo
1996-11-24B-1862Mandarin Airlines  SeenHKGPhoto
1996-12-01B-1862Mandarin Airlines  SeenHKG 
1996-12-11B-1862Mandarin Airlines  SeenHKGPhoto
1997-12-09B-1862Mandarin Airlines  SeenHKGPhoto
1998-04-04B-1862Mandarin Airlines  SeenHKGPhoto
1999-07-17B-18252Mandarin Airlines  Reg Changed Date needs re-confirmation
1999-09-12B-1862Mandarin Airlines  SeenSYDPhoto
1999-10-01B-18252Mandarin AirlinesNo tail logo SeenHKGPhoto
1999-11-29B-18252Air Gulf Falcon  Bought  
1999-12-01P4-GFC   Reg Changed  
1999-12-23P4-GFCNo TitlesMandarin cheatline, blue tail, no titles SeenSHJ 
2000-01-29P4-GFCAir Gulf FalconMandarin cht, AGF logo on tail SeenSHJ 
2000-02-01P4-GFCAir Gulf FalconMandarin cht, AGF logo on tail. SeenSHJ 
2000-03-18P4-GFCAir Gulf Falconex Mandarin SeenSHJPhoto
2000-03-233C-GFCAir Gulf Falcon  Reg ChangedSHJ 
2000-03-243C-GFCAir Gulf Falcon  FerriedJEDFerried SHJ-JED for Hadj flights.
2000-10-295Y-GFCGulf Falcon  Other New airline name
2000-10-315Y-GFCGulf Falcon  SeenSHJArabic titles on starboard side
2000-11-035Y-GFCGulf Falcon  SeenSHJPhoto
2000-11-305Y-GFCGulf Falcon  SeenSHJPhoto
2000-12-215Y-GFCGulf Falcon  SeenSHJPhoto
2001-09-153D-GFCAir Gulf Falcon  SeenSHJDate correct ?
2001-10-015Y-GFCAir Gulf Falcon  Reg Changed  
2001-10-035Y-GFC   SeenSHJ 
2002-12-269Q-CWYNo Titles  SeenSHJPhoto
2003-01-289Q-CWYKinshasaMandarin cheatline, blue tail SeenSHJPhoto
2003-11-019Q-CWYKinshasa Spirit of CongoOtherSHJName added.
2004-09-219Q-CWYKinshasa  SeenSHJSeen with doorway and flight deck escape hatch open, stairs pulled up to the door.
2004-09-279Q-CWYKinshasaLogo on tailSpirit Of CongoSeenSHJPhoto
2004-11-049Q-CWYKinshasa Spirit of CongoSeenSHJ 
2005-01-289Q-CWYKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJAircraft parked all week, still with stairs by door nr 1.
2005-10-039Q-CWY   For Sale Listed as FOR SALE on Speednews.com
2007-01-129Q-CWYKinshasa Spirit of CongoSeenSHJ 
2007-06-15J2-SHFCapital Asset Management  Reg ChangedSHJRegistration changed.
2007-09-24J2-SHF   Reg Cancelled Registration in process of cancellation.
2007-11-14J2-SHF   SeenSHJPlane now resides in the scrapping area.
2008-04-01J2-SHFKinshasa  StoredSHJPart taken from aircraft to repair YK-AHB c/n: 21175
2009-09-16J2-SHF   SeenSHJStill parked in the scrapping area, but entirely intact.
2009-11-19J2-SHFKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJPhoto
2010-01-10J2-SHFKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJPhoto
2010-03-09J2-SHFKinshasa  SeenSHJ 
2010-03-16J2-SHFKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJReg covered
2010-04-21J2-SHFKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJPhoto
2010-12-06J2-SHFKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJPhoto
2011-02-01J2-SHFKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJReg covered.
2011-03-30J2-SHFKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJPhoto
2011-11-16J2-SHFKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJPhoto
2012-04-28J2-SHFKinshasa Spirit Of CongoSeenSHJPhoto


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