Syrianair B747SP in Riyadh

Mrs. Ghaida Abdullatif, Syrian Arab Airlines Managing Director & CEO, visited AlSalam Aircraft Co to check the actual status of the project workflow for the first time after the Syrian Air 2 Boeing-747SP’s were inducted for heavy maintenance.

2 Syrianair B747SP in Riyadh

As seen above the 2 Syrianair B747SP are in Riyadh for maintenance.
Both aircraft YK-AHA and YK-AHB have been stored in DAM for a longer period until the license allowed them to get the spare parts needed to have them return to service.

During the visit, Mrs. Abdullatif and her team received detailed presentations on the Syrian aircraft project and observed current updated status of both aircraft in Alsalam Hangar Facilities.

The project is expected to finish by this year.

Source: AlSalam, document pdf

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Tommy Mogren
Tommy Mogren
Passion 4 Aviation and the 747SP in particular. Photographer and video producer. YouTube | Viking Wings

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