N7477S ferried to MZJ

Ferried from YHM to MZJ

N7477S was ferried from YHM to MZJ on 5:th of October for a C-Check and repaint.

VP-BAT was bought by CSDS Asset Management in 2018 and put up for sale.
She have been flying for the royal Qatari family since 1995 and has been based in BOH – Bournemouth, UK for much of that time.

After being parked at YHM – Hamilton Airport in Canada for almost 1 year (was ferried to YHM from YLW on 2018-10-03) the beautiful lady was prepared for a new flight.

In preparation for the ferry flight the aircraft have had all her systems checked. A successful MPA Run was made on 22:nd of September.


During the C-Check, the aircraft will also be upgraded with ADS-B & FANS.


Enjoy this 2 part video tour of her interior. She’s not the average 747SP.
This is luxury all over!

Interior tour

VP-BAT parked at YHM. Photo: Tom Podolec
Photo: Ben Sirimanne

With all Qatari markings removed, She still have her cheatline and tail colours as seen here on ground at YHM.
According to FAA files, She was re-registered N7477S on 10:th of April 2019 but I don’t know exactly when the new registration was painted on the aircraft.

N7477S registration finally on the aircraft.
Photo: Ben Sirimanne

On Saturday 5:th of October 2019 the beautiful 747SP N7477S (ex VP-BAT c/n: 21648 ) once again started up all 4 engines.

Taxiing out for departure at YHM

Video of N7477S departure

Sam was lucky to be onboard this ferry flight and he filmed it all for us to enjoy.

Sam’s flight report

N7477S arrival at MZJ


Now we’re eagerly waiting to see if there is a buyer for the aircraft or if this is just preparation to make it easier to sell.

Please leave a comment below if you have any information about this aircraft. You can also use the contact page to get in touch with me if you don’t want your info public (yet).

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