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21093 / 307 – Production List

747SP Production list


Chronological order of events
Dates in Black are considered exact and dates in Red are approximate.

1977-05-16    First Flight  
1977-05-27EP-IACIran Air  Delivered  
1978-03-01EP-IACIran AirOriginalKhuzestanSeenZRHPhoto
1978-03-04EP-IACIran Air FarsOther Renamed
1978-07-19EP-IACIran AirOriginalKhuzestanSeenLHRPhoto
1978-07-28EP-IACIran AirOriginalKhuzestanSeenORYPhoto
1979-06-14EP-IACIran AirOriginalKhuzestanSeenFRAPhoto
1983-03-01EP-IACIran AirOld coloursFarsSeenFRAPhoto
1990-09-01EP-IACIran AirOld, metal enginesFarsSeenCDGPhoto
1991-09-16EP-IACIran AirOld, grey engine cowlingsFarsSeenFRAPhoto
1992-12-01EP-IACIran AirOldFarsSeenGVA 
1994-04-24EP-IACIran AirOldFarsSeenHAMPhoto
1995-07-01EP-IACIran AirOld, partly grey engine cowlingsFarsSeenARNPhoto
1996-01-01EP-IACIran AirOld, grey engine cowlingsFarsSeenAMSPhoto
1997-09-13EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsSeenARN 
1998-11-23EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsSeenNRTPhoto
2000-11-01EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsSeen Photo
2001-11-03EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsSeenARNPhoto
2003-07-31EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsSeenCGNVisited. View inside photos
2003-09-14EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsSeenLHRDeparted LHR
2004-01-15EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsIncidentPEKPlane made emergency landing after hydraulic failure. Nose wheel did not extend and plane landed with nose scraping along ground. No injuries.
2004-03-15EP-IACIran Air  SeenPEKBack on its landing gear.
2004-04-03EP-IACIran Air  SeenPEKSeen being cleaned.
2004-06-01EP-IACIran Air  FerriedTHRFerried to Teheran and WFU.
2005-05-03EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsSeenTHRParked in maintenance area. Nbr 2 engine missing
2005-05-05EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsParkedTHRAircraft parked in the Iran Air maintenance area. Aircraft complete, except for nbr 2 engine missing.
2005-07-24EP-IACIran Air  SeenTHROn display Teheran - AeroSpace Exhibition.
2006-02-15EP-IACIran Air  OtherTHRReportedly Iran Air is awaiting insurance company to officially declare plane a write-off... It will then be purchased from the insurer either for parts or for a return to service.
2006-02-17EP-IACIran AirNew, grey bellyFarsSeenTHROn display Teheran - AeroSpace Exhibition.
2007-03-12EP-IACIran Air  SeenBGWOperated IKA BGW KER BGW IKA
2008-09-15EP-IACIran Air  MaintenanceTHRFARSCO Aviation MRO Center
D-check and can be seen with tail out of hangar.
2009-03-12EP-IACIran Air  MaintenanceTHRFARSCO Aviation MRO Center
2009-04-18EP-IACIran Air  MaintenanceTHRFARSCO Aviation MRO Center
2009-09-06EP-IACIran Air  MaintenanceTHRFARSCO Aviation MRO Center
2010-03-14EP-IACIran AirNew, white belly, Homa engines.Persian GulfRoll OutTHRReturned to service after 5 years of storage .
2010-07-04EP-IACIran AirNew, white belly, Homa engines.Persian GulfSeenHAMPhoto
2010-07-06EP-IACIran AirNew, white belly, Homa engines.Persian GulfSeenVIEInbound from HAM as IRA722 on Rwy 29. Parked on F48. Continued as IRA722 to IKA.
2010-07-06EP-IACIran Air  Other Banned from EU.
2010-08-14EP-IACIran AirNew, white belly, Homa engines.Persian GulfSeenIKANow totally refurbished inside with huge Flatscreen TVs onboard.
2010-09-23EP-IACIran AirNew, white belly, Homa engines. SeenJFKUN Summit 2010
2011-04-07EP-IACIran AirNew, white belly, Homa engines. SeenNRT 
2011-06-24EP-IACIran AirNew, white belly, Homa engines.Persian GulfSeenNRTPhoto
2012-01-08EP-IACIran AirNew, white belly, Homa engines.Persian GulfSeenTHROperating: IKA-DXB-IFN-THR
2012-03-06EP-IACIran Air  SeenTHRParked in maintenance area without engines.
2012-09-19EP-IACIran Air  Other USA issued specific sanctions on the registration EP-IAC.
2013-05-01EP-IACIran Air  SeenTHRPhoto
2013-06-17EP-IACIran Air  FlightKULLanded safely after 7:35 hr flight from IKA with capt. Shadmani in control. Almost full with 325 pax and with take of weight of 272 tons from IKA. Cruise level of FL390 this old lady still performs nice and comfortably. Well done Boeing
2013-08-30EP-IACIran Air  SeenKERI had the chance to have a visit of the cabin and cockpit of this legendary plane within the 1 hour ground time in Kerman(KER/OIKK). the plane had came to KER from BGW and was being prepared to depart to NJF. as far as I know a C-Check was recently done to it and the IAC looked as good as new. well done to Boeing and Iran Air for the great job that they have done.
2014-01-21EP-IACIran Air  SeenKULA/C taxied to gate
2014-08-23EP-IACIran Air  SeenKUL 
2014-09-03EP-IACIran Air  SeenTHRPhoto
2014-10-16EP-IACIran Air  SeenPEK 
2014-11-23EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfFlightTHRPerformed a 1 hr sightseeing flight for aviation enthusiasts from THR to THR.
2014-11-25EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfIncidentIKAAborted flight IR814 IKA-KUL after suffering engine failure and engine #3 shut down. Returned to IKA after dumping fuel.
2014-11-26EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfFlightKULOperating IR814 IKA-KUL
2014-11-29EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfFlightIKAOperated IR815 KUL-IKA landed: 18:41
2014-12-02EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfFlightKULOperated IR814 IKA-KUL. Landed KUL at 12:32pm
2014-12-05EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfFlightKULOperated IR814 IKA-KUL. Landed KUL at 10:39am Sunday
2014-12-09EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfFlightKULOperated IR814 IKA-KUL.
2015-01-30EP-IACIran Air  SeenBOMLanded and taxied to gate at 13:15 local time
2015-05-23EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfSeenIKAParked
2015-07-02EP-IACIran Air  SeenKULLanded around 0930
2016-01-16EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfFlightKULOperated IR815 KUL-IKA
2016-01-19EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfSeenKULOperated IR814 IKA-KUL
2016-02-14EP-IACIran Air  SeenKULTakeoff
2016-03-09EP-IACIran Air  FlightKULOperated IR815 KUL-IKA
2016-06-11EP-IACIran Air Persian GulfParkedIKAAircraft failed safety inspection and was removed from service.
2016-06-11EP-IACIran Air  FlightIKAOperated KUL-IKA
2018-02-01EP-IACIran Air  ParkedIKAAircraft serviced and ready to enter service again.
2018-05-23EP-IACIran Air  FlightTHRFerry flight IKA-THR
2018-05-27EP-IACNo TitlesAll white SeenTHRParked, all markings removed.
2018-09-07EP-IACNo TitlesAll white SeenTHRStored
2018-12-27EP-IACNo TitlesAll white SeenTHRParked


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