F-GTOM Wingtip collision

Corsair 747SP F-GTOM

Wingtip collision at LAX

After a long flight from Paris, Corsair flight 942 (F-GTOM c/n: 21253) was being towed to a gate at LAX international. At the same time Philippine Airlines flight 103, began to taxi to the runway for take off.
The two aircraft crossed paths, and the right wingtip of the Philippine airliner struck the left wingtip of the Corsair plane.
The collision severely damaged the wing of the Corsair jet and punctured its fuel tank, but no fuel was spilled.

The damage starts at the inboard side of the outboard aileron and goes to the aft spar. The aft spar appears to have a crack and the fuel tank may have damage.

The Corsair Boeing 747SP was carrying 275 passengers who all evacuated safely. The Corsair jet was not under its own power, but the Philippine aircraft was.

NTSB Report

Source: Darrell Martin and Channel 2000

F-GTOM 747SP Corsair Incident at LAX 1999-06-07 F-GTOM 747SP Corsair Incident at LAX 1999-06-07