VP-BAT will become N7477S

New registration reserved with the FAA.

New owner named.

Some research on the internet led me to the future of VP-BAT, today resting at YHM, Hamilton , Canada.

A quick search on registry.faa.gov showed that a new registration N7477S has been reserved for a company named CSDS ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC.

FAA registration showing N7477S
The company name suggests selling assets, including aircraft but they do have several aircraft registered so hopefully N7477S will be rented to high-end clients.

Reserving an N-registration suggests their plans are more than just selling her. CSDS claims ” We are a California based Aircraft  sale & leasing company. We have a fleet of commecrial aircraft”

JetNet connects this reg with 747SP 21648.

JetNet listing connecting N7477S with c/n: 21648

Several sources on the ‘net has also mentioned this reg for VP-BAT, so now we’re just waiting for the registration to be painted on the aircraft.


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