Emergency landing after hydraulic failure

EP-IAC 747SP Iran Air ( c/n: 21093 )

15 January 2004, Iran Air 747SP EP-IAC departed PEK – Beijing Airport, China for it’s continued flight IR800 to NRT – Tokyo Narita Airport.

The aircraft experienced hydraulic problems shortly after takeoff from PEK. The 747SP returned to land and the nose gear collapsed during the landing.

The aircraft blocked the runway for some time before they could move it.

Iran Air EP-IAC incident in PEK
Iran Air 747SP collapsed nose gear at PEK
Rescue people trying to lift nose of Iran Air 747SP EP-IAC at PEK

2 months later, on March 15 2004 it was seen back on it’s landing gear again.

Roughly around June 2004 Iran Air was able to ferry the aircraft back home to THR – Tehran Airport where it was parked and removed from service.

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